How To Deal With Vladdin Vaping E Liquid Condensate?

The condensate of the Nebulizer cigarette nozzles forms because the high temperature smoke flows through the cigarette nozzles, and if the cigarette nozzle is cold, the condensate effect occurs inside the cigarette nozzles. Because the water vapor of e-cigarettes is mixed with e liquid, if we inhale this condensate directly, then the mouth will eat directly into the taste of e liquid. That feeling is not pleasant.


When condensate occurs in Vladdin, how should it be treated?

1. Reduce the exposure time of smoke and cigarette nozzles. When we suck up a bit faster, let the smoke flow through the cigarette nozzles for a shorter time, and thus reduce condensation.

2. When the smoke bomb appears as a cold and hard liquid, pull out the vaping pod so that the condensate blows out. Wipe it with a tissue.

3. Replace with a new vaping pod.

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