What are the differences between RBA/RDA/RTA?

We recently received a question from users: Why do we not produce an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) that is applicable to all VLADDIN products? After thinking about this, we decided to write an article to introduce the difference between RBA/RDA/RTA.

As we all know, there are all kinds of vapes in the field, which is dazzling enough for most newcomers who have just tried to use vape.

 Vape includes vape pod and vape mod, and vape mod is equipped with different atomizing cores and atomizers. The RDA mentioned above is an atomizer for vape mod.

So, what is the difference between RBA, RDA, and RTA?

RBA is a ReBuildable Atomizer-rebuildable atomizer, it represents the general name of all atomizers with heating wire electrode holder. Almost all atomizers that can be used for DIY can be collectively referred to as RBA.



RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer-rebuildable drip atomizer, we usually call it "dripping atomizer" or "dripping coil". Compared with RBA, RDA has electrode holders, RDA stores an e-liquid Oil tank, it is designed to directly drip oil from the top onto the coil or cotton. RDA relies on cotton to store oil, usually less than 1ml. The vapor produced by RDA is more pure and strong than other atomizers, so it is more popular.



RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer-rebuildable oil storage atomizer, with an oil storage tank, with an electrode holder wrapped in a metal tank, and the outer circle is an oil storage tank containing Ejuice. The top cover is connected to the central airway, which leads upward to the drip nozzle. Gravity and pressure will force the juice into the oil guide hole under the middle metal bin, and the end of the oil guide cotton sucks juice at the guide hole. When the juice of the oil-conducting cotton is saturated, the heating coil can be atomized.



The difference between RDA and RTA is the juice storage, RTA does not need to manually drip.

In addition, RDTA can store or drips juice, which is equivalent to the RTA (rebuildable oil storage atomizer) with a base, electrode column, top cover and tank, and an additional component (listed as A spring fuel pump operated by pressing the drip nozzle) allows the user to manually control the amount of e-liquid flowing to the cotton. A certain amount of e-liquid will be added to the oil guiding cotton every time the drip tip is pressed. However, there are not many factories producing this kind of atomizer, so I won't introduce more about it.

Among the VLADDIN products, most of the vape pens provided for ex-smokers. At present, only VLADDIN JET is available for users to DIY. The JET on sale on the official website has a display to see the real-time power, and the power can be adjusted in the range of 5-40W.  At the same time, the official website is selling Jet-specific 510 adapter accessories, which support the use of RBA above 0.1ohm.


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