5 Ways To Prevent Vladdin From Leaking

What should I do to prevent vladdin from leaking? 

Why did your pod leak? When there’s a pod in the hand, part will appear to have slight oil seepage. This oil leakage phenomenon may occur for many reasons, such as the vladdin pod in transit, violent transport, or air pressure, so there will sometimes be a little oil seepage.This can also occur from the structure. From the intake hole oil can be transferred directly to ceramics and heating wire. The e juice oil may move through the ceramic moisturizing to the place of the heating wire. When exposed to the above environment, along the airway it may have a bit of oil leakage.

1. Oil injection after the completion of the glue plug must be tight. In general, there will be no oil leakage phenomenon. If used too long, change to a new empty pod to make it good.In order to have the best smoking experience, it is best not to have more than three oil injections in a Vladdin refillable pod.

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2. Oil injection does not need to be too full; it only needs to be two-thirds. Because the oil injection is too full, the air inside the pod decreases and the air pressure will become lower, especially in the special environment of oil leakage phenomenon, such as flying.

3. When not in use, please clean up the e liquid of the refillable pod. Please do not let the pod sit with oil for too long, because the smoke oil itself has the quality factor and should not be stored for too long. Another reason is that because the smoke oil is subject to the action of gravity, it will slowly penetrate into the airway, resulting in oil leakage.

4. Many friends habitually blow a breath into the nebulizer. This practice is not right. Blowing in air for a long time can lead to the smoke blowing to the base, coupled with a long accumulation of condensate, making it easy to cause oil leakage.

5. Try to avoid smoking too strong, too fast. E-cigarettes do not look like real smoke. The greater the intensity of smoking, the greater the amount of smoke, but the longer the smoke, the larger the smog, which makes you want to suck a little longer on it. Because e-cigarettes do not need to burn, only the strength of the suction is required to ensure that the atomized smoke can be sucked into the mouth. If the suction force is too strong, too fast, it is easy to take out the condensate in the flue or smoke oil that has not yet been atomized can be sucked into the mouth.

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