Vladdin RE Review:Is It Worth Purchasing?

Author:Dave Kriegel


Vladdin is a fast growing company and although they originally started with a closed pod system, things are changing. Now, Vladdin has released an additional refillable pod option that also uses ceramic heating to extend the usage timeline. The battery is charged via mirco-usb at 350 mAh.Vladdin RE is designed specifically for nic salt, but can also be used with regular e-juice. It has a light and stylish design that makes it easy to carry. I’ve tested some pod systems with ceramic coils before, but was never fully satisfied. Let’s see what Vladdin RE has to offer...

Colors: Black, Gold, Rainbow, Titanium (Dark Chrome)

vladdin refillbale pod system

Product Specifics, Content, Quality and Design

Vladdin is extremely light. It weighs only 20 grams, which is only 6 grams more than JUUL. That’s impressive, especially considering it’s dimensions. The device has futuristic curvilinear design with pointed edges and it’s ergonomic shape fits the fingers well.My Vladdin RE has an elegant charcoal matte finish, but there are still three other color variations. These options include Gold, Rainbow, and a dark Chrome. The overall construction of the device is good and solid. It’s not really a luxury device, but it definitely keeps a good balance between functionality and fashion. Although there is an LED light that signals when you’re vaping, it does not work as a battery life indicator, which is one of the device’s downsides.The refillable pod hold up to 1.5 milliliters of liquid, which is larger than a lot of other pod systems. The top cap comes off easily and with a slight pinch you can remove the silicon plug under the cap. Once you remove the plug, there are two filler holes that can be used with a unicorn bottle. Just as a heads up, things can get messy if you’re not careful, and be sure to remember to use the two side holes and not the larger hole in the middle when filling.The pods are attached to the battery using a gold-plated magnet. It doesn’t make an audible click, but it does make a strong connection and you can feel it. The liquid level detection window is pretty small, but it allows for a mouthpiece that feels good on the lips. Now, it’s time to fill the pod with oil and start vaping.

vladdin pod system


The Vladdin RE has a great pull similar to JUUL, but with less restriction. You can barely feel the tension when vaping. A white LED light glows when you vape it and it is self activating, so there are no need for confusing buttons. If you plan to use this as your primary device, it makes sense to buy two batteries, this way you can use one while the other charges.The device is a solid connection between the vape and pod, ideal for a nice consistent vape. In relation to it’s size, it produces a pretty good size cloud and I really like the smell I get from the ceramic coils. I tried a couple liquids including 50 mL nic salt, which provided a great throat hit and Max-VG e-juice. The Max-VG wasn’t as tasty, but at least it didn’t leave me with a dry or burning sensation. In my tests, it did best with the high-strength 50/50 mixture, but it’s nice to know that it can handle almost any other e-juice you put in it.The pods held up really well, considering I didn’t run out of liquid after a full days use. Although the battery didn’t last me all day, it can fully charge within an hour. The cutoff time seems to be a little shorter than what I’m used to, but if you’re using high-strength liquid you probably wouldn’t want to suck for a long time anyway. If you’re smoking a lower intensity liquid, you’re probably going to be ripping this thing a lot.So far, its been a week and I’m still using the same pod and I haven’t noticed a drop in the flavor. For such a small device this thing is quite impressive and it works great. Aside from the expected condensation, there was no liquid left behind, no leakage.

vladdin refillable vaping vibe


Consistent Performance

No Cracking or Leaking

Real MTL attraction

Lightweight and Ergonomic

Mirco USB Charging

1.5mL pod capacity

No Battery Life Indicator

The battery doesn’t last all day

Not convenient for dropper bottles


Overall, Vladdin RE is solid. It doesn’t require anything special and it always works. I’m actually really impressed and I can say I wasn’t expecting such good performance. For such a sturdy easy-to-use pod system, the price is a good deal.I wish the battery life was longer and there was a signal with the LED light to notify the user of a low battery. However, for a device in this price range I don’t think you’re going to find a more consistent vape. For anyone that is trying to quit or wants an easy-to-use replaceable pod systems, I would highly recommend Vladdin.