Vape Tricks Experience Sharing: How To Make Jellyfish

Vape Tricks Experience Sharing: How To Make Jellyfish 


In vapetricks videos, you can see a lot of tricks. Vapers can create many different vape rings by controlling their breath and changing the shape of the mouth. It's fascinating and allures others to imitate too. The vape jellyfish is a very common but very difficult trick. Today we’ll show you how to do jellyfish. Here we go.


To prepare

You need an e-cigarette, the bigger the power is, the more cloud it can blow out and the friendlier it is to play with. Besides, eliquids is an important element too. Choose eliquids with a higher VG. Higher VG has a softer laryngeal feel and can produce a lot of clouds, but higher VG intake tends to cause dry mouth and thirst. You also need to prepare a glass of water.

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What is the principle of jellyfish?

When we blow the O out of our mouth, this O will produce a kind of airflow in the running track, and this airflow will produce a vortex, and this vortex will rotate to the inside. When we add extra clouds into it. The new clouds get sucked in by the swirl and wrap around the edges of the ring, forming the shape of a jellyfish.


What are the methods?

1. The method of exhaling jellyfish is to exhale a large and complete ring and then push it by hand and follow it for a certain distance;

2. When you push the ring with your hand, it will have a relatively stable running track. When it is stable, you can put your face close to it and take a puff to send more clouds to the ring.


6 very important points

1, Jellyfish mainly depends on the ring you make. It should be round and thick. If you can do this, it’s easy for you to do jellyfish. In addition, the ring must be strong, and the forward speed needs to be fast. The vortex will be relatively small if the speed is too slow. In that case, when you add extra clouds into the ring, the jellyfish won’t be perfect.

2, The ring must be pushed out; The reason why we should push it by hand is that the clouds e-cigarette make is steam, so it's heavier than air. If you don't use your hands to control it it will go down. But don't push it up, because if you push it up you might not be able to keep up with it when you're doing a second puff to make a jellyfish;

3. When vape jellyfish, it is very important to keep your face close to the smoke ring. But you must get close to it slowly.

4, a lot of people may ask, after the first ring is ready, how can we add the second puff into it? In fact, the skill is to use the mouth to gently squeeze out the second puff to it. The action must be light rather than smoke directly into. It's best to blow enough clouds to pump up the jellyfish.

5, generally speaking, we recommend doing vape rings though mouth to lung, because the ring it makes is fuller and thicker, which produces a better jellyfish. When we only use mouth to do vape ring, it will be smaller and easy to disappear.

6, The success of the jellyfish depends a lot on the wind around you. For better results, use a black background with lighting.


You must watched a lot of videos where those vapetricksters doing perfect jellyfish. In reality, not every jellyfish they did are as perfect as the one in the videos. Because video can be edited, like shooting a movie, an action is recorded many times, and then choose the best one to show you.