Vladdin Full Pod System Kit Experience

Speaking of pod system products, we are no longer unfamiliar with them. This type of product is characterized by convenience and daily life, and can be used as a smoke-free experience. Today it is also a new experience to share a pod system product-Vladdin.


Vladdin’s packaging is very common. The use of a simple carton packaging, which contains instructions, charging lines , battery and a pod.

pod system kit packaging


The appearance maintains the "pen" style of the vape pen, which is similar to the JUUL from the color matching of the outer casing. However, the cartridges are oblique cuts. The design of the wave shell and the indicator light, and the workmanship and texture are very good.

vladdin pod system kit shape


The leaf-like cut surface has more styling. Because of the caliber problem, the cartridge installation must be inserted in the specified direction. This magnetic link is very common in pod system products. The bottom USB interface and the conventional electronic cigarette charging cable are universal and convenient for going out.

Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions

vladdin battery usb


Vladdin combines the electric shock with the magnetic attraction point, and the two clicks and the position of the air hole in the middle are quite clear. A cartridge with a capacity of 1.5 ml can be used for three to four days. It’s especially worth mentioning that there is no leakage after using this cartridge three times.

How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod?            

vladdin pod cartridges


The introduction says that vladdin uses a ceramic core. When it is used, the throat feel is not strong, the entrance is relatively smooth, and the degree of reduction is not bad.The clouds are moderate and the equipment is relatively small and can be used at any time. It’s ideal for users with a soft taste or primary smokers.

What are the advantages of ceramic core?