How To Choose E-Cigarette Correctly?-Part 2

How to choose the right electronic cigarette?

Choose the right liquid

Give up too high Vg liquid. The main role of VG is to create fog, which is the favorite for "Cloud Control." If you are just an ordinary junior smoker who chooses 70 VG or morel in pursuit of a lot of fog, Please believe me and give it up, because this choice is not good for your taste and health.For example, the original tobacco PG /VG content of vladdin is 36.2/50, and the taste is smooth and fresh, which is very suitable for beginners and daily use.

grasp your daily nicotine intake

Have a certain awareness and grasp of the intake of nicotine content. liquid too low in reducing nicotine content or high in nicotine content should not be chosen. The role of e-cigarettes is to reduce the harm of traditional cigarettes to the human body. The process of quitting smoking is a process of nicotine elimination. E-cigarettes are only an auxiliary tool for quitting smoking. If you are a primary smoker who does not smoke or just wants to try e-cigarettes, please choose a nicotine-free e-cigarette product. If you are a heavy smoker, choose a product with the right amount of nicotine liquid.When heavy smokers choose to use low-nicotine-containing liquid, the more they need to consume a large amount of liquid, once they are not enough, they will turn to traditional electronic cigarettes to get enough nicotine. This does not have any effect on smoking cessation of the human body. The correct approach is to gradually and gradually. the correct approach is to step by step, the nicotine content of the choice from high to the end, the number of times from the variable, In order to achieve the effect of quitting smoking.

consider economics

Smoking is a matter of consuming body and money. E-cigarettes need not only from the perspective of health, smoking cessation, but also economic considerations. E-cigarettes have a certain reduction in the harm of cigarettes to the body, and also have certain auxiliary effects on Quit smoking. An E-cigarette in the early stage also needs to invest a relatively large cost, Therefore, we should start from the actual situation,looking for a healthy way to smoke.

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