Why Does Your Vladdin Taste Burnt?

What’s the reason? How to avoid it?   

1. The ceramic coil is not completely soaked and wetted. 

When the ceramic coil is not completely soaked and kept heating up, the infiltrated e-liquid in the ceramic coil is too few to absorb and transform the extra heat. This results in excessive heating. So the PG component in the electronic liquid is decomposed into formaldehyde. The taste of formaldehyde is bad for liquid taste. So before using vladdin, it’s better to fill the e-liquid in and then wait a few minutes. This allows the e-liquid to fully saturate the ceramic coil, avoids the smell of burnt too.

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2. Vaping without stop
If you vape without any pause, the ceramic coil continues heating up but there’s not enough time for the e-juice to prime the coil. The ceramic coil vaporizes without enough e-juice, which leads to the burnt taste. Therefore, you should avoid continuous strong hitting. Take several minutes off then vape again. In this case, the e-liquid has time to enter the ceramic coil, so the infiltration is fully done. When it’s wetted enough, there will be no burnt taste anymore.

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3. Failing to fill the e-liquid in time
When you find that the taste begins to deteriorate, sometimes even no taste at all, it’s time to fill new e-liquid in it. The principle is consistent with the above description. So pay more attention to your cartridge usage and e-liquid filling.

4. The e-liquid you use contains too many Sweeteners
The sugar in the liquid caramelizes when heated. And it will attach to the surface of the ceramic coil. So there won’t be any new e-juices comes in. This is more likely to happen to coffee and heavy dessert flavor e-liquids. Although vladdin’s pods are refillable, there is no way to clean the impurities inside the pod. So the only way to solve it is to replace it.

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