The Danger Of Electronic Cigarette: Formaldehyde

After the exposure of the China's 315 CCTV broadcast, the entire e-cigarette industry was branded "unhealthy and unregulated". But is that really the case?

The results detected by the professional institutions in a very strict way (pumping 100 times) showed that the harmful substances in e-cigarettes, except nicotine, only contain formaldehyde, and the content of formaldehyde in every 100 mouths is 0.00573 mg. What is the concept? it takes about 1400 to consume the amount of formaldehyde that is taken up by one cubic meter of air. At 350 to 640 puffs per cartridge, it takes about three cartridges to breathe a cubic meter of formaldehyde, which is much safer than the formaldehyde found in many foods, like mushrooms. But in the traditional cigarette contains more than 100 kinds of harmful substances and dozens of carcinogenic substances (such as tar, carbon monoxide, etc.) have not been detected. There's also a lot of evidence to prove that e-cigarettes are actually less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but not all products are safe. so please choose to buy electronic device and e liquids with good reputation.

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The attention and supervision of the state and people on e-cigarettes is actually a positive news for this industry with limited development. Vladdin will continue to release a wide range of high-quality products with our skilled and dedicated team, ensuring our customers have a comfortable and exciting experience. 

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