Vladdin X - Heavy strike! New product!

Vladdin's newly released product --Vladdin X. It’s a rechargeable device carrying with 2 disposable pods. It’s perfect can be carried in our pocket to take outside. It’s so convenient! Multiple flavors can be chosen! You guys will love it!

The rechargeable kit is made of metal, and it's silver gray, matte, and looks simple and stylish. The PLUG is made of black plastic, which is wrapped around the charging part as isolation. The method is easy, just insert the PLUG into the X Kit. There are two small grooves on both sides for fixing plug, which can be inserted easily and is very convenient. It's comfortable to hold and feels heavy, not light plastic, very textured. Both business and daily use can be satisfied.


Battery Capacity: 550mAh

Eliquid: 3.2ml*2

Resistance: 1.8ohm

Charge: Micro USB

Many people worry about the battery power of disposable pod. When the battery is low, the taste of e-juice cannot be used well. In order to solve this problem, we propose a design that can be recharged at any time to keep the battery full, to keep the pod running normally, and to maximize its effectiveness.

In order to improve the oil spill and keep the flavor condition, we finally decided to adopt the disposable pod. There are six flavors. Lemon Sode, Summer Mix, Blueberry, Dr.Pepsi, Cool Grape, and Tcopical Fruits. The nicotine content is 50mg and the volume is 3.2ml. The taste is as good as ever, and the palate is rich and silky. This is one of our best guarantees. A Plug has 1600puffs, and it lasts about 3-5 days. Not bad, huh?


Our reviewers have tested this product and they are unanimous in their approval. It's very rich and lasts as long as a pineapple stick or longer. In addition, the air limit is perfect and the price is reasonable for only 18.99. Although the testers had reviewed a number of e-cigarette products, their reviews of VlAddin X were mostly satisfying and enjoyable. And it's a small one that fits perfectly in your pocket and for everyday use. Is a very cost-effective and high-performance disposable pod. So we are very confident about this product.


VLADDIN X kit package

VLADDIN X kit Includes

Vladdin X device * 1

Menthol 50mg * 1

Tobacco 50mg * 1

Charging Cable * 1

replacement plug 3 PCS Lemon

replacement plug 3 PCS

Pack 1
Lemon Soda 50mg*1

Summer Mix 50mg*1

Blueberry 50mg*1

replacement plug 3 PCS GRAPE

Pack 2

Dr.Pepsi 50mg*1

Tropical Fruits 50mg*1

Cool Grape 50mg*1