3.8 International Women's Day-Vladdin

The annual 3.8 international women's day is here. We'd like to thank all our female employee for their hard work, you really are the best!

On the job, you are active, motivated and responsible. You work overtime every day and devote yourselves to the work wholeheartedly. You develop the best scheme for improving product performance and improve quality service. In daily life, you are beautiful, fashionable, confident, tolerant, full of spirit, with good cultivation and temperament, so that you can work in a happy, enterprising atmosphere. Vladdin appreciate all your efforts and sweat.

Therefore, we prepared a rose for each of them, may they always be young, beautiful, gentle and generous. A gift bag, so that they have their own small snacks and small gifts. And most importantly, half day off so they can celerate it freely. The perfect future waits for us to create together. Finally, from the bottom of our heart, we want to wish you a very happy international women's day!

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