The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN

The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN

Known as the best vaping device currently being sold in the offline and online market, VLADDIN is a portable, stylish, lightweight and ergonomically designed vape device built to fit into the hand and give a stable grip while in use.

This amazing vape device which is available in a single color named black is available as a refillable option. It is built with a high-quality ABS plastic, aluminium alloy, and has a ceramic coil which offers a better vape experience and gives that perfect blend of class and comfort to the user.

 Each pack of VLADDIN vape device comes with the following:

         1 x VLADDIN Device

         1 x VLADDIN RE Replacement Pod (Refillable)

         1 x USB Charging Cable

         1 x Quick Guide

Features of VLADDIN vape pod

         Flavors: Due to the unique dry-burn prevention technology, the first few puffs may not have flavored because the coils are soaked with pure flavorless PGVG e-liquids. Rich flavor will come out when the E-juice soaks the ceramic coil.

         Warranty: There is a 90days guaranty for VLADDIN basic device. For any after sale issue, please contact [email protected].

         Authenticity: When you receive the device, don’t throw the package. Check the authenticity on VLADDIN website with a serial number on the outside of the package. 

How to set up

Setting up the VLADDIN R2 vape device is pretty easy. When you open the pack, you will find your menu, which shows you how to use and set up the device; you will also find your device,  a micro USB code, and a charging cable.

Fill the pod by putting off the black cover on the pod. Grab a bottle of juice; there are three holes on the pods, ensure that you don’t get any juice into the centre hole which is meant for air flow. Fill the juice inside the pod on a 45-degree angle, close back the silicone top you took off earlier.

Leave for 5 minutes to ensure full absorption of the juice; then slide your pod into the top of your device.

How to use

To use the VLADDIN RE, follow these steps

         Step 1: Take the pod included in the kit and insert into the vape pen. Note that it only goes in one way, so if the pod doesn’t go in all the way, don’t force it, turn it the other way and try again.

         Step 2: To make sure you are inserting it right, ensure that the cut out on your pod, matches that on the vape pen. Once the magnetic contact touches the two metal pins inside the device, the pod will click into place.

         Step 3: You can start vaping once your pod is connected. Note that this device does not have an on or off switch. To activate it, all you need is to draw on the mouthpiece, and the tine LED will light up while the ceramic coil inside the pod starts to sizzle.

How to charge?

VLADDIN device is charged when delivered. You can start vaping immediately you get your device. However, if the device is out of power, please check the guide below:

         Plug the included USB cable into the small port on the end of the battery.

         Plug the other end of the USB cable into a suitable USB outlet.

         The LED indicator on the battery will be lit whilst charging and will go out when charging complete.

How to Clean the VLADDIN vape pod

If there is a pod in the process of use, due to oil leakage, do not panic. You only need to wipe the device with tissue in time. It will not cause damage to the host.

How to Store

When not in use, VLADDIN products should be kept in a safe and dry place, away from children.  Meanwhile, you could use the carrying case to store your VLADDIN when going out.

Finally, the VLADDIN product is a perfect vaping device for people who want to quit smoking for vaping because the pull on the device is very similar to that of cigarettes.