Attention:2019 Vladdin Pod Structure Improvement & New Product Launch

Structural Improvement on VLADDIN Pod produced in March aims to tackle the following issues:

1. Issue: Condensed fluid inside of the airflow tube.

Solution: Move the feed holes of liquid shield farther from the airflow tube. At the meantime, adjust the size of feed holes in order to better match the liquid feeding and battery power;  

2. Issue:  Inconsistent draw resistance

Solution: Modify the external dimension of the pod that contact the battery tube so that the draw becomes consistent.

3. Issue: Leakage resulting from thermal expansion

Solution: Adjust the size of silicon seal ring of the heating wire for ceramic coil to avoid leakage.

The improved batch of VLADDIN can be distinguished by the pod finish, the area that touches the sunken slot of the battery, which is changed from clear to matte plastic.

New Launch In March:

1. New Color Version of Vladdin refillable kit: Blue and Red

2019 VLADDIN new colors come out

2. New Flavors of Vladdin Prefilled Pods for more choice   

Tobacco Premiere

Tobacco Premiere is a straightforward tobacco flavour with its natural richness that satisfies your cravings.

Cool Watermelon

Cool Watermelon pods is your ideal summertime flavor. Packed with watermelon note and hint of menthol, Cool Watermelon is refreshing pleasing fruit flavor.

 Lychee Ice

Lychee Ice is a slightly sweet and aromatic lychee with a hint of cool menthol that together creates an enticing and exotic fruit flavor.

 Blue Raspberry

Our Blue Raspberry pod is a juicy and intense blue raspberry flavor. The note is packed and delivered to your taste bud and lingers on when you exhale.

Mint Premiere

Enjoy the chill of our mint flavor pod! The soothing aftertaste lasts a long way.

vladdin new launch flavor pod

3.Vladdin Kush Pod

Kush pod made for CBD&THC Oils.Patented C-Cell for full flavor vaping.Specially designed for your personal needs.

Main features :

  • made specifically for CBD&THC Oils;
  • Stylish and compact design;
  • Powerful ceramic coil technology;
vladdin kush POD