Why Your Throat is Uncomfortable While Vaping?

When we vaping, some people will feel the throat Irritated even dry mouth, dizziness, cough, and other symptoms, then they will doubt whether the electronic cigarette is really harmful to the human body?

All the flavors, vapor and nicotine levels are decided by the e-liquids, batteries just play a role of heating and atomizing e-liquids to vapors, so this time we only analyze e-liquids separately. What’s E-liquid? E-liquid was defined as a substance carrier that atomizes a particular liquid into vapor by an atomizer device. It is mainly composed of four components: PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), flavor and nicotine. The addition of PG/VG may lead to dry mouth and thirst to some extent. The previous chapter described this in detail, and the following sections highlight some of the effects of nicotine.

Nicotine. I believe many people know this substance. It is an extract of tobacco, which can make people's heart beat faster, heart rate increase, blood pressure increase ect., Which was regarded as a toxic addictive substance by the public. The nicotine e-liquid is highly irritating and spicy, so it has a strong throat hit when you vaping. When you inhale too much nicotine will feel uncomfortable, dizzy or sick. These are the body's self-protection responses, so it is important to choose the right nicotine levels.

The exist of essence is for various flavors of E-liquids, provide people the most critical factors in the satisfaction of vaping needs.

So some bad reactions may occur when you first time vaping, such as can’t taste any flavors from vaping. But don't be too scared and suspicious, choose the e-liquid according to your own condition. As for how to find your favorite E-liquids? Please continue to sail slowly in the vast ocean of E-liquids.