Vladdin Pod Mod | Review by Vaping Vibe

Vladdin Pod Mod | Review

An impressive closed pod mod system by Vladdin Vapor.

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By Marc P


June 5, 2018


Vladdin Pod Mod

Vladdin Vapor is a new company in the industry.

Their Vladdin pod mod system sees them take on some of the big brands in the closed system pod mod market.

It features a 350mAh internal battery, with 1.5ml capacity pods which utilize ceramic coils.

Will it be able to outperform the likes of the Phix or the JUUL? Let’s take a closer look.

Vladdin Pod System Kit- 350mah-2

The Good

Subtle but stylish looks, good build quality, incredibly light, no leaking and really good flavor from ceramic coil pods.

The Bad

Not the greatest flavor range (all tobacco based), a couple of pods had too much movement when connected.

The Bottom Line

The closed system pod mod market is so competitive right now, but I think the Vladdin is one of the best available. It has a nice smooth draw, produces really good flavor all from a compact, stylish, lightweight device. It was a little let down by its limited pod flavor options, but now that you can purchase open pods and use your own liquid, it makes it an even better choice.

Vladdin Pod System Kit- 350mah-3


·         Dimensions: 19x11x90.3mm

·         Output voltage: 3.5V

·         Battery capacity: 350mAh

·         Pod capacity: 1.5ml

·         Maximum output: 12W

·         Magnetic pod connection

·         4 available flavors: Northern Tobacco, VCT Tobacco, Ice Tobacco and Mint Tobacco

In the Box

·         Vladdin battery

·         1.5ml 1.8% nicotine Northern Tobacco flavor pod

·         USB cable

·         User manual

Design 8.9/10.0


The Vladdin tries to walk a slightly different path compared to the traditional pod mods that resemble USB flash drives.

It not only has a flowing curvature to it which almost resembles a leaf shape when looked upon from above. It also has very distinguishable swooping curves where the pod meets the battery and on its perspex window.

The Vladdin only comes in one rather bland and generic color of dark metallic grey, and if it wasn’t for the smooth flowing curves of the device, it would be a pretty boring looking.



As mentioned above the Vladdin has pretty safe styling to it, it’s not offensive and errs more on the side of clean and simple.

Personally, I prefer sleek and modest looking devices, and I think it might slightly edge out the Phix or JUUL on that front.

One advantage it does have those other two closed systems is the absence of a proprietary charger, it uses micro USB, and the port is neatly hidden on the underside of the battery.

 Vladdin Pod System Kit- 350mah-5

Build Quality

The Vladdin does feel a little fragile compared to other pod mods, due to its incredibly light Aluminum frame.

That being said I have dropped it a couple of times, and only noticed one small chip on the coating of the device, so I think it will hold up pretty well.

The magnetic connectors of the pods and battery are adequate. They are not super strong, but they do hold the pods in place. However, you will notice a little wiggle and play with the pods, which can get annoying and may sometimes interfere with the connection (more on this later).


The Vladdin is incredibly light, so much so that you barely notice it in your hand, let alone your pocket.

It only weighs 20g with a pod connected.

This paired with its modest dimensions of 19 x 11 x 90.3mm, makes it one of the most pocket-friendly devices on the market.


The Vladdin uses ceramic coils combined with Nic Salt e-liquid inside the pods. Which is nothing new and certainly not innovative, but it is worth a mention.

Features 8.0/10.0


As with most other pod mods, the Vladdin is a simple plug and play device.

It’s draw activated, so there are no fire buttons, switches or adjustments needed.

For the most part, it responds well you draw on it. However, I did notice if the pod moves about it your mouth, it will require a more substantial draw to activate.

The Vladdin features a 350mAh internal battery, which seems to be the average for this type of device.

It also has the usual features of short circuit, low voltage and overheat protection.

 Vladdin Pod System Kit- 350mah-9


Charging couldn’t be simpler with the Vladdin is it features a micro USB port on the base of the battery, which means you don’t have to carry an annoying proprietary charger with you.

The battery is not the fastest at charging as it only charges at 0.4amps, but you could expect to charge the 350mAh battery in about an hour fully.


LED LIghts

This is where the Vladdin lets itself down a little.

The LED indicator is perfectly positioned on the front of the device and lights up white when you are activating/firing the device.

However, there’s no use of the LED as an indicator to show remaining charge level. Instead, it just flashes when the device is dead.

It would’ve been nice to have seen different colors as a gauge like on other systems.

Update: Vladdin now also sell open pods for the Vladdin, so you can use your own liquid, making it a far more universal device.

Vladdin Pod System Kit- 350mah-6

The Pods 8.4/10.0


The Vladdin pods use ceramic coils with a resistance range of 1.2 to 1.5ohm.

Each pod has a 1.5ml capacity and come with either 50mg or 18mg (TPD) nicotine level.

While this is a closed system and the pods are not suppose to be refillable, there is a way that you can prize the pod apart and refill it if you wish. But be warned you may only get a couple of refills at of each one, and it’s probably not advisable.

 Vladdin Pod System Kit- 350mah-7


The wicking of the Vladdin pods is very good.

I didn’t notice any dry hits or feel like it was struggling to keep up even when I was chain vaping it.

 Vladdin Pod System Kit- 350mah-8


If you look at the base of each pod, you will notice that it has a small hole with a silicon membrane.

It seems like this membrane moves when you draw on the device and allows the sucking to activate the switch. This could be why I experienced a couple of non-fires with a freely moving pod.

However the main use of this membrane is to also stop any leaking of juice from the base of the pod, and it does this job excellently.

This is one of the few pod systems I’ve used that really doesn’t leak, which is great.

And I’d gladly trade off a couple of minor non-fires for a pod that doesn’t leak and therefore will not auto-fire like some others on the market.


The 1.5ml capacity in conjunction with the ceramic coils utilized leads to the Vladdin pods having a pretty good lifespan.

I’d go as far as to say it’s on par with the MLV Phix, which was lasting almost 3 times longer than a JUUL pod.

So I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the longevity of the pods, especially if manage to hack them and refill them.


Flavor Range

So far so good for the Vladdin pod system.

Unfortunately, it becomes a little underwhelming when it comes to the flavor range. They have partnered with Salt NIX to provide the eliquid, and while they are decent flavors, they are not extremely varied.

Currently, there are only 4 flavor pods available for the Vladdin, which are: Ice, Northen, VCT, and Mint.

Here’s a quick rundown of each:



It has a slight cool sensation to it, but not a mint or menthol, however, tobacco is still the most prominent flavor.



Quite an understated tobacco flavor with an almost nutty taste – a smooth and gentle tobacco.



The best of the bunch, rich creamy vanilla as the main flavor, with a slight undertone of tobacco (the least tobacco of the lot).



Slightly less strong on the tobacco compared to ice, but it’s still the main flavor with a nice kick of mint coming through.

The underlying theme here is all of these flavors are tobacco based. Some are a lot more prominent than I would naturally want. However for someone coming from smoking, which is exactly who this device is aimed at, then they should enjoy these. I just hope they come out with a more expansive range.

Performance 9.0/10.0


Despite the few minor hiccups I had with a couple of the pods moving a little too freely when connected and not always firing on the draw, the performance of the Vladdin system is very good.

It’s unquestionably in the upper end of closed pod mod systems available right now.


The airflow of Vladdin is really similar to that of the MLV Phix, which is slightly tighter and smoother than the JUUL.

It is a perfect mouth to lung vape, and as always when using Nic Salt based liquids, the throat hit and nicotine delivery are perfectly balanced.

I think most smokers and vapers that like a fairly tight draw will be happy with the Vladdin’s airflow.



The flavor produced by the Vladdin pods is actually excellent. It’s a nice clean flavor, which is probably down to the ceramic coils.

The only thing is I just wished the flavors were a little more varied, and a little less tobacco based.

However, if you are a tobacco fan, then you are are going to love the clean consistent flavor these pods produce.


Battery Life

Having an internal 350mAh battery is ample for such a small and light pod mod, and the battery life is a little better than you’d expect. Again probably due to the high own ceramic coils.

However, charging is not the fastest, but at least you can use any micro USB cable.


·         Sleek design

·         Extremely light

·         Good build quality

·         Large liquid level window

·         Good lifespan of pods

·         Pods wick perfectly & hit consistently

·         Smooth MTL draw

·         No leaking

·         Decent battery life


·         Some pods have a little movement while connected

·         Not the most diverse flavor range

·         A little pricey


The Vladdin pod system has taken me a little by surprise; I wasn’t quite expecting it to rival the Phix or the JUUL.

However, I think it’s performance is on par with the Phix and I actually prefer it’s lightweight and more compact and curvy form.

There’s also the added bonus of being able to see more of your remaining liquid level, and it not requiring a proprietary charger.

It’s just a shame that the current flavor range is all tobacco based, and the only one of them I really enjoyed was the VCT. Hopefully, through their collaboration with Salt NIX, they will release some more fruity flavors.

Update: Vladdin now also sell open pods for the Vladdin, so you can use your own liquid, making it a far more universal device. BUY NOW






The Pods





The closed system pod mod market is so competitive right now, but I think the Vladdin is one of the best available. It has a nice smooth draw, produces really good flavor all from a compact, stylish, lightweight device. It was a little let down by its limited pod flavor options, but now that you can purchase open pods and use your own liquid, it makes it an even better choice.