What's The Difference Between E-Cigarettes And Smoking

Although e-cigarettes can be used as a substitute for cigarettes, they are fundamentally different.

Cigarettes rely on smoke from the burning of tobacco, while e-cigarettes are steam formed by heating the oil. Although the e liquid contains nicotine, but there is no tar, no burning, so no carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, from the smoke form or smoke composition, there is a difference between the two. In terms of taste, because of the lack of tar and carbon monoxide, e-liquid does not have the rich mouth feel of cigarettes, it only can get more flavor through the adjustment of flavor, but they are also enough to meet the needs of tobacco addiction. The raw materials, ingredients and ratios of different brands of electronic liquids will also be different. Their have outstanding characteristics: strong sense of hierarchy, compound taste, good liquidity and diversified taste. Therefore, each type of electronic liquid brings us a different feeling. The e-cigarette device on the market, different atomizers, heating wire, power, resistance, etc can cause changes in the taste. Therefore, in terms of taste, e-cigarettes can not achieve the same taste as cigarettes, and can only approach and simulate the "feeling" of smoking, and extend a lot of taste and play.

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