1. VapitalyPro



    The VapitalyPro is back again in Roma from 9th to 10th November. 

    This time Vapitaly will exclusively dedicate to business-to-business meetings, will focus on the importance of networking between operators, retailers, and companies in the vaping industry, to bring all the successes of the past edition back to the Italian capital.

    VLADDIN, as the advanced pioneer in the VAPE industry, will carry the latest products to the EXPO. 


    Good chance to get close to Boqpod and Slide, you won’t miss it.


    Here are the details: 

    Date: 9th – 10th November 2019 

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  2. Proof: E-Cigarettes Reduce CO Emissions Compared To Cigarette

    Proof: E-Cigarettes Reduce CO Emissions Compared To Cigarette

    Carbon monoxide is produced when cigarettes burn. When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it combines with hemoglobin, producing carboxyhemoglobin, which greatly diminishes hemoglobin’s oxygen-carrying capacity. As a result, small amounts of carbon monoxide can dramatically reduce hemoglobin’s ability to transport oxygen. Common symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure are headache, nausea, rapid breathing, weakness, exhaustion, dizziness, and confusion. Hypoxia due to acute carbon monoxide poisoning may result in reversible neurological effects, or it may result in long-term irreversible brain damage or heart damage effects. So cigarettes increase the risk of heart disease.

    Cigarette smoke releases several toxic chemicals and carcinogens including carbon monoxide CO. This study examined the levels of exhaled CO in smokers switching to electronic cigarettes e-Cigs or a tobacco heating system THS and their

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  3. Rely on Performance ——VLADDIN Boqpod Introduction

    Rely on Performance  ——VLADDIN Boqpod Introduction

    Rely on Performance

    ——VLADDIN Boqpod Introduction

    Hi Fams,


    Glad to tell you that VLADDIN newly released a pod system ——VALDDIN Boqpod.

    As the third item from VLADDIN, what are the features of it? And how it differs from other pod systems in the market?  Let’s have a check.


    Unique Design.

    Square design makes boqpod kit stand out of the pod system market.


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  4. The VapeExpo UK– Come And Try VLADDIN New Launch Products

    The VapeExpo UK– Come And Try VLADDIN New Launch Products

    One of the largest and most recognized e-cigarette Expos will be held in Birmingham, England from October 25th to 27th. Here you'll see the latest devices, e-juice, technology and everything you want to know about the e-cigarette industry.


    We are glad to inform all of our fans or vape lovers, VLADDIN team will attend the expo at the booth: A144


    We will bring the latest product VLADDIN Boqpod to the expo. It’s a good chance to get close to Boqpod and

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  5. Effects Of E-Cigarettes On Allergic Airway Disease

    Effects Of E-Cigarettes On Allergic Airway Disease

    Effects Of E-Cigarettes On Allergic Airway Disease

    Flavored e-cigarettes are preferred by the majority of users yet their potential toxicity is unknown. Therefore our aim was to determine the effect of selected flavored e-cigarettes, with or without nicotine, on allergic airways disease in mice. To determine if any effects were due to nicotine, we compared the effects of flavored e-cigarettes with and without nicotine at 12mg/ML. Mice were exposed to indoor air and e-cigarette fumes twice a day for 30 minutes, six days a week.

    effect of e-cigarette on allergic airway disease01

    Effect of e-cigarette exposure on weight

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  6. We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Winners Announcement

    We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Winners Announcement

    We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Winners Announcement


    Hi VLADDIN fans,


    Thanks to everyone who has participated in our “We love testing” program, We’re totally blown away by the massive amount of interest in our giveaways.

    We’ve noticed you guys looking forward to the winning announcement. So we’ve decided to update winner lists in one thread, making it that much easier to track results.

    So here are the winners:

    They will make an honest review on VLADDIN Slide after receiving

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    If you're tempted to buy and try your first vape, here is the most common mistake that beginning vapers make.


    Buying a Poor Quality Vape or E-Cigarette.

    If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes, navigating with the different alternatives and arriving at the best product for you personally can seem to be as a mind-boggling procedure. You will find a wide variety of options accessible and new e-cigs are surfacing on the marketplace each week, so there is a lot of competition. Searching through reviews is the greatest method of choosing the right e-cigarette, but you’ll still have to know what you should keep an eye out to get the right one to your certain needs. The following tips will allow you to take into consideration what you’re searching for in an e-cigarette to make your selection. 


    1. Vapor Production

    The amount of vapor produced is really important if you’re trying to find a smoking cigarettes-like experience. Most brands will give a decent amount of vapor, although it is often notably less than a cigarette. This is another aspect that you develop more used to as time passes, but more vapor is always a good point. You’re also more likely to get a smoking-like “throat hit” if there is plenty of vapor in your electronic cigarette.


    2. Nicotine Levels

    It’s also a smart idea to consider how much nicotine you’ll need. If you’re a huge tobacco user (greater than 20 daily) it might be a smart idea to look for a company that offers 24mg toner cartridges. This will make it more likely that this e-cig will satisfy your desires and you also won’t deplete the battery too quickly to have the nicotine success you’re trying to find. 18mg cartridges are enough for most users, though. If you’re seeking to reduce your smoking consumption, you should guarantee you can find at least four different alternatives. These are typically spread out apart by 6mg.


    3. Batteries

    It is essential with regards to the battery is just how extended it is going to last. Generally, you’ll locate electric batteries that go on for between 200 and 300 puffs, with longer or heavier varieties providing the most utilization before needing charging

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  8. We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Call for Review

    We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Call for Review

     We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Call for Review

    Hey VLADDIN fans,


    That’s right, VLADDIN Slide Pod Kit, is out now. It is available now at www.vladdinvapor.com .


    To celebrate, we are giving 10 of fans the chance to test VLADDIN Slide, for FREE!

    But what is VLADDIN Slide?

    VLADDIN Slide Pod Kit is the first AIO pod system kit with a sliding panel in the world.

    The sliding feature allows for the convenient and fast filling option. There is no need to disassemble any parts of the device to refill. Simply slide

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  9. Shipment Notice For The National Day In China

    Shipment Notice For The National Day In China

    Dear Customers,


    The National Day in China is coming. To celebrate this once year grand holiday, Vladdin Team will have holiday from Oct 1st. 2019 to Oct 7th.2019. In the meanwhile shipment will be stopped from 30th Sep 2019 to 7th Oct 2019.  We feel sorry for the inconvenience we bring to you. If you have any question welcome contact your sales manager or email us via [email protected].


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  10. Comparison:E-Cigarettes And Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    Comparison:E-Cigarettes And Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    The objective was to compare the efficacy of refillable e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy NRT products, when accompanied by weekly behavioural support. The NRT arm n = 446 received NRT of their choice, provided for up to 12 weeks. The e-cigarette arm n = 438 received an e-cigarette starter pack and were encouraged to buy addtional e-liquids and e-cigarette products of their choice. 


     The 1-year quit rate was 9.9percent in the NRT arm and 18.0percent in the e-cigarette arm. The e-cigarette arm had significantly higher validated quit rates at all time points. Participants in the e-cigarette arm showed significantly better adherence and experienced fewer urges to smoke throughout the initial 4 weeks of their quit attempt than those in the NRT arm, and gave their allocated product more favourable ratings. Participants assigned to e-cigarettes reported significantly less coughing and phlegm at 1 year than those assigned to NRT.


    Within the context of multisession treatment for smokers seeking help, e-cigarettes were significantly more effective than NRT, Can be considered as an aid to smoking cessation.

    The resources:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6732716/

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