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What’s the difference between Vape and the IQOS type “Heat not Burn” E-Cigarettes sold on the market?

The “Heat not Burn” devices create a smoking sensation using traditional tobacco cigarettes. Due to the use of tobacco, the IQOS system still creates the traditional smell of cigarettes. In addition, the device requires meticulous maintenance and cleaning accessories. This pod system device atomizes the E-Juice, creating a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco. The pod system is easy to use with a simple one-step process to the enjoyment.

What’s The Difference Between Vladdin vape And The IQO Type Heat-Not –Burn E-Cigarettes Sold On The Market?

The Heat-Not-Burn Equipment Needs To Heat The Prefabricated Papery Pod To Make Cloud, Smell Terrible, Heat Repeatedly, High Cost Of Charging, Cleaning, And Maintenance. Our vape Applies Atomization Principle To Evaporate E-Juice To Make Cloud, Safe And Healthy. Plug And Play Pods, Easy To Use, Long Standby Time, One-Step Process, One Puff Make You Like It, Three Puffs Make You Love It.

There’s Nicotine In Vape As Well, Is It Harmful?

Tar And Carbon Monoxide Are The Main Harmful Substance Which Comes From Buring Cigarettes. Not Nicotine. Nicotine Is A Plant Extract, Present In Vegetables Like Eggplant And Tomato. Within 48 Hours In Body, It Will be Excreted Ou t.The Effect Of Nicotine Is More Like Caffeine In Coffee, Mainly Help To Refresh And Calm.

Vladdin vape Applies The 2017 Latest US Nicotine Salt Technology, Greatly Improve The User’s Satisafaction Of Nicotine In The Circumstance Of Decreasing The Vaping Rate. Effectively Solve The Biggest Problem Of Smokers On Traditional E-Cig: Not Enough!

Which people are not recommended for the use of vape pod kit?

Women who are pregnant, people who suffer from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or are allergic to nicotine should not use vape pod.

What is Nicotine Salt?

“Free Alkali” Nicotine contained in ordinary E-Juices are hard to absorb, therefore creating an unsatisfactory source of Nicotine. The Nicotine salt used by pod mod Vladdin is imported from the USA and Canada. Nicotine Salt is the form of Nicotine found in tobacco leaves, which combines nicotine and organics, allowing for a more stable form of liquid with longer shelf life. Due to the easy absorption of Nicotine Salt, the satisfaction brought on is stronger than that of traditional E-Juice with the same Nicotine content.

How long should I use vape and what’s the best way to use it to quit cigarettes?

If you choose to use Vladdin pod kit to quit smoking, you should first choose a flavor you like and use it for 3 days while refraining from smoking cigarettes. After the 3 day period, you can try a cigarette and see if there is a difference or discomfort in smoking. If you notice a difference then you should continue using this vaper pod until it replaces the cigarettes. Use this periodic method of reducing the frequency of smoking until you no longer crave cigarettes.

VLADDIN near me

Find the closest vape shop near you on “Store Locator

Is it normal for me to feel very throaty and spicy after my first time vaping?

When using Vladdin for the first time, you should take a small amount into the lungs, get used to the taste of Vladdin, and then slowly change to the normal cigarette smoking method; if you cannot get used to the nicotine content of 5% of the prefilled pods, it is recommended to change into 1.8% nicotine pods.

Does the mouth often feel dry while using Vladdin?

The composition of the Vladdin prefilled pod is mainly vegetable glycerin. It is absorbed by the human body and takes away moisture. It is easy to produce dry mouth in this way. To resolve it, just drink some water as normal after use. It is a normal phenomenon and there is no need to worry.

Can you use any kind of vape juice in the refillable pods?

Yes, you could use regular ejuice, nic salt ejuice, thc ejuice and cbd ejuice in it. And we recommend using nic salt one, it works better.

Why does the Vladdin taste so different from cigarettes?

The flavor and smell of cigarettes comes from the high temperature burning process of tobacco.


VLADDIN warranty

VLADDIN device is covered by a 90-day warranty. If there any issue on your device please contact [email protected] for further checking. Do you have more questions about Slide? Tell us about it.

Why is there no vapor when the pods load on the battery?

You may have a poor contact. Generally, this situation is caused by foreign matter or condensate at the interface. Please wipe the bottom of the pod and the interface of the battery with the tissue. It will work.

Why is there condensate in the battery after I vape for a few days? How do I deal with it?

Because Vladdin uses heat to atomize the e-juice, it is normal for the tube to generate condensate during cooling. If there is condensate in the pipe, use a tissue to roll into a toothpick and extend into the pipe to clean the condensate.

Why do I get a bit of e-liquid after I get off the plane and vape with Vladdin?

Because the air pressure causes the condensate or e-liquid to enter the pipe. After getting off the plane, the first thing is to use a tissue to roll into a toothpick and clean the condensate inside.

Sometimes the pod is almost new and it's spit back, any ideas to prevent that ?

1.Let the oil fully moist atomizing core, charge after refilling the oil, wait for a while and then smoke,Suggest waiting 4-6 minutes 2. did not pay attention to see smoke oil actually see the bottom


What’s The Difference Among Vladdin Pods Flavour? Which Kind Flavor Is Suitable For What Crow?

With 3 Months Careful Selection, We Finalise On The 4 Western Top Brands’ E-Juice.Original Tabacco For Long Years Smoker; Mixed Flavor For Young People; Mint Flavor For Heavy Smokers; Ice Flavor For Mental Worker.

What’s the difference between the Pod flavors? Which flavor is most suitable for me?

After three months of careful deliberation, we finally settled on four diverse flavors. “Original Tobacco” for classic smokers, “Ice Flavor” for a menthol smoker, “Mint Flavor” for a fresh new minty flavor, and “Mixed Flavor” for an all-around new flavor experience.

How are the costs associated with using the Pods mod?

Each pod mod contains roughly 450 puffs, equating to about two packs of traditional cigarettes. With average usage each pod can last two to five days, amounting to 2 - 4 USD per day. The E-Cig reduces the harm rates of traditional cigarettes by more than 95%.

Is There High Cost of Use Of Pods Mod?

You Can Vape 450 Puffs (±50 Puffs)On Each Pod, Amount To 2 Packs Traditional Cigarettes. And You Can Use One Pod For 2-5 Days, Average Daily Cost Is 2 - 4 USD, Just Like Traditional Cigarettes. With The Experience Effective More Clear, Vape Amount Gradually Decrease, The Use Cost Will Be Lower. What’s More, The Harm Reduce Of E-Cig Is More Than 95 %, Healthy First Always.

How much Nicotine is contained within one Vladdin pod versus one pack of cigarettes?

There are two variations of Nicotine offered in pods, 1.8% and 5%, suitable for light and heavy smokers. One vapor pods which lasts 2-5 days contains less than 0.75mg whereas one pack of cigarettes can reach 8 to 10 mg of Nicotine. In addition, Nicotine from the systgem Pod enters the body in the form of evaporation and atomization, leading to far lower absorption rates than cigarettes.


How many times can be used for Refillable Pod?

For your best vape experience, we recommend that the refillable pod be used no more than three times. 

Is Nicotine used in the Pod system harmful?

Tar and Carbon Monoxide are the main harmful substances in using traditional cigarettes, not nicotine. Nicotine is a plant extract, present in vegetables such as eggplant and tomato. Within 48 hours of ingestion, nicotine is flushed from the body’s system. The effects of Nicotine are more similar to the effects a consumer gets from caffeine in coffee.Vladdin applies the latest nicotine salt technology, greatly improving the user’s enjoyment and out performing traditional E-Cigs.

What is the lifespan of the Vladdin system and vape pods?

Each vape pod (1.5ML) contains enough liquid for roughly 450 puffs, amounting to two packs of traditional cigarettes. The pod system itself is estimated to last around 300 charges, which with daily use could amount to more than 12 months.

How long is the Vladdin Pod Kit charging cycle?

Due to applied quick charge technology,It only requires 30-40 minutes to fully charge. One complete charge lasts about 300 puffs, which meets most daily use requirements.

What’s the advantage of the ceramic atomizer and what makes the Vladdin atomizer better than others?

The atomizer in the pod system vape uses a patented porous ceramic coil, which is stable, anticorrosive, and high-temperature resistant. The process of heating is nontoxic and has no chemical reaction, therefore the taste is improved while providing users with a safer device

What’s the difference between pod system kit and other E-Cigarettes?

Vape pod uses a patented high technology ceramic atomizer design which provides a safe nontoxic delivery with pure taste. It has no buttons and a simple magnetic plug-in pod design. All liquids used are imported high-quality nicotine salt e-juices.

Why does the Vladdin taste so different from cigarettes?

The flavor and smell of cigarettes comes from the high temperature burning process of tobacco.

How to charge correctly for battery maintenance?

For the longer battery life span, we recommend that you use chargers or adaptors with no more than 0.5A current. It takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge the battery. At charging current over 0.5A, the battery may charge quicker but it shortens the life span in a long run.

When does the battery need to be charged?

In normal use, the indicator LED light of Vladdin is always bright during vaping. When the indicator light flashes continuously while you’re vaping, it indicates that the battery is at low power and needs to be charged.


How to refill VLADDIN Slide?

1、Slide down the side panel & take out the pod 2、Open the silicone plug on the top left corner of the pod, fill the pod using the filling hole with liquid 3、After the filling is complete, re-insert the silicone plug and put the pod back in the specified slot, lastly slide the side panel upward to close

Slide refill

How to disassemble Slide?

To preserve your health, we don’t recommend you disassemble the device by yourself.

How to Adjust the airflow ring?

Rotate the airflow ring clockwise to adjust airflow

adjust airflow

How to clean?

Condensate will come out after long-term work or still, it is a normal situation. Please use a tissue to wipe it up.

When to charge?

When the last LED light blink, it indicates the device is in low-power mode. Please charge the device in time.

How to fix?

If there is an issue on your device, please consult with the local shop or contact us [email protected]

How to change the coil?

1、Rotate the coil base from the pod; 2、Rotate the used coil from base, and screw a clean coil in coil base; 3、Screw the coil base into the pod;

Where to buy?

There are two options to get Slide back home Purchase from our online webshop. (Free DHL shipping fee for purchase over $50) Click to start your purchase > Enter the city you located in to find the closest vape shop near you sell VLADDIN. Find it now>

Juice for Slide?

Slide perfect match with Nic-salt e-liquids for its unique construction. The recommended Pg/Vg ratio of e-liquids is 50/50.

When should I change the coil?

For your best vape experience, we recommend change a new coil after 2 or 3 refills.

How many coil options of VLADDIN Slide?

There are two coil options for Slide, one the powerful mesh coil, another is the regular coil.

Can I do MTL with VLADDIN Slide?

Yes, both the Mesh coil and regular coil could support the MTL and DL.

How to adjust the voltage?

Fast click fire button 3 times to change voltage (voltage indicator will blink twice)

How do I know how much liquid left inside?

Slide the panel and you could check the liquid level inside.

How to take out the pod?

Press the pod and take it out.