Vladdin Refillable Vaping Vibe Review

Hi, I’m Garrige. Today I’m going to indroduce the Vladdin refillable pod system. Why is it called the “RE”? Because the original closed pod system was redesigned and made specifically for refilling, hints “RE”.

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Product Features

The Vladdin is characterized by the use of ceramic wicks. It’s famous for its high degree of flavor output and relatively conservative liquid usage. The ceramic coil utilizes an auto-fill technique, whereupon suction the device opens automatically. The tank itself is 1.5mL and the battery has a capacity of 350 mAh. When smoking regularly on my breaks, I can use it all day. Other functionality doesn’t differ too much from other vaping vibes, so I will be focusing more on the ceramic coil technology. Currently, there is a line-up consisting of four different colors:black,rainbow,gold,titanium,but because I prefer a classic fashionable look, so I chose the black one. The length is 11cm long and width is 2cm with a slender side view. It’s unique shape and design makes it easy to use and comfortable when being held. The device is very easy to use, the pod and battery are secured via magnet, so all you have to do is slide it into the slot. The light on the front shows the status of the vaping vibe, it will light up when smoking and blink when low on battery or fully charged. Once blinking after fully charged, the light will then go off. On the bottom of the device, there is a micro-USB charging port, which is an easy to find charger used on many commonly used vape devices.

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Tank Structure, Liquid Material, Etc.

To refill, simply separate the pod from the battery, remove the cap and the rubber stopper off the top of the pod and begin to fill the pod with the liquid of your choice. The airflow comes directly through the gaps in the charging port on the bottom of the vaping vibe and delivers through the pod out through the top. Now on to the ceramic coil. Like any other pod, it is difficult to see the construction of the vaping device, and the manufacturer doesn’t provide pictures, so I took it apart to find out more. I learned that the ceramic coil heats up using a heating wire. The ceramic pieces themselves appear to have small openings in them which allow the liquid to penetrate through. As a side note, it does not contain asbestos.

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Personal Impressions and Comments

In my opinion, its similar to a pen or makeup, because you can’t see the liquid level without taking out the pod. When it comes to smoking it gets more attractive and the suction required is easy with little resistance. Of course, this vaping vibe is light and easy to carry. The quantity of the vapor is relatively lighter than a mod, but for daily use its not a problem and actually pretty impressive. After leaving the device for a couple of days, I noticed that it did not leak oil. I’ve been through a lot of these pods recently and I feel great. I think the company is really on to something here and this product definitely boasts something new and attractive. I doubt this article has made a contribution to the improvements, but I hope it has improved your take on this lovely pod mod. Finally, I want to thank you for reading until the end of my article.

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