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  1. What exactly is in regular cigarette VS What exactly is in many E-liquids?

    What exactly is in regular cigarette VS What exactly is in many E-liquids?

    What exactly is in regular cigarette VS What exactly is in many E-liquids?   Precisely what is in a regular cigarette? Specialists say that cigarette smoke includes over 4,000 various ingredients. A significant number of them are harmful and can harm our tissues and many of them are carcinogenic. If you've ever wondered precisely what you could be breathing in whenever you suck in cigarette smoke, this checklist is a real eyesight opener.   Acetaldehyde - this substance is used in resins and glues. It is believed to be a carcinogen. Specialists say it is likely which it facilitates the ingestion of other harmful chemical substance to the bronchial tubes. Acetone - this substance can be used in solvents. It irritates the nose area, throat, and eye. Long-term visibility can damage the liver and renal system. Acrolein - widely used in herbicides and polyester resins. Additionally, it is utilized in chemical warfare. Acrolein is an ingredient in tear fuel. It is quite dangerous and irritates the eyes and higher respiratory tract. Acrylonitrile - also referred to as vinyl cyanide. Specialists feel this is a human being carcinogen. It is utilized in man-made rubber, plastics, and resins. 1-amino naphthalene - in an element in weed killers. It is a recognized carcinogen. 2-amino naphthalene - this chemical causes bladder cancer. It is banned in business utilizes. Ammonia - it is known to trigger an asthma attack and raise blood pressure levels. Ammonia is utilized in cleaners. Benzene - utilized in gasoline, triggers many cancers, such as leukemia Benzo[a]pyrene - this chemical substance is found in coal tar pitch, and creosote. It is an identified carcinogen, especially for lung and skin area cancers. It can also undermine human being virility. 1,3-Butadiene - it is found in latex, rubber and neoprene goods. Specialists feel it is most likely a carcinogen. Butyraldehyde - this substance affects the lining in the lungs and nasal area. It is used in solvents and resins. It is an effective inhalation irritant. Cadmium - a recognized carcinogen. It damages the human brain, liver, and kidneys. Cadmium can be used in non-corrosive metallic films, storage battery packs, pigments, and bearings. Catechol - it elevates blood pressure and irritates the upper respiratory tract. It may also trigger dermatitis. Catechol is utilized as being an antioxidant in dyes, oils, and inks. Chromium - recognized to cause lung cancer. It is found in timber remedy, timber preservatives, steel plating, and alloys. Individuals associated with welding possess the best chance of visibility. Cresol - severe inhalation can cause nasal, higher and throat respiratory irritability. It is utilized in disinfectants, wooden chemical preservatives, and solvents. Crotonaldehyde - a warning representative in energy gasses. Professionals say it messes the human being defense mechanisms. It may also result in chromosomal modifications. Formaldehyde - area of the resin utilized in foam heat retaining material, particleboard, plywood, and fiberboard. It may cause sinus cancers, as well as damaging the digestive method, skin, and lungs. Hydrogen Cyanide - some claims utilize this chemical substance within their gas chambers for executions. It weakens the lungs and causes exhaustion, headaches and feeling sick. It is utilized in the creation of acrylic plastics and resins, and can also be a fumigant. Hydroquinone - harms the central nervous system. Also causes eye injuries and skin area discomfort. It is used in varnishes, electric motor powers, and paints. Isoprene - comparable to 1,3-butadiene. It leads to epidermis, mucous and eyesight membrane irritation. It really is found in rubberized. Direct - lead damage the nerves in the mind, as well as the kidneys and the human reproductive program. Guide ingestion could also trigger stomach difficulties and anemia. It really is an identified carcinogen and is particularly toxin to kids. Direct can be used in fresh paint and metallic alloys. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) - depresses the human central nervous system, irritates your eye area, nose, and throat. MEK is utilized in solvents. Nickel - an identified carcinogen, nickel also triggers a bronchial asthma attack and top breathing irritation. Nitric Oxide - this can be the main contributor to smog and acidity rainwater. It is produced by gasoline combustion. Scientists say it is associated with a higher probability of creating Alzheimer's condition, Parkinson's condition, Huntington's disease, and bronchial asthma. , and NAT - NNN, and NNK are identified carcinogens and NAT could be one particular. NNN and NNK The 3 substances are distinctive to cigarettes. NNN may also cause reproductive difficulties. NNK is closely connected to cancer of the lung danger. Phenol - this highly harmful chemical is dangerous for the CNS (central nervous system), the cardiovascular system, breathing system, the kidneys, and liver. It is actually utilized in resins in plywood and building supplies. Propionaldehyde - irritates the respiratory system, eyeballs, and skin. It is actually utilized as being a disinfectant. Pyridine - irritates your eye area and upper respiratory tract. Additionally, it triggers nervousness, nausea or vomiting and headaches. Specialists say it may trigger liver problems. This chemical can be used in solvents. Quinoline - it really is utilized for preventing corrosion and in addition as being a solvent for resins. It is a serious eyes irritant, is damaging to the liver, and causes genetic mutations. Professionals think it could be a carcinogen. Resorcinol - irritates the eyeballs and skin. It really is utilized in resins, adhesives (glue) and laminates. •Styrene - irritates your eyes, might decrease reflexes and causes headaches. It really is linked to a greater chance of leukemia. This substance is used in heat retaining material, fiberglass, pipes and plastic-type supplies. Toluene - causes frustration, memory loss, feeling sick, lack of strength and anorexia and drunken movements. Additionally, it is connected with long term brain problems. The chemical substance is used in resins, solvents and skin oils. Pure nicotine - this is simply not carcinogenic. Nonetheless, it is actually highly habit-forming. Smokers find it very difficult to give up as they are hooked on the pure nicotine. Nicotine is definitely a fast-acting medication. It actually reaches the brain within 15 seconds for being breathed in. If tobacco, as well as other tobacco products, got no nicotine, the number of individuals who light up each day would decline significantly. Without pure nicotine, the cigarette industry would collapse. Smoking is used as being a highly handled insecticide. Contact with adequate sums can lead to throwing up, seizures, depressive disorders from the CNS (central nervous system), and progress retardation. It may also undermine a fetus' appropriate advancement. Carbon Monoxide - this can be toxic gasoline. It has no smell or preference. The body discovers it hard to distinguish carbon monoxide from o2 and absorbs it into the blood. Faulty boilers emit dangerous carbon monoxide, as to vehicle exhausts. If there is enough carbon monoxide around you and you inhale it, it is possible to enter into a coma and pass away. Carbon monoxide reduces muscle tissue and coronary heart function, it triggers tiredness, lack of strength, and lightheadedness. It is specifically toxic for babies still inside the individuals, uterus, and newborns with heart or lung disease. Tar - consists of a number of malignancy-causing chemicals. Whenever a tobacco user inhales cigarette smoke, 70Percent in the tar stays within the lung area. Try the handkerchief test. Fill up the oral cavity with smoke, don't inhale, and blow the light up with the handkerchief. You will have a sticky, brown stain in the towel. Do this once again, but this time around suck in and also the blow the smoke with the cloth, there will only be a really faint light brown blemish.   What is in most E-liquids? E-cigarettes tend not to include actual cigarettes or any other damaging substances such as carbon monoxide and tar, that are found in standard cigs. Instead, e-cigs make use of a water nicotine answer termed as e-juice or e-liquid. What exactly is e-liquid? E-liquids consists of four basic substances smoking, drinking water and flavorings as well as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin foundation (or sometimes a combination of PG and VG).  Pure nicotine – The habit-forming component found in e-tobacco and standard cigarettes. Smoking stimulates the central nervous system and boosts bloodstream respiration, pressure, and cardiovascular system price. When nicotine gets into your brain, it produces a feeling of enjoyment as dopamine amounts improve. Producers have a tendency to provide their products and services in varying ranges of nicotine content, ranging from not one to 36 milligrams per milliliter. Smoking, while not regarded as a carcinogen, is still addictive and could “prime the brain to get addicted to other compounds,” according to the National Institute on Medicine Abuse. Flavorings – Over seven thousand tastes can be found such as cherry, coconut, berry blast, fresh apple company, fairly sweet tarts, cinnamon as well as cigarettes. It might be extremely hard to list all the chemical substances that create the flavors right here, but one substance that stands apart is diacetyl. Diacetyl is commonly used to create a buttery flavor to popcorn.  Propylene Glycol (PG) – It is a research laboratory-produced fluid the FDA generally landscapes as safe in foods, medications, and cosmetics. It’s also employed to make man-made smoke cigarettes or fog for performances. It can aggravate the lungs and eye and might become more harmful for those who have long-term lung diseases like an asthma attack and emphysema. Glycerin – Odorless and colorless, liquid glycerin includes a slightly wonderful taste. Like PG, the FDA generally views it as a security. It’s seen in many goods, which includes foods and medicines, both doctor prescribed and over-the-counter medicines.
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  2. How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic?

    How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic?

    How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic? Hey Fams, Every time you get new gifts or gadgets, what’s the first thing you might do? Open it immediately, enjoy the benefits or fun it brings, and throw the package in the garbage?   Most people might do that, right?   However, as a supplier, we recommend you verify products when you receive them. Using fake products will not guarantee the user experience and could potentially bring about risks. Checking the authenticity will protect your consumer rights and will verify an authentic experience. So how do I know If my VLADDIN device is original? First, find the serial number on the outside of the package: The place of the serial number is different on both the RE and EDEN kit packaging. Check the pictures below:     Second, go to www.vladdinvapor.com and scroll to the bottom of the page, input the serial number into the ID VERIFICATION window and click verify to check the authenticity. It will turn out two results:       If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us! Bye~ Peace Out.
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  3. According to a new study, adults who vape are more inclined to quit cigarettes

    According to a new study, adults who vape are more inclined to quit cigarettes

    According to a new study, adults who vape are more inclined to quit cigarettes   A brand new study from medical professionals at Harvard Healthcare College and Massachusetts Basic Healthcare facility confirms that smokers who vape regularly are far more prone to quit smoking than those who don’t vape. Smokers who vaped daily have been 77 percent more prone to stop and remain abstinent from cigs after 2 yrs. The research was published on the web inside the journal Nicotine and Cigarette Study. Remarkably, guide author Sara Kalkhoran is recognized for her 2016 meta-assessment, co-authored with Stanton Glantz, that purported to show that vaping decreased cessation charges for smokers. The new review utilized information from the first 3 years in the FDA’s Inhabitants Analysis of Cigarette and Health (Course) research, and check out greater than 8,000 individuals who smoked. The topics supplied personal data about their health and smoking practices, and after that examined in with updates after one and 2 many years. The researchers discovered that people who smoke who vaped every single day had been more likely as opposed to those who vaped only occasionally to become ex-cigarette smokers at the end of the two-12 months time period. Nearly two times as most of the smokers who vaped every day (11 %) could stop compared to members that didn’t vape in any way (6 percentage). Those that vaped but not each day didn’t have a far better likelihood of giving up cigs at the end in the research. “This discovering implies that smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking cigarettes need to use them regularly—every day—for these products to be most helpful,” Kalkhoran mentioned. The research supports the idea of “accidental giving up,” the phenomenon popular to vapers where people who smoke who also enjoy vaping switch completely for factors that may have nothing related to intentional cessation. The brand new investigation adds to a developing data foundation displaying that vapor products will help smokers stop. A report posted earlier this coming year within the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that e-cigarettes had been twice as effective as pure nicotine substitute treatment goods to help people quit smoking for about a year.
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  4. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers —— Q&A for VLADDIN Slide

    You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers —— Q&A for VLADDIN Slide

    You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers —— Q&A for VLADDIN Slide   How to refill VLADDIN Slide? Slide down the side panel & take out the pod Open the silicone plug on the top left corner of the pod, fill the pod using the filling hole with liquid After the filling is complete,  re-insert the silicone plug and put the pod back in the specified slot, lastly slide the side panel upward to close   How to disassemble Slide? To preserve your health, we don’t recommend you disassemble device by yourself.   How to Adjust the airflow ring? Rotate the airflow ring clockwise to adjust airflow How to clean? Condensate will come out after long-term work or still, it is a normal situation. Please use a tissue to wipe it up.   When to charge? When the last LED light blink, it indicates the device is in low-power mode. Please charge the device in time.    How to fix? If there is an issue on your device, please consult with the local shop or contact us [email protected]      How to change the coil? Rotate the coil base from the pod; Rotate the used coil from base, and screw a clean coil in coil base; Screw the coil base into the pod;                     Where to buy? There are two options to get  Slide back home Purchase from our online webshop. (Free DHL shipping fee for purchase over $50)  Click to start your purchase > Enter the city you located in to find the closest vape shop near you sell VLADDIN.  Find it now>   Juice for Slide? Slide perfect match with Nic-salt e-liquids for its unique construction. The recommended Pg/Vg ratio of e-liquids is 50/50.      VLADDIN near me Find the closest vape shop near you on “Store Locator”   When should I  change the coil? For your best vape experience, we recommend change a new coil after 2 or 3 refills.   VLADDIN warranty VLADDIN device is covered by a 90-day warranty. If there any issue on your device please contact [email protected] for further checking. Do you have more questions about Slide? Tell us about it.   How many coil options of VLADDIN Slide? There are two coil options for Slide, one the powerful mesh coil, another is the regular coil.   Can I do MTL with VLADDIN Slide? Yes, both the Mesh coil and regular coil could support the MTL and DL.   How to adjust the voltage? Fast click fire button 3 times to change voltage (voltage indicator will blink twice)   How do I know how much liquid left inside? Slide the panel and you could check the liquid level inside.   How to take out the pod? Press the pod and take it out.
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  5. Stop Smoking Why is it so hard?

    Stop Smoking Why is it so hard?

    Stop Smoking Why is it so hard?   Most smokers want to quit. Many people stop smoking and never go back. But for the majority of smokers, it's not that easy.  Many people try to quit smoking a number of times before they succeed. in quitting for good. With all of the good reasons to quit using tobacco why is it so hard for so many people to do it? A big reason has to do with brain chemicals. Certain things like chocolate, trigger the release of natural chemicals in the brain that makes you feel good. Naturally, we feel an urge to keep doing those things often. We can resist overdoing it but some things are harder to resist than others.  Tobacco contains a very powerful addictive drug called nicotine. When nicotine reaches the brain, it fits perfectly into a receptor that releases those feel-good chemicals. Tobacco provides the brain with very high amounts of nicotine. As a result, the brain creates even more nicotine receptors. All of them want to be fed with more nicotine.  Those urges can be very hard to resist. When you stop using tobacco, the body experiences symptoms of withdrawal urges to relieve those symptoms can become especially strong and smoking gets nicotine to the brain in less than 10 seconds. But over time if you don't use tobacco the urges gradually weaken.  Nicotine receptors begin disappearing and people enjoy the many benefits of being tobacco-free.   So, Does nicotine cause cancer? No, nicotine in cigarette smoke does not cause cancer - tar in cigarette smoke can cause cancer.     Does nicotine replacement really work, or is it just another way to get money out of smokers?   Nothing will work unless you want it to. Nicotine medications can help by dulling your cravings for a cigarette and are proven to increase your chances of quitting.   VLADDIN Kit is a pod system device aims at quitting smoking. Is’s patented ceramic coil design perfect match with Nic-salt e-liquids. Nic-salt e-liquids is a nicotine replacement to help smokers weaken the urge for Nicotine.  
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  6. VLADDIN Eden Pod Kit Introduction & Giveaway

    VLADDIN Eden Pod Kit Introduction & Giveaway

    VLADDIN Eden Pod Kit Introduction & Giveaway   Eden-Your Ideal Travel Partner   Whether for business or pleasure, travel can be fun, energizing, and exciting — or exhausting, frustrating, and boring.  As the third pod system from VLADDIN, Eden is ready to be your ideal travel partner.  Let’s have look at VLADDIN Eden!   Products details: Size: 39 x 77 x 15.5mm Battery Capacity: 350 mAh Charging Currency: 5V/0.4A Charging Time: 40-60 min Pod Capacity: 1.5ml Charging Port: Micro-USB   Feature: World leading ceramic technology brings about great durability, robust flavor, and effective nicotine delivery; Find your own style with 16 Color match options;   Extremely portable, allowed to carry on the planet. ; The 45-Minute charge for whole day use; Special design for dust free; Childproof & Leakage Proof;   Package Include: 1 x VLADDIN Eden Device 1 x VLADDIN RE Replacement Pod (Refillable) 1 x USB Cable 1 x Quick Guide     Giveaway—— Get your Eden freely!   Date: 12th -19th, July Prize: 5 x VLADDIN Eden Link to enter: New Launching Item VLADDIN Eden Giveaway Good luck everyone!   VLADDIN Team!
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  7. The Best Pod System of Vape Expo Israel ——VLADDIN Slide

    The Best Pod System of Vape Expo Israel ——VLADDIN Slide

    The Best Pod System of Vape Expo Israel ——VLADDIN Slide     Israel’s first international vape exhibition is closed. Right here I would like to represent VLADDIN team thank you all expo organizers for such a successful event. And thank you all visitors for your support and love on VLADDIN!   On this expo, VLADDIN Eden and Slide as our new products gained recognition for their stylish outlook and excellent vape performance. Especially, VLADDIN Slide attracts public attention because of its unique sliding panel function and powerful performance. check here to know about Slide kit detail information And at the end of the EXPO, VLADDIN Slide was awarded the best pod system. Award was voted by visitors, so thank you again for the support.     We will keep moving to make better products. Glad to see you on next expo! Check here to know more information about the exhibition of vladdin   Below are the Glimpses from #vapeisraelexpo! Enjoy it!  
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  8. How to store e-juices? A better way to keep fresh flavor

    How to store e-juices? A better way to keep fresh flavor

    How to store e-juices? A better way to keep fresh flavor   1.   Need Sealed storage   Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are both hygroscopic liquid additives, which are easy to absorb water in the air. Therefore, it is better to seal the unsealed smoke oil strictly, such as using plastic wrap to avoid contact with moist air and spoilage. What is PG/VG?   2.   Stay away from light   Additives and extracts such as essence and nicotine are also easy to react under high temperature and strong light. Because light and air oxidize the nicotine present in the e-juice, changing its color. When nicotine oxidizes, it produces cotinine. Ultraviolet light provides the energy needed to further catalyze the oxidation process and promote the production of cotinine. The more the liquid oxidizes, the less nicotine it contains. Impairs the taste and degrades the liquid more quickly. You can't completely avoid oxidation, because even if you fill the edges, some of the oxygen gets trapped in the electron fluid. However, you can minimize the impact of the process by staying out of the light. Therefore, it is highly recommended to store the e-juice away from the light and keep it closed, and use it as soon as possible.   3.   Keep away from heat   As the liquid heats up, the molecules gain more energy and begin to interact with other molecules. They may also be further decomposed into smaller elements. Therefore, if the e-juice is exposed to a lot of heat, the flavor composition of the liquid will change, which will change the taste of the e-juice. So we should pay attention to low-temperature storage, try not to put in more than 50 degrees of environmental temperature, avoid direct smoke light and humid environment. For example, if stored in the refrigerator, it can extend the shelf life of the t-juice to some extent, and maintain the original flavor of the e-juice.   4.   Stored in colored glass bottles   Because plastic can react with e-juice during any chemical reaction caused by heat or air, changing its taste depending on the choice of e-juice. On the other hand, glass reduces the chance of any interaction and keeps contact with air to a minimum. Colored bottles keep light away from them more efficiently than transparent ones, so colored glass bottles are an effective way to store them.   5. Date marked   Mark the purchase date and expiration date of the e-juice when you store it and make sure you know the warranty date. Because many people like the taste of fresh, they buy a variety of flavors before they use them. When stored, it is easy to forget the expiry date of the liquid itself if no time is noted. By marking the date, you don't have to worry about the expired and deteriorated e-juice when using it.   6.   Keep away from children and pets   Store them out of reach of children and pets. Place them on high shelves or cabinets so they are not easily touched. Electronic liquids contain nicotine salts, which can be toxic if eaten directly.   7. Check   When stored for a period of time, it is possible that the e-liquid changes due to improper methods. How to determine whether the e-liquid is fresh after being stored for a period of time? During the shelf life, the best way is to smell. Turn on the liquid. If it smells the same, keep using it. If it smells bad, throw it away. Second, look at the color. If the color of the liquid changes, it has oxidized and needs to be thrown away. Finally, see if there is any impurity formation. If there are black and other unknown particles in the electronics industry, please immediately throw them away.   By following these simple steps, you can keep your e-juice fresher and ensure you enjoy your experience every time you arrive at the stored electronic juice bottle.  
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  9. what is the pod system? This is something you need to know

    what is the pod system? This is something you need to know

    what is the pod system? This is something you need to know   What is the pod system? The Pod system is divided into two components: a Pod with a heating core and e-liquid juice, and a portable battery with a certain power. Although the battery is small, it has a capacity of more than 180mAh. And keep up with your day’s need. It has power buttons, but usually, they're automatic, which means you just breathe in and they generate steam.   Two types of pod system Refillable pod system: gives you more freedom in flavor. These devices are also known as open systems. It allows users to manually fill the cartridge and use any flavor they want. Pre-filled pod system: also known as a closed system, non-refillable pod vapes use pre-filled e-liquid boxes. The main advantages are the complexity of not selecting the right e-liquids and the convenience of not having to fill them yourself.   How does the pod system work? Make sure the battery is fully charged. Make sure the pod contains enough e-liquid. Allow the e-juice to settle for at least 5-10 minutes until fully absorbed into the wick. Insert the pod firmly into the device. If the pod system is activated, continue vaping as if it were a regular cigarette. In order to get the longest life from your pod system, do not use it when they are empty or you may run the risk of burning coils. Once the e-liquid is almost gone, it needs to be refilled or processed. The battery life of the Pod system depends on how you use it. If you use it multiple times a day, your battery will likely run out faster and you'll probably need to recharge it often. How To Refill?   Nicotine salts? Nic salts and pod systems work well together. Electronic juices containing these salts work better from mouth to lung (MTL), and the pod model allows MTL to atomize. E-liquids with high nicotine free base content can cause severe sore throats. When nicotine salts are highly concentrated in the e-liquid, they provide a smoother and more satisfying throat. Nicotine salt works well in low-power units, so it is ideal for use in pod systems.   The Benefits of the pod system? Simple and easy to use The pod comes with its own heating core and cannot be replaced. When there is no electronic liquid, you just need to inject a new e-liquid or replace a new pod to continue to use, which requires no complicated operation and maintenance and is very simple and easy to use. Easy to carry Shaped like a pen or badge, the Pod system is a small, lightweight, ultra-portable e-cigarette. Smoking Alternative Because it's used with e-liquids, which contain nicotine salts, PG, VG, and flavoring. The nicotine salt content in e-cigarettes can meet the needs of smokers for nicotine, and there are no harmful substances generated during the burning of cigarettes, which can reduce the harm to the body caused by cigarettes, at the same time, it can also stimulate the throat feeling of cigarettes, making it a good substitute for cigarettes. You can change the flavor you can change the flavor what you want at any time. Because the pod's capacity is relatively small, it can change the e-liquid at any time to meet your own preferences. At the same time, the manufacturer also has a prefilled pod for various flavors. So you can use different pods to change the flavor.   Disadvantages of the pod system Small battery capacity Due to its small size, the pod system has less battery capacity than the box mod. Battery life is relatively weak, and for this reason, the voltage of the pod system is generally not adjustable. Limited steam production The Pod system produces about the same amount of smoke as a cigarette, but much less than a Pod mod. Limited flavor selection Because each pod system has a different design and shape. This also means that smokers are limited by the flavor offered by manufacturers. But now a number of vendors are starting to set up populatable pods, which is definitely a good thing for consumers. The price is more expensive Frequent changes to the Pod are needed for better flavor restoration. This also increases the cost of buying, which is higher.   How to choose a pod system You should consider the following factors: Size and shape: the portable pod system is smaller in size, but it comes in different shapes. Everything from pens to badges. Depending on the shape you choose, the pod system gives you a different feel as you move or use it. Pod capacity: due to its small size, pod capacity is also relatively small. However, pod systems of different brands also have different capacities. The lower the capacity, the more often you need to replace or refill the container. So consider the pod's capacity. Pod selection: if you choose pre-filled pods, you cannot fill your own electronic liquid. Because most devices only accept their brand of electronic liquids. You can also choose a fillable pod so you can reuse it to fill your favorite flavor.   Who should use pod system? Smokers who want to quit; Pod system can also replace cigarettes for daily use. The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN pod system.  
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  10. The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN

    The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN

    The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN Known as the best vaping device currently being sold in the offline and online market, VLADDIN is a portable, stylish, lightweight and ergonomically designed vape device built to fit into the hand and give a stable grip while in use. This amazing vape device which is available in a single color named black is available as a refillable option. It is built with a high-quality ABS plastic, aluminium alloy, and has a ceramic coil which offers a better vape experience and gives that perfect blend of class and comfort to the user.  Each pack of VLADDIN vape device comes with the following: •         1 x VLADDIN Device •         1 x VLADDIN RE Replacement Pod (Refillable) •         1 x USB Charging Cable •         1 x Quick Guide Features of VLADDIN vape pod •         Flavors: Due to the unique dry-burn prevention technology, the first few puffs may not have flavored because the coils are soaked with pure flavorless PGVG e-liquids. Rich flavor will come out when the E-juice soaks the ceramic coil. •         Warranty: There is a 90days guaranty for VLADDIN basic device. For any after sale issue, please contact [email protected] •         Authenticity: When you receive the device, don’t throw the package. Check the authenticity on VLADDIN website with a serial number on the outside of the package.  How to set up Setting up the VLADDIN R2 vape device is pretty easy. When you open the pack, you will find your menu, which shows you how to use and set up the device; you will also find your device,  a micro USB code, and a charging cable. Fill the pod by putting off the black cover on the pod. Grab a bottle of juice; there are three holes on the pods, ensure that you don’t get any juice into the centre hole which is meant for air flow. Fill the juice inside the pod on a 45-degree angle, close back the silicone top you took off earlier. Leave for 5 minutes to ensure full absorption of the juice; then slide your pod into the top of your device. How to use To use the VLADDIN RE, follow these steps •         Step 1: Take the pod included in the kit and insert into the vape pen. Note that it only goes in one way, so if the pod doesn’t go in all the way, don’t force it, turn it the other way and try again. •         Step 2: To make sure you are inserting it right, ensure that the cut out on your pod, matches that on the vape pen. Once the magnetic contact touches the two metal pins inside the device, the pod will click into place. •         Step 3: You can start vaping once your pod is connected. Note that this device does not have an on or off switch. To activate it, all you need is to draw on the mouthpiece, and the tine LED will light up while the ceramic coil inside the pod starts to sizzle. How to charge? VLADDIN device is charged when delivered. You can start vaping immediately you get your device. However, if the device is out of power, please check the guide below: •         Plug the included USB cable into the small port on the end of the battery. •         Plug the other end of the USB cable into a suitable USB outlet. •         The LED indicator on the battery will be lit whilst charging and will go out when charging complete. How to Clean the VLADDIN vape pod If there is a pod in the process of use, due to oil leakage, do not panic. You only need to wipe the device with tissue in time. It will not cause damage to the host. How to Store When not in use, VLADDIN products should be kept in a safe and dry place, away from children.  Meanwhile, you could use the carrying case to store your VLADDIN when going out. Finally, the VLADDIN product is a perfect vaping device for people who want to quit smoking for vaping because the pull on the device is very similar to that of cigarettes.
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