Possible Mycotoxin Contamination In E-Cigarettes?

Possible mycotoxin contamination in e-cigarettes?

April 28, 2019 -- the Harvard School Of Public Health has published a research report on e-cigarettes, which pointed out that most of the e-cigarettes in the United States may be contaminated with mycotoxins.

mycotoxin contamination in e-cigarettes

The team surveyed 75 popular brands of e-cigarettes in 2013 and found that 23 percent contained traces of endotoxin and 81 percent contained dextran. The report notes that endotoxins are present in gram-negative bacteria, which are found on most fungi, and that contact with humans can lead to health problems such as asthma, decreased lung function and inflammation, the researchers said.

Possible mycotoxin contamination in e-cigarettes?

The report by Harvard was challenged by the American E-Cigarette Association. Gregory Conley, chairman of the American e-cigarette association's advocacy group, said the study should compare levels of toxins in e-cigarettes and cigarettes. Given that many smokers now mistakenly believe that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as cigarettes, Harvard without comparing electronic cigarettes in cigarette adequately published before the report is a disgrace, Gregory Conley, also points out the research focused on the 2013 best-selling brand, rather than the current brand, and there is no report also indicate the product or brand name.