58 Successful Smoke-quitting Stories You Ought to Know

58 Successful Smoke-quitting Stories You Ought to Know


Smoke is an unhealthy life hobbit. You may get lots of tips or solution way to help quit smoking.

On Quora, the biggest Q&A platform, the most closely watched questions are:

What are some successful ways to quit smoking? And, how can I motivate myself to quit smoking?

how can i  motivate muself to quit smoking

Therefore, as the coming of No Tobacco Day, we hold an activity encourage people to share their smoke-quitting experience to inspire those who still at sea.

Activity hold successfully, so here is the all comment below we would like to share with you:

 share quit smoking experience

@nkwoel: I was a heavy smoker three years ago. Been smoke for 20 years. When I did some exercises, my lung often felt burnt and cause cough. Sometimes hard to inhale fresh air. But, after a change into vaping, hurt is getting gone. And now I can do exercises easily without feeling burnt and hurt. 

A Heavy Smoker Think Of E Cigarette


@ dope_sachin: i have just burned my throat by smoking cigarette and cough all day.. along. It was so painful to quit without any help but then a miracle happens with me is i won a vape kit in a giveaway and that it was a juul and that Juul totally changed my point of view to quitting smoke... today i vape 0mg no nicotine and I love that...... 


@ venusvapes:
I started vaping when I got sick & could not breathe anymore. I was smoking 2 packs a day & i was diagnosed w/cancer. It truly has saved my life 


@ gobills77:

I started smoking when j was about 14 and then one day about 8 years later I quit cold turkey for about 8 years. Then one day I started again, the worst movie I've ever made... Well, I just recently bought a vape mod after trying patches and gum and inhalers.... and I haven't had a cigarette in a month. I can breathe better now. Vaping saved my life, and my wallet lol. I'd love to win one of these pods for a friend of mine who needs to quit.


@ marthinha_borges: I smoked 35 years.

Last year I got sick and went to the doctor, after having an x-ray of the lung, He told me that I was having emphysema.

I was disturbed by that is after about 4 months I decided to pick up the electronic cigarette.

I stopped smoking on the same day.

It was the best thing I did in my life, in the first 15 days I eliminated a lot of secretion from my body and my breathing has returned to normal.

I have not smoked in 2 months, I'm feeling very happy, without unpleasant smells.

The pod system (electronic cigarette) is life!

Well worth it, I advise everyone to start using it right now.


@ aryonugrahaa:

I have just burned my throat by smoking cigarette and cough all day along. it was so painful to quit without any help but then a miracle happens with me is I won a vape kit in a giveaway and that it was a juul and that juul totally changed my point of view to quit smoke. today i vape 0mg no nicotine and i love that


@ tina77vapes:

I was told if I kept smoking I’d lose both my legs!! Two years ago I was facing double amputation, today I am still walking thanks to vaping.


@ black_vape54: have a history of shortness of breath and I still smoke. 2 years ago I knew vape and since I vape my illness never relapsed. since then I quit smoking and switched to vaping. I hope I can win this. because I really need this one #vladdinkit. thanks for this opportunity


@ ca_na_ra: I have quit smoking since 3 years ago, the first reason and inspiration for me to quit smoking was because of the birth of my child in 2016 and since the birth of my first child I started stopping tobacco cigarettes and started trying to switch to using vape until now I was right stop right from cigarettes ❤❤ what about your experience 


@ ferdianajr_:
I stop smoking since 2018, because one day i saw a video tricking on Instagram, and its look cool, and i try to buy my device for the first time, I try to make some trick and i enjoy and very happy can make some trick with vapor, since that day i already quit smoking until now, vaping change my life and my lifestyle :) 


@ ahin_djong_945: My dad, was a heavy smoker.

When i was a child, maybe 10 years old. I saw my father cigarettes stock.

He's can smoke more 2box/pack for one day.

I'm learning to smoke from my dad. Years by years and the disaster has begun. my father got a stroke, and his lungs were already weak. after recovery, my father had totally stopped smoking but not to me.

I became a heavy smoker. a day I can spend two packs of cigarettes too.

Until i was 29 years old. I'm still smoking.

When I saw an advertisement of someone using a vape, and I was interested to use vape too. Start to find out the advantages of vape and all kind of vape types.

@rockinthevape: , i smoked for 42 years, then two of my sons started playing around with vaping and I slowly started buying stuff and found what I? Like. That was in 2016. today I am smoke-free.


I smoked for a few years and when i heard the new trend of vaping i decided to try it out. Now 5 years later I'm still vaping. Smoking is dead vaping is the future and the future is now. 


@ m_perdi: First I found out what factors made me want to stop smoking. I thought it myself, what is the strong reason that makes me stop? Apparently, I found two things: Health and money.


@ leebochog: Looked for an alternative to smoking, I and my friends started vaping and since then no more cigarettes and we all quit smoking. 

@ echathebekz: I've been quit smoking since 2015. Before I know vladdin re, I've searched the most tasteful pods with refillable Cambridge, so I choose vladdin re as my daily pods... before i use vladdin, I used to use the regular electrical mod and mechanical mod. Thanks vladdin for having me to share a bit my stop quitting experience..!! 


@ kblock1953: I completely stopped smoking since the 23.06.2018, the way was very difficult. But now I could not imagine it without my VAPE ... if MTL / DL, just ingenious this invention

@ avnan_0108: This is very amazing, where I strongly support the existence of "WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY".

These movements are very good, because they can reduce tobacco cigarette users to immediately move to the healthier ones, vape.

about 4 years ago, I was a slave to tobacco cigarettes. every day, every hour even every time I am always called tobacco cigarettes, and I am a slave to tobacco cigarettes.

Every day I can run out of 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes, because every activity I do is definitely a friend's cigarette (except bathing)

if you calculate the amount of money I spend on cigarettes per day.

And one day I saw someone who was smoking but not tobacco cigarettes and the smoke that was produced was far more extraordinary WOW Amazed me