5 Unique Christmas Gifts to Surprise your family and friends

5 Unique Christmas Gifts to Surprise your family and friends


Christmas comes into the corner. Choosing gifts would be the pain point for most of us.

How to pick up the right one from tons of choices to surprise them? Here is the gift guide for you.

To Lady:

Christmas gift

No1: Jo Malone candles

Some would say that makes them boring — an un-creative present that's lacking in the personal touch. I say there's a reason this gift has stood the test of time, and that reason is precise that everyone loves candles, but no one loves having to spend their own money on candles.

Candles are the most classic gift of all time. It is the best gift if you don’t know what to prepare.

Christmas gift-2

No2: Silk Pajamas

There’s something so glamorous — and comfortable — about the idea of slipping into silk just to go to bed. But for most people, an old T-shirt and ratty (but beloved) soft pants do the job of pajamas just fine, and venturing into the world of matching silk sets can be intimidating.

To Man:

Airpods Pro

No1: Airpods Pro

Apple’s latest wireless AirPods headphones come with impressive noise-canceling technology, 24-hour battery (thanks to its charging case) and comfortable, streamlined design. Maybe many friends already get in the packet, but this is still a very good Christmas gift, small and practical!

Portable music speaker

No2: Portable music speaker

After years of being on both the giving and receiving the end of gift-giving, we can all agree there’s nothing better than a practical gift you’ll actually use – rather than something you'll just stuff in a drawer for the next 12 months. 

And there’s nothing more practical for audiophiles and music lovers than a great pair of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. 

You might want to check they haven’t already invested in something similar first, but even if they’ve got a brand new home cinema system with best-in-class audio, if they love listening to music then chances are they’re still going to find a place in their home for a cool smart speaker, or put a new pair of headphones to good use at the gym. 


OK maybe you have a smoker in your life and you’re desperate to help them quit – what could be better than a vape kit as a present!

Christmas is a bit of a stressy time for many and maybe not the best few days to pack up smoking – you know what I mean lol.

But if the smoker in your life makes a resolution to quit every year that lasts until the twelfth chime – maybe a decent starter kit will get them cutting down or even quitting for good.

Of course, e-cigarette gifts aren’t just for Christmas!