4 Maintenance Methods For Vladdin

Battery charging in time

When your battery takes a day or more of standby for a long time, the battery has been in a high-power output state, or is in a long standby state, after which the battery, after the power consumption, cannot achieve the device’s set high power output capacity, it will directly affect the use and the quality of the experience.Although the Vladdin battery has a long smoking time protection, in order to better use the device, when it’s been used for a very long time, you can let the battery rest or replace it with another battery for backup. When you are in standby for an extra-long period of time, charge it once before using it.

About Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions

Clean up condensate or e juice near the host interface in a timely manner

If there is a pod in the process of use, because of all aspects of the factors have a condensate or oil leakage situation, do not panic. You only need to wipe the device with paper towels in time or replace the pod. It will not cause damage to the host.

Vladdin e-cigarette e juice spill? What's going on?

How to treat the appearance of condensate in Vladdin?

Simply perform a regular wipe of the pod battery positive and negative pole.

Although the battery contacts inside the host are gilded, they do not avoid oxidation.When the Vladdin cannot output normally, please wipe the battery contacts, so that the battery’s electric shock contact is normal. This way, the host can maintain the best output state at any time. When not in use for a long time, it is necessary to clean up the electronic liquid inside the pod, to avoid the leakage of electronic liquid and pollution to the battery contacts, and to remove the pod or reduce the pod on the battery compression.If you perform this maintenance on the Vladdin, it can ensure that the equipment will not be damaged, extend the service life, and also ensure the host's output capacity, enabling it the strongest output performance at any time, so the user can obtain the best use experience.