Detailed information about the kush pod-Vladdin

Detailed information about the vladdin kush pod


Product information

Vladdin kush pod, made for CBD& THC Oils. Patented C-Cell for full flavor vaping. Specially designed for your personal needs. Fill your pod/cartridge with concentrated cannabis oil (CO2, live resin, distillate) as instructed. Insert the pod/cartridge into the device and refill when needed.


Main features

Made specifically for CBD & THC Oils.

Stylish and compact design

Powerful ceramic coil technology

detail information about the kush pod 

Product Usage

This product contains an empty refillable concentrated cannabis oil pod which is designed for use with the vladdin battery only. This product when filled with concentrated cannabis oil should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight in order to prevent leakage.


How to fill

In order to minimize leakage, please pay attention to the following instructions when filling your pods.

how to fill kush pod vladdin

detail information about the refill kush pod


Cannabis oil spill and disposal

In case of a spill during the filling of your pod, wipe up the spill with a damp cloth. Rise the cloth thoroughly with running water until oils have diluted.



This package contains cannabis, a schedule 1 controlled substance. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Cannabis may only be possessed or consumed by persons 21 years of age or older unless the person is a qualified patient. Cannabis use while pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful. Consumption of cannabis impairs your ability to drive and operate machinery. please use extreme caution.