How About Vladdin Vape? -This Is Something You Have To Know


Q: What’s The Difference Between Vladdin vape And The IQO Type Heat-Not –Burn E-Cigarettes Sold On The Market?

A: The Heat-Not-Burn Equipment Needs To Heat The Prefabricated Papery Pod To Make Cloud, Smell Terrible, Heat Repeatedly, High Cost Of Charging, Cleaning, And Maintenance. Our vape Applies Atomization Principle To Evaporate E-Juice To Make Cloud, Safe And Healthy. Plug And Play Pods, Easy To Use, Long Standby Time, One-Step Process, One Puff Make You Like It, Three Puffs Make You Love It.


need for tedious cleaning and cleaning accessories


Q: What’s the difference between Vape and the IQOS type “Heat not Burn” E-Cigarettes sold on the market?

A: The “Heat not Burn” devices create a smoking sensation using traditional tobacco cigarettes. Due to the use of tobacco, the IQOS system still creates the traditional smell of cigarettes. In addition, the device requires meticulous maintenance and cleaning accessories. This pod system device atomizes the E-Juice, creating a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco. The pod system is easy to use with a simple one-step process to the enjoyment.


Q: What’s The Difference Among Vladdin Pods Flavour? Which Kind Flavor Is Suitable For What Crow?

A: With 3 Months Careful Selection, We Finalise On The 4 Western Top Brands’ E-Juice.Original Tabacco For Long Years Smoker; Mixed Flavor For Young People; Mint Flavor For Heavy Smokers; Ice Flavor For Mental Worker.


Q: What’s the difference between the Pod flavors? Which flavor is most suitable for me?

A: After three months of careful deliberation, we finally settled on four diverse flavors. “Original Tobacco” for classic smokers, “Ice Flavor” for a menthol smoker, “Mint Flavor” for a fresh new minty flavor, and “Mixed Flavor” for an all-around new flavor experience.


Q:There’s Nicotine In Vape As Well, Is It Harmful?

A:Tar And Carbon Monoxide Are The Main Harmful Substance Which Comes From Buring Cigarettes. Not Nicotine. Nicotine Is A Plant Extract, Present In Vegetables Like Eggplant And Tomato. Within 48 Hours In Body, It Will be Excreted Ou t.The Effect Of Nicotine Is More Like Caffeine In Coffee, Mainly Help To Refresh And Calm.

Vladdin vape Applies The 2017 Latest US Nicotine Salt Technology, Greatly Improve The User’s Satisafaction Of Nicotine In The Circumstance Of Decreasing The Vaping Rate. Effectively Solve The Biggest Problem Of Smokers On Traditional E-Cig: Not Enough!


Q: Is Nicotine used in the Pod system harmful?

A: Tar and Carbon Monoxide are the main harmful substances in using traditional cigarettes, not nicotine. Nicotine is a plant extract, present in vegetables such as eggplant and tomato. Within 48 hours of ingestion, nicotine is flushed from the body’s system. The effects of Nicotine are more similar to the effects a consumer gets from caffeine in coffee.


Vladdin applies the latest nicotine salt technology, greatly improving the user’s enjoyment and out performing traditional E-Cigs.


Q:Is There High Cost of Use Of Pods Mod?

A:You Can Vape 450 Puffs (±50 Puffs)On Each Pod, Amount To 2 Packs Traditional Cigarettes. And You Can Use One Pod For 2-5 Days, Average Daily Cost Is 2 - 4 USD, Just Like Traditional Cigarettes. With The Experience Effective More Clear, Vape Amount Gradually Decrease, The Use Cost Will Be Lower. What’s More, The Harm Reduce Of E-Cig Is More Than 95 %,Healthy First Always.


Q: How are the costs associated with using the Pods mod?

A: Each pod mod contains roughly 450 puffs, equating to about two packs of traditional cigarettes. With average usage each pod can last two to five days, amounting to 2 - 4 USD per day. The E-Cig reduces the harm rates of traditional cigarettes by more than 95%.

Q: How many times can be used for Refillable Pod? 

A: For your best vape experience, we recommend that the refillable pod be used no more than three times.