So, Here Is The Full Listing Of Vladdin Items [keep updating]

So, here is the full listing of Vladdin Items [keep updating]



Vladdin Prefilled Pod System Kit

Vladdin Refillable Pod System Kit

9 Flavors Prefilled Pods (50mg)



_________________January. 2018_________________


Vladdin Prefilled Pod System Kit

Launching Time: January 2018


The VLADDIN Closed Pod System Kit is an innovative prefilled closed vaping system. Instead of refilling e- liquids into VLADDIN pod, you replace it with a new one when the e-liquids is consumed. It’s an assured way of keeping the e-liquids from being contaminated and saving you trouble filling e-liquids. 

VLADDIN uses selected US and Canadian imported nicotine salts e-liquids which is FDA approved.


Pod Capacity: 1.5ml

Resistance Range: 1.2ohm – 1.5ohm

Output Voltage: 1.5V

Charging Current: 0.2-0.4A

Battery Capacity: 350mAh

Max Output Wattage: 12W

 Closed Pod Vaping Kit


_________________May. 2018_________________

Vladdin Refillable Pod System Kit

Launching Time: May 2018


VLADDIN RE is a portable and easy to use refillable pod vaping system that achieves consistent and efficient delivery by its controlled power.   Rated top ten pod system of the year 2018 by Shenzhen IECIE, Element Vape, and DashVapes.


Refillable edition

Top-fill open pod vaping system

Magnetic connection between pod and device

Universal micro-USB charger

Patented  ceramic coil inside

Refillable Pod System Kit


Note: All prefilled pods and refillable pods could be match with Vladdin battery basic kit.


9 Flavors Prefilled Pods (50mg)

Northern Tobacco

Tobacco Premiere

Blue Raspberry

Mint Premiere

Lychee Ice

Cool Watermelon

VCT Tobacco

Ice Tobacco

Mint Tobacco

Flavors Prefilled Pods-VLADDIN



Leather Case:


PVC Shoulder Bag

Carrying Case

 Vladdin Accessories

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