FAQ Part 3 Of Vladdin

1. How long can a pod and battery last?

 Each full pod can last 450 puffs equal to two packs of cigarettes. When the flavor is not good as before it means you need to change a new pod . In order to maintain the best vaping experience and flavor, each pod is recommended to be refilled 3 times. The battery can be recharged about 300 times,battery life more than 1 year.


 2. How long it will take for a battery full charge?

 Vladdin is equipped with fast charging technology, which can be fully charged in 30 minutes to 40 minutes. It can last 300 puffs after fully charged, which can meet the normal use of the day.


3. Is that normal for I feel very throaty and spicy when my first time vaping?

 When using the first time, you should take a small amount of mouth into the lungs, and then get used to the taste of Vladdin and then slowly change to the normal cigarette smoking method; if you can not get used to the nicotine content of 5 percentage of the prefilled pods, it is recommended to change into 1.8percentage pods.


4, Why there’s no vapor when the pods load on the battery?

 You may meet a poor contact. Generally, this situation is caused by foreign matter or condensate at the interface. Please wipe the bottom of the pod and the interface of the battery with the tissue. It will work.

5. Why there’s condensate in the battery after I vape a few days? How to deal with it?

 Because Vladdin uses heat to atomize the e-juice, it is normal for the tube to generate condensate during cooling. If there is condensate in the pipe, use a tissue to roll into a toothpick and extend into the pipe to clean the condensate.


 6. Why I take a bit of e-liquid after I get off the plane and vape with Vladdin?

 Because the air pressure causes the condensate or e-liquid enter the pipe. After getting off the plane, the first thing is to use a tissue to roll into the toothpick and clean the condensate inside.


7. When the battery need to be charged?

 In normal use, the indicator led light of Vladdin is always bright during vaping. When the indicator light flashes continuously while you vaping indicated that the battery is in low power and needs to be charged in time.


8. Does we often feel that the mouth is dry while using Vladdin?

 The composition of Vladdin prefilled pod is mainly vegetable glycerin. It is absorbed by the human body and takes away moisture. It is easy to produce dry mouth. Just intake water as normal after use. It is a normal phenomenon and there is no need to worry.

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