Can Vladdin E Cigarette Be Brought On A Plane?

Is it permissible to carry e-cigarettes by air or high-speed rail?

There are currently no rules restricting passengers from carrying e-cigarettes on board, but the following points need to be noted: The battery of the e-cigarette needs to be carried with you, cannot be checked with the baggage, and if it is a built-in battery, you must carry the entire device with you.

Take a closer look at whether there is clear information on the battery, such as voltage, MA number, etc. If not, you can print a small label and paste it on the battery according to the actual capacity and voltage of the battery for easy inspection.Vladdin Battery Capacity is 350mAh, and Maximum Output Wattage is 12. Vladdin battery base kit boarding the plane is no problem.

Before going on the plane, it is best to pour the smoke oil in the nebulizer clean. Because of the air pressure issues, some oil storage atomizers will experience leakage. If you don't want to pour out the smoke, wrap the device in paper towels or plastic bags to prevent contamination of your backpack pocket or storage bag.

Some flights require that individuals must not carry liquids that exceed 100 ml, so if you carry a large amount of smoke, please consciously choose to check it.

Now with airport security improving its the awareness of e-cigarettes, basic e-cigarette access is easier. As long as the rules are followed with the inspection, I believe that we can carry e-cigarettes smoothly through security.