How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic?

How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic?

Hey Fams,


Every time you get new gifts or gadgets, what’s the first thing you might do?

Open it immediately, enjoy the benefits or fun it brings, and throw the package in the garbage?  

Most people might do that, right?


However, as a supplier, we recommend you verify products when you receive them. Using fake products will not guarantee the user experience and could potentially bring about risks. Checking the authenticity will protect your consumer rights and will verify an authentic experience.

So how do I know If my VLADDIN device is original?

First, find the serial number on the outside of the package:

The place of the serial number is different on both the RE and EDEN kit packaging. Check the pictures below:  



Second, go to and scroll to

the bottom of the page, input the serial number into the ID VERIFICATION window and click verify to check the authenticity.


It will turn out two results: 



If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us!

Bye~ Peace Out.