2019 How About The E-Cigarette Market?

In the highly competitive e-cigarette market, e-cigarettes as an electronic product involve multiple technical fields: temperature control algorithms, thermal insulation materials and design, fast charging technology, material and design of atomizing cores, and so on. As a consumer product, all core competitiveness of e-cigarettes must focus on product taste and user experience. The key factor that really affects the taste of the product is the tobacco big data that each producer has mastered. Different brands have different combustion methods and advantages, which means that e-cigarettes have diverse characteristics.

The perfect mouthfeel can only be achieved when the smoker has the optimal heating temperature profile of the smoking article. The optimum temperature for each smoking article depends on the choice of materials and the control of the temperature technology. For the two tobacco companies, this is the core secret. Some companies use cotton and ceramics, some use heating and non-combustion technology, and so on. For example, vladdin's e cigarette material is a ceramic core with patented technology. It has better control temperature, fine mouthfeel, high degree of reduction and sufficient fog.

As a substitute for cigarettes, e-cigarettes have a greatly reduced number of toxic substances, which make them a great replacement for traditional smoking. With the growth of e-cigarettes, the output of cigarettes is also decreasing year by year.

The estimated global value of e-cigarettes in 2018 is US$16 billion. Compared with 2017, global output value has increased by 1.3 times. Compared with 2012, global output value has increased by 7.6 times.

These factors indicate that in the next few years, global e-cigarette sales will enter a new development period. Industry experts believe that the product technology innovation requirements of the electronic cigarette industry will become more and more important in the context of increasingly refined industry regulatory policies and increasing access thresholds. The improvement of government management mechanisms for e-cigarettes and the implementation of policies also have a certain impact on the development of e-cigarettes. How will the future of e-cigarettes develop? We will wait and see.