What are the advantages of ceramic core?

There are more and more ceramic cores on the market, so what are the benefits of ceramic cores?

In fact, compared with the traditional cotton oil guide, the ceramic core has a more delicate oil guiding effect. It reduces the phenomenon of oil frying caused by excessive oil saturation of cotton, at the same time, it utilizes the physical characteristics of slow heating and slow cooling of ceramics, which can play a preheating effect on tobacco oil during continuous use, making the taste softer when smoking. Full, the taste is more delicate and stable, Satisfy the taste experience, but also have enough smoke.

ceramic core

The ceramic wraps the heating wire to protect the heating wire from oxidation, while increasing the heating area and high temperature resistance. Some ceramics can filter impurities, truly restore the flavor of liquid, and the atomization taste is pure and natural. For example: vladdin pod, the ceramic core used inside has this effect. The palate is fine and the degree of reduction is very good. Pure ceramic core can increase the power to reduce the heating delay, at the same time the pure ceramic core is not easy to paste, and the life is relatively long.

The ceramic core is small and lightweight, and is easy to carry. Although the smoke generated is small, the high nicotine (salt) liquid can provide a good experience for the smoke, but also meet the daily needs, so this is why the ceramic core is basically used in pod system.