What Is Your Favorite E-Liquids?

The blowout phenomenon of nicotine salt e-liquids has just emerged, and waves of new products have entered the user's field of vision. If the birth of e-cigarettes changed the fate of millions of smokers around the world, the emergence of nicotine salt e-liquids extended the selection for smokers. Different from traditional nicotine e-liquids, People will feel more comfortable inhalation and dispelling when used nicsalt e-juice. It is suitable for low-power equipment to achieve the advantages of quick addiction and small vapor without disturbing others.

The development of nicotine salt smoke oil is rapid, and various methods of using tobacco for smoking and smoking cessation have prompted more targeted devices to be born. However, before this big classification is often not clearly popularized, novice players should pay attention to the application of nicotine salt smoke oil. In the case of ordinary finished large smoke equipment, in addition to excessive power and damage to the smell of smoke, there may be physical discomfort of nicotine overload.

What is nicotine salt, Does vladdin contains nicotine salt?