2019 What Does A Heavy Smoker Think Of E Cigarette

I am an e-cigarette and traditional cigarette enthusiast. Four years of experience in using e-cigarettes, I spent almost 20000RMB on it. Although it is not professional, after the exposure of e-cigarettes problem in China's 3.15 party, I still want to say something. There is indeed a certain degree of a safety hazard in e-cigarettes, but there is no absolute safety. And it is the composition of e juice or a mist of smoke, this is definitely not comparable to smoking.

E juice

In China, many manufacturers of e juice have safety problems, and their products can make a lot of profit. Because I bought smoke oil from a friend,8 yuan a bottle of counterfeit electronic oil buy one get one free, or buy two get one free. It's all are the flavor of artificial flavor when you hit it. This is safe to use?

The hidden danger after e juice atomization

I've been playing with e-cigarettes for many years, I've asked my doctor to get a consensus. There are three parts that have a major impact on health. The first is the composition of e juice. The 2nd, it is to the essence, propylene glycol allergy and the person that suffer from the respiratory tract problem such as asthma to fear grain. Third, the long-term use of e-cigarettes is not clear whether it will harm the lungs or body parts in the future, because the current e-cigarettes are not a long time, and the interaction with blood may take five years or ten years, or even longer, so this hidden danger may exist, but no conclusion has been reached.

As someone who uses both cigarettes and e-cigarettes, I'd like to talk about my feelings.

Quit smoking

Many of my friends started to use e-cigarettes mostly because their wives were pregnant. They didn’t have any special interest in e-cigarettes. Some of my friends used cigarettes to quit cigarettes and finally gave up e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Many people dispute the idea that e-cigarettes can quit smoking. Originally, an e-cigarette is a kind of cigarettes. There is no evidence that e-cigarettes can help us stop smoking, but it is much easier to give up e-cigarettes than to give up cigarettes. I take a cigarette and use ten e-cigarettes to achieve the same effect, and many people rely on this quantity gap to slowly quit their dependence on nicotine, and finally need their own willpower. (at least I don't have the willpower, but my friends do.) most of my friends are not used to using e-cigarettes and they feel that e-cigarettes can't achieve the effect of cigarettes, so they all give up using e-cigarettes soon. And like me, there are a lot of people who don't quit smoking and play with e-cigarettes. However, according to my own use, it is undoubted that the number of cigarettes I can smoke every day is obviously reduced.

Physical feeling

After getting used to e-cigarettes, it is natural to compare e-cigarettes with cigarettes. I will talk about my personal situation, but only for reference. People who smoke cigarettes know that getting up every morning; coughing, nausea, neck pain, and throat sputum are common things. When my wife was pregnant, I used cigarettes at work and e-cigarettes at home, and I could clearly feel the difference between the two during use. I rested at home for two days and smoked e-cigarettes for two days. I did not feel any obvious difference at first. Once I rested at home for four days, and when I got up on the morning of the fifth day, I felt that my throat was very comfortable. When there was no sputum, I coughed hard without pain in my neck and felt no nausea in my mouth. It is a feeling that I have never smoked for many years. This discovery led me to buy a set of e-cigarettes for my dad immediately, but he still didn't insist on using e-cigarettes, but he began to agree with e-cigarettes. On the other hand, if you smoke cigarettes and use e-cigarettes like me, you're more likely to increase your addiction and there is no benefit.

Psychological feelings

To be honest, people who smoke struggles a lot, we know that smoking is not good, smoking is harmful to health, bad for breath, and so on. But the cravings are coming, I still need one, and I know that I am going to die. A lot of times people use e-cigarettes, at first with the attitude of quitting smoking, and they gave up later, but in the end, they re-use them because of the diversified smell of smoke.

First, e juice is rich in flavor, just like milk tea, occasionally it will be sucked. For example, I personally like fruits flavor, tea flavor, wine flavor and e juice mixed with fruit.

Second, there is no psychological burden, this is my hobby, I agree that it is less harmful than smoking, and blowing a big smoke ring is really fun.

Third, control of e-cigarettes. How to control fake and shoddy e-cigarette equipment and E juice is the focus of management. How to establish a set of guidelines and legal regulations governing the production and use of e-cigarettes. At the same time, I hope that the country can vigorously develop e-cigarette technology and invest in research and development so that this imperfect product can become a solution to the problem of smoking.

Using e-cigarettes or cigarettes or quit smoking, please be cautious. I don’t suggest that everyone learn it from me. I just want to use e-cigarettes to reduce the use of tobacco. And I also use e-cigarettes as a hobby, because I like to study the taste of tobacco, and I find it very interesting. If you are a smoker who wants to quit smoking or if you want to help the elders quit smoking, you can use e-cigarettes instead. Finally, if you are a minor or a non-smoker, don't try e-cigarettes.

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