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  1. After Receiving Vladdin What Did They Talk About?

    After Receiving Vladdin What Did They Talk About?

    After Receiving Vladdin What Did They Talk About?   Hello Vapor Fams,   This month we teamed up with Vapouround to send 1,000 free boxes including vladdin to Vapouround memberships. Let’s see what they talk about after receiving it.   What did they share on Instagram? What're their opinions?   Thank you all for the Review on vladdin!!!   Who is Vapouround: Vapouround is a International bi-monthly trade magazine for the vaping community!                              What is Vapouround Club Box: This is a free box available to anyone over 18 who can verify they work within the vape industry. This free pack contains up to four items and is available to the first 1,000 members who sign up online.
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  2. What's the Opinion on Vladdin from Vapouround?

    What's the Opinion on Vladdin from Vapouround?

    Hello VaporFams, Today I would like to share an article review from Vapouround with you. Vapouround is a top UK B2B Vape magazine attending events worldwide. If you have any question welcome to comment below or email us freely. Last but not least, our Chrismas Lucky Wheel is live on our website now. Let's spin it and win. ------Marketing Dpt from Vladdinvapor 
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  3. How Does Vladdin Re Vape Device Work

    How Does Vladdin Re Vape Device Work

    The Vladdin RE pod system’s unique curved metal body along with it’s nozzle and comfortable feel is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of the device. There is a small viewing window on the pod which will allow you to know how much e-juice is left. The small window is just right and integrates perfectly with the battery. In fact, I think if I had to use a word to describe Vladdin, the word would be “elegant”. This elegance shows that the company must have spent a lot of time and energy on the design of the device.  To use the Vladdin RE, just remove the magnetic pod from the top of the battery housing, remove the black rubber stopper, fill with e-juice and then close it back up and insert the pod into the sleeve. The pod and battery share distinct curves which creates one way for the pod to be correctly inserted. When inserted correctly you will feel the magnets that connect the pod and battery. If inserted incorrectly, it is very easy to tell and easy to fix, just flip the pod over and insert. It is very easy to install.  When the pod is filled and the battery is charged, you can start vaping. Vladdin RE does not have a push button, therefore the device is automatically suction activated. Once you start vaping Vladdin, you will notice the LED on the outside of the battery light up white and you will hear the internal ceramic coils start to work.  Personally, I am not vaping Vladdin all day because I prefer a dual battery box mod, so I can’t judge whether the battery is good or bad. The amount of battery depends directly on how often you vape the device, but I personally think that 7 to 8 hours of battery life is quite reasonable for beginners or the occasional vaper.  All in all, I have been using Vladdin for 8 days. To be honest, I am not a big fan of Mouth to Lung, but Vladdin is much better than I expected. In the past week, I have used it mainly when I was driving and working, which is quite satisfying. For everyday use it’s really convenient, and it also produces a very satisfying throat hit. This really surprised me because I didn’t expect such a small device to delivery so nicely. I especially didn’t foresee the performance of the device.  
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  4. Best e cig starter kit for beginners_Vladdin re review

    Best e cig starter kit for beginners_Vladdin re review

    Author:Par Jean The Vladdin pod system is available in two versions, including the Vladdin Kit and Vladdin RE starter kit , meaning “RE-fillable”. The Vladdin Kit includes a closed system pod with nicotine salt. Here, the second option Vladdin RE starter kit, will be tested using the refillable pod and our favorite e-liquid. Simple Unpack and start using, this device is not only easy to use but also easy to maintain. There is no button (it automatically triggers when you vape it) and there is no resistance change. On one side there is the charging port which I used to charge the device, and on the other end is where the pod sits, which I filled with e-liquid. Since this is the refillable version, it is necessary to fill before vaping, and the filling process is not complicated. Remove the pod from the battery and remove the black suction nozzle. Then remove the top silicon cap and you’ll find three holes. According to the instructions, the filling is done on one of two holes: one is for filling the liquid and the other is for letting the air escape. The middle hole is the suction hole and therefore you do not want to get e-liquid in it. When the filling is completed, re-install the silicon cap and the top black suction nozzle. I had several other empty pods on reserve so I filled them all with my favorite e-liquids. I then put them upside down, put them in my car, in the direct sunlight, etc., only to find that none of them leaked, which made me very happy. Elegant and Lightweight Vladdin re starter kit only weighs 18 grams and it can fit into a pen bag or pocket. It’s so light I sometimes forgot it was present. It’s very pleasing to the eye, the battery and pod blends perfectly together. This is all thanks to the design, which incorporated a pencil shape and considered the overall feeling: the body is anodized aluminum and feels comfortable. In the middle, an oval LED indicates the battery and operation status. The Vladdin uses a wave shape design which meets the needs of the lips and hands without any discomfort. The overall shape gives the feeling of elegance and comfort. There’s a micro USB plug on the bottom of the device that fully charges within an hour, and it can be vaped while charging... but I wouldn’t recommend it. There are a total of 4 refillable pods in one pod pack, which need to be replaced after every 3 to 5refills depending on which e-liquid you’re using. When you feel the strength of the vape has declined or the taste has changed, it is time to replace the pod.  A Nice Vape  Vladdin RE starter kit can be vaped directly , which creates a feeling very close to the strength of smoking cigarettes. The automatic trigger is very well adjusted, so there is no force needed to activate the device when vaping. It produces a satisfying amount of vapor, roughly twice the amount of a cigarette. The taste is very good, and the impact on the throat is mild and gentle, it isn’t too aggressive and doesn’t create irritation. The taste and impact of the device is slightly softer when compared to other similar devices, so its better for those who don’t like a big hit and have no problem using it on a daily basis. However, it is not enough for those who want a big hit that will give them a buzz.  The 350 mAh battery provides a reasonable range of more that 120 sucks, equivalent to more than a dozen cigarettes. For this price point, I would say the cost performance ratio is great.  Package Review  Vladdin comes in a white box containing a USB charging cable that can be used to charge on a computer or any other USB outlet.  Summary Vladdin is available in two versions: one is the prefilled pod kit and the other is the refillable pod kit. The battery used in each kit is unchanged and interchangeable, therefore you can buy according to your personal needs. Personally, I prefer the refillable version because it is more economical and better suits my personal needs... Compared to other more powerful mods, this device has less vapor. This product is best suited for everyday users and for those who don’t desire a big vape cloud.
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  5. Vladdin Vape Review_ From Old Reddit

    Vladdin Vape Review_ From Old Reddit

    Today I’d like to introduce Vladdin. Vladdin is a draw activated closed pod system using a 1.5ml pod. Although the device was provided by Vladdin for this review, it will not affect my ability to provide a completely honest review. It can be purchased directly from Vladdin for $36.90 or at may popular retailers. It is available with TPD compatible 18mg and 50mg versions. Both versions use nic salt. Pods are sold in packs of 2 or 4 pods, with four flavours to choose from. There is VCT(vanilla custard tobacco), Tobacco Ice, Peppermint Tobacco, and Salt NIX Northern Tobacco, which is included with the device. There is also a variety pack available which contains one pod of each flavor. Vladdin comes in a rectangular gray box. The front features an upraised picture of the device, a jumbo nicotine warning, a few bullets that highlight features like the magnetic connectors, a sticker in what I assume to be Chinese, another sticker that has the pod flavor and strength in the upper left corner, and Vladdin printed in a reflective foil inside of a black circle. There’s also a glossy pattern that looks like somebody went crazy with a Spirograph around the black circle, overlapping the top and side of the box wrapping on to the back. On the left side of the box it reads Vladdin in black, directory listings, and some of the Spirograph work. On the right side is the black Vladdin branding again and a bar code sticker. The top just has Vladdin in black. On the bottom is a bar code sticker and a black box with the production batch number and pod expiration date. Turn it over and you’ll find another big nicotine warning label. The device is also briefly described in the book, listing basic juice ingredients and nicotine warnings in five languages. Below the block of text is some contact information, country of origin information, and a few warning pictograms. Package photo Inside the box is a sliding plastic tray with individual parts, including the Vladdin, USB cable, and pod. The pod itself is in an aluminum foil sealed plastic container. All the documents are under the tray. There is a quick launch guide, warning guide and a warranty card.  box Vladdin is a slender “stick” shaped pod system with a metal frame. While most images known to the public, including the common packaging and online availability mostly features the black color, the units I received are definitely the black chrome color. Instead of using tabs, Vladdin uses magnets to hold the pods in place. The pod only fits when matching the designed angles of both the pod and the battery. The USB charging port can be found at the bottom of the device. There’s a bright white LED on the front of the Vladdin, which glows when you draw and flickers to remind you of certain battery conditions, such as charging, full, or dead batteries. It is difficult to describe the overall shape of the device. It bulges in the center and gradually thins, with a narrow edge on either side. One side bends toward you, while the other end bends away from you. Photos of equipment The pod and equipment are identical in shape. The top of the lip on the pod is black and the rest of it is transparent. A curved transparent window on one side of the upper half of the pod helps you monitor the current liquid level of the pod. The top of the pod is tilted to match the angle of the device, and the bottom is slightly narrow to fit the pod inside the device. When you first open the pod, there is a small silicon plug in the mouth of the pod that needs to be removed. If you want to use the plug as a pocket plug, it can easily be reinserted. In addition, there is a color-coded hard plastic cup which covers the bottom of the pods. The colors are coordinated with the flavors of e-liquid. On the bottom of the pod there is a sticker covering the air hole that needs to be removed before usage. The contacts on the bottom of the pod appear to be gold plated. Photos of pods The magnetic contact system works well. If you swing the pod back and forth, there’s a little give, but it’s firmly anchored. Like any pod system I’ve used, the bottom contact/air inlet area appears to have a little bit of leakage. In most cases, it remained fairly dry, with only minimal juice loss concentrated where the bottom of the pod sits, but a few times when I pulled the pods out, I found them to be fully soaked in juice, both on the sides as well as the bottom. I haven’t found any random juice on my hands or on the outside of the equipment. It all seems to stay within the device itself and relatively clean. It’s worth noting that if you’re one of those people who’re afraid of ceramics, this pod uses ceramic coils. I couldn’t find too much sold resistance and Vladdin claims the resistance is 1.2 to 1.5 ohms. The battery is only 350mAh, but it seems to have good battery life. At full charge, I can kill almost the entire pod, with only a little bit remaining by the time the battery dies. Vapor output is significantly decreased once the battery life goes below half. LEDs don’t show battery life very well, in fact it doesn’t change color, flash, or show any sign of current battery power. It only darkens slightly as it decreases. The light flashes when you unplug or plug it in, when the battery is full, or the battery is dead. If you need to get your fix while its charging, you can vape it while charging. The charging speed isn’t the fastest but it also isn’t too slow, I would say it is more in the middle,of charging speeds. It’s easy to use. Once you open your pod you can begin vaping. For pod systems, the draw is pretty tight but it feels good. It’s okay to include the salt NIX Northern Tobacco pod, but it’s nothing worth writing about. I’ve definitely tried better, but it’s not bad. Equipment with the pod If you are looking for a JUUL alternative closed pod system, this may be the one for you. I really like the design. It’s stylish and sophisticated. In my opinion, it’s more refined and mature than many other pod systems. I like the magnetic connection and this one holds tight, so there is no need to worry about the pod slipping out. You don’t have to force the pods in and out like some other pod systems. I wish the LEDs were less bright and more useful. In my opinion an LED diffuser would not only help treat the brightness but would also increase visual appeal. Turning the LED lights on while drawing may be “cool”, but it’s not very useful and I would rather the LED display battery life. I also want to see the pods get a little thinner at the mouth. It’s not uncomfortable and is actually very easy to draw, but a little more taper on either end would make it even easier to draw and allow for the lips to create a tighter seal. I’m still not completely sold on the idea of closed pod systems simply based on availability. With Vladdin, you can’t just have an “oh shit” moment and run to the gas station to buy more pods. The device should also offer more flavor options. The four current flavors may be somewhat FDA approved, but this definitely limits the selection of flavors, and in return limits marketability and desirability for me.
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  6. Vladdin re Vape pod system Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

    Vladdin re Vape pod system Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

    Review: The Breakdown Whenever a new pod system device comes out, people tend to compare it to JUUL, and we can’t blame them because JUUL was the first to release such an innovative pod-system, which is great. This new device called Vladdin is from a newer company. The pod system looks very similar to JUUL and other pod-style devices on the market. In the end, I believe that we, consumers, are always winners because we have all these choices. We’re not limited to just a few product choices. You can check out Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape buyer’s guide for information on all e-cigarettes. Product advantages 350 mAh battery capacity Optional pre-filled and re-filled pod Ceramic coil technology Defects of product Airflow is not adjustable  Build Quality We’ve seen a lot of pod style devices in the past, and Vladdin pod systems are one of the many. Each pod system usually has a compact and light, rectangular design when looking viewing from the front, but this Vladdin pod system has a slightly sharp edge that makes it look thinner from the side.  This device has an interesting design choice that makes the whole device smoother and more ergonomic, making it feel good to hold in the hand. As a pod-system device, it doesn’t have any unnecessary buttons or screen displays, it just has a battery life indicator on the front and a micro-USB port on the bottom.  The inclusion of a micro-USB port was a good decision for Vladdin, as many vapers are often complaining about the need for specific charging units for other pod system devices. Almost everyone has a micro-USB cable, making the choice for a micro-USB charger a fantastic decision, it allows for the Vladdin to easily charge.  Vladdin has a built in 350 Milliampere battery, which is quite normal, and it has a maximum watt output of 12 watts, which is plenty for a good pod device. The pods are magnetic and you get one of them with the kit. Interestingly enough, Vladdin has to pod options, one pre-filled and one refillable.  Pre-filled pods, like any other closed system already have the e-liquid inside and all you do is replace the whole pod when yours is finished, then replace it with a new pod. Refillable pods, as the name suggests, can be filled with whatever liquid you want. However, you still need to eventually replace the pods when the coils get worn.  If you’re hesitant and don’t know which kit to buy, don’t worry because both pods are compatible with the base itself. Pre-filled pods and refillable pods can be purchased separately. It’s always good to have options, because some vapers don’t want to be limited to the prefilled liquid options. Most of the time, having refillable pods will save you money in the long run, in contrast to buying prefilled pods.  Vapor quality The pre-filled and refillable pods have a ceramic coil inside, which is patented by Vladdin. The ceramic coil has a resistance between 1.2 and 1.5 ohms, with wattage as high as 12 watts. The advantage of ceramic coils is that they are the best low-powered options for heating components, such as pod cartridges.  Ceramic coils can withstand higher temperatures than most coils, and they produce more vapor with less power. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for low wattage, as they can save battery life without compromising flavor and vapor quantity, allowing for a great experience.  The Vladdin pod system is air driven, which means it’s automatic, you just take a puff and it produces vapor as if smoking a regular cigarette. It’s air flow is not adjustable, which is unfortunate, but you can still do mouth to lung or direct lung resistance because the air flow is not too tight or too loose.   Design If you want a simple e-cigarette life and choose the prefilled kit, you have four different flavor options and two different nicotine strength options. The flavor options include vanilla milk tobacco, iced tobacco, mint tobacco and norther tobacco. You can also choose whether you want 18 milligrams or 50 milligrams of nicotine.  Portability The bar style design automatically makes it one of the most compact vaporizers on the market. It is only 112 millimeters tall, 19 millimeters wide and 11 millimeters thick.  It’s slightly larger than JUUL, but it’s still super compact and ergonomic, making it a perfect vaping device when you’re out. You’ll have no problem storing it or putting it in your pocket.   Conclusion The Vladdin pod system kit is a great new starter vaporizer to help beginners quit smoking. It’s really impressive that a new company was able to produce such a good pod system. I am very sure that if their product quality is consistent, they will become a well-known brand.  Choosing a replaceable pod is also a big advantage, considering the lack of in the market. It’s patented ceramic coil technology does the job, and overall, I like the construction quality of the device and vape quality. If you’re a novice looking for starter kits or if you just want a compact system for your nicotine fix, the Vladdin pod system is a good buy.
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  7. Vladdin re pod vape revew by  TVRPE BLOG

    Vladdin re pod vape revew by TVRPE BLOG

    AUTHOR:TVAPE CANADA Vladdin Overview Unlike most pod systems, Vladdin has a unique design that enables the user to have a comfortable and sturdy grip when using. Color options are limited but there is more than just black. The Vladdin is alluring and subtle in design, and while it may not be easy to tell from a distance, up close you can tell that a lot of thought has been put into it. Vladdin’s overall design and craftsmanship is great. The combination of ABS plastic, aluminum, and PCTG for the pod, creates a great balance of comfort and performance. To put simply, it’s lightweight and manages to never feel cheap when holding it in hand. Other devices will often compromise the robustness when creating a lightweight system. While others may lean towards a heavier design to impersonate luxury and durability. Vladdin has managed to create a product in the sweet spot, which I have found to be rare.   Manufacturing Vladdin uses a familiar design which utilizes a magnetic connection between the pod and body for a quick and easy swapping of pods. Each pod is made with PCTG plastic which makes it completely environmentally friendly. The PCTG material used also ensures that no fragments contaminate the e-liquid, effectively making it very safe to vape. The exclusion of glass pods makes the whole device lighter, more durable, and easier to use, cementing it’s position as a promising contender in the portable device market.   Flavor Unlike Bo One, which provides the customer with pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, Vladdin offers more options. The Vladdin has refillable pods, which allows any user to choose their own liquid. If someone likes having prefilled pods, Vladdin has thought of that as well. The Vladdin team definitely put time and consideration into selecting a very nice variety of e-liquid flavors for consumers to choose from, so nobody has to tire of the same flavor. Whatever your personal preferences may be, one of the flavors Vladdin offers is sure to meet your fancy.   Power The Vladdin operates similar to other basic pod-style devices, therefore there isn’t much to expect in terms of alternate vaping modes or advanced features. However, this doesn’t mean that the device lacks in capability, it is one of the few pod systems that can vaporize electronic liquids as well as oils. Yes, you heard me correctly. If you get the Vladdin refillable pods, you don’t only get a portable e-cigarette but you also get an easy to use and lightweight vaporizer for your favorite oils. Vladdin also offers basic low voltage and short circuit protection, a nice safety option for absolute beginners.   Easy Usage Whether you prefer your own e-liquids or the flavors Vladdin offers, Vladdin is an easy to use kit, even for those that are a little less technically inclined. The magnetic connection makes it easy to take out and replace pods. If you pick up the refillable pods, the filling process is simple. All you have to do is take off the top cap and remove the silicon stopper, then fill with your favorite juice. Vladdin can easily rival pod-like devices like Pax Juul in terms of practicality. Just rest the device on your lips and take a puff. Vladdin uses the built-in air sensor to start the device, making it button-less and essentially hands free.
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  8. Vladdin RE Review:Is It Worth Purchasing?

    Vladdin RE Review:Is It Worth Purchasing?

    Author:Dave Kriegel Introduction Vladdin is a fast growing company and although they originally started with a closed pod system, things are changing. Now, Vladdin has released an additional refillable pod option that also uses ceramic heating to extend the usage timeline. The battery is charged via mirco-usb at 350 mAh.Vladdin RE is designed specifically for nic salt, but can also be used with regular e-juice. It has a light and stylish design that makes it easy to carry. I’ve tested some pod systems with ceramic coils before, but was never fully satisfied. Let’s see what Vladdin RE has to offer... Colors: Black, Gold, Rainbow, Titanium (Dark Chrome) Product Specifics, Content, Quality and Design Vladdin is extremely light. It weighs only 20 grams, which is only 6 grams more than JUUL. That’s impressive, especially considering it’s dimensions. The device has futuristic curvilinear design with pointed edges and it’s ergonomic shape fits the fingers well.My Vladdin RE has an elegant charcoal matte finish, but there are still three other color variations. These options include Gold, Rainbow, and a dark Chrome. The overall construction of the device is good and solid. It’s not really a luxury device, but it definitely keeps a good balance between functionality and fashion. Although there is an LED light that signals when you’re vaping, it does not work as a battery life indicator, which is one of the device’s downsides.The refillable pod hold up to 1.5 milliliters of liquid, which is larger than a lot of other pod systems. The top cap comes off easily and with a slight pinch you can remove the silicon plug under the cap. Once you remove the plug, there are two filler holes that can be used with a unicorn bottle. Just as a heads up, things can get messy if you’re not careful, and be sure to remember to use the two side holes and not the larger hole in the middle when filling.The pods are attached to the battery using a gold-plated magnet. It doesn’t make an audible click, but it does make a strong connection and you can feel it. The liquid level detection window is pretty small, but it allows for a mouthpiece that feels good on the lips. Now, it’s time to fill the pod with oil and start vaping. Performance The Vladdin RE has a great pull similar to JUUL, but with less restriction. You can barely feel the tension when vaping. A white LED light glows when you vape it and it is self activating, so there are no need for confusing buttons. If you plan to use this as your primary device, it makes sense to buy two batteries, this way you can use one while the other charges.The device is a solid connection between the vape and pod, ideal for a nice consistent vape. In relation to it’s size, it produces a pretty good size cloud and I really like the smell I get from the ceramic coils. I tried a couple liquids including 50 mL nic salt, which provided a great throat hit and Max-VG e-juice. The Max-VG wasn’t as tasty, but at least it didn’t leave me with a dry or burning sensation. In my tests, it did best with the high-strength 50/50 mixture, but it’s nice to know that it can handle almost any other e-juice you put in it.The pods held up really well, considering I didn’t run out of liquid after a full days use. Although the battery didn’t last me all day, it can fully charge within an hour. The cutoff time seems to be a little shorter than what I’m used to, but if you’re using high-strength liquid you probably wouldn’t want to suck for a long time anyway. If you’re smoking a lower intensity liquid, you’re probably going to be ripping this thing a lot.So far, its been a week and I’m still using the same pod and I haven’t noticed a drop in the flavor. For such a small device this thing is quite impressive and it works great. Aside from the expected condensation, there was no liquid left behind, no leakage. Advantages/Disadvantages Consistent Performance No Cracking or Leaking Real MTL attraction Lightweight and Ergonomic Mirco USB Charging 1.5mL pod capacity No Battery Life Indicator The battery doesn’t last all day Not convenient for dropper bottles Sentence Overall, Vladdin RE is solid. It doesn’t require anything special and it always works. I’m actually really impressed and I can say I wasn’t expecting such good performance. For such a sturdy easy-to-use pod system, the price is a good deal.I wish the battery life was longer and there was a signal with the LED light to notify the user of a low battery. However, for a device in this price range I don’t think you’re going to find a more consistent vape. For anyone that is trying to quit or wants an easy-to-use replaceable pod systems, I would highly recommend Vladdin.  
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  9. Best Refillable Pod Mod---Review by Happy Vaper

    Best Refillable Pod Mod---Review by Happy Vaper

    Best Refillable Pod Mod Review By -happy vaper   In the last article, “Best Pod System for THC/CBD E Juice,” we took a look at the Asmodus Flow and Vapedynamics Cora. The Flow was a prototype and had a few problems, as one would expect. The Cora was a nice first find but I took it on vacation and found myself won of MOAR! So we continued our search for the Best Refillable Pod Mod to fill even the hungriest of appetites with Wax Liquidizer infused THC E Juice. The Vladdin RE Ultra Portable The Vladdin is a 112mm long and 19mm wide refillable pod system. It uses a 350Mah battery and magnetic connections to attach the pod. It is auto draw so no buttons to deal with. The pod mod charges via Universal micro USB and has a short circuit and low voltage protection. The kit comes with a battery, 1 x pod, and a nice USB cable. The battery charges quickly and I only had to charge twice for 1 pod. It is small but delivers powerful hits! The Vladdin RE is refilled via 2 port holes in the top of the pod which is closed off by inserting a rubber plug. I always fill using a blunt nose syringe as it is small enough and mess free. Plus, the lines of measurement on the syringe help to avoid overfilling the 1.5ml pod. The top cap-mouthpiece snaps over the plugged portholes ensuring no leaks. I have carried this system in a very hot car, pocket, backpack, first aid kit and purse (not mine;) and had zero leaking. They have a proprietary ceramic coil system that looks interesting and gives great flavor. I get absolutely no spitting. There is a 5-6 second inhalation cut off which serves to prevent you from overheating the coil and juice. Keeping the Best Refillable Pod Mod cool My suggestion for operation is to follow the maker's indirect directions. In other words; take the long 5-6 second puff and then puff again after the shut off rather than 2 seconds, 2 seconds, 2 seconds over and over. Taking smaller, consecutive, non-stop hits will overheat the coil and darken the juice when the juice-level gets low. It seems to be fine when it’s filled, however. I think it has to do with how dry the juice becomes by the end of the pod coupled with too much heat. Discovered that on 4th July when many people were puffing and sharing the Vladdin. Real world testing is a must. Let me say that even though the pod was roasted by several people and the juice darkened at the end of the pod...the taste stayed great! Moreover, once I refilled the pod it stopped darkening the mix. It really is the result of too much heat and too little juice in the pod. Therefore, I would suggest keeping more than ⅓ juice level if the idea of any darkening bothers you. But it is minimal and taste remains good, as it should for the Best Refillable Pod Mod.   The Limitless Arms Ply Rock Pulse The Pulse is a great budget minded refillable pod mod. Those attracted to shiny lights and slightly larger capacity pods also will find the Pulse a good time. It is also auto draw and the battery is 380Mah with 8 watts of output. Just like the Vladdin the battery charges quickly even though I had to recharge 3 times to finish the pod. The pods are slightly larger than the Vladdin at 2ml but I would caution against filling to the top in order to avoid spillage. The pods connect to the battery by simply snapping them in. The plastic catch system on the mouthpiece feels cheap but holds it tightly to the pods. Removing the mouthpiece from the pods is a little challenging because the cheaper plastic feels like it may break if one is not careful. In fact, I broke the plastic mouthpiece trying to remove one. Attach a pod to the battery the whole system feels robust. I have had it in the same conditions as the Vladdin and no leaking. The battery/chassi is outfitted with multicolored lights which can be changed by clicking the power button 3 times to enter the mode then clicking once to cycle through the colors. You can also turn the lights off for stealth. I personally like the lights. The higher battery output is for the addition of  lights, as the vapor output is less than with the Vladdin. As with the Vladdin, the pods are filled via two portholes in the top, which are covered by a rubber plug. The plug is also very delicate. When removing be sure to remove each plug individually rather than just one and then tug on the whole thing to get the other out. The Pulse has a 10-second auto shut off to help with overheating. Though I have never felt like it gets too hot. Be sure to give the atomizer time to vaporize the juice by inhaling slowly. Fast inhales will get juice in your mouth, as it doesn’t have time to vape. Still, it isn’t spitting out burning hot juice like some other pod systems I have tried. The cloud production and taste are pretty good, especially at the price point. At the time of writing, I see them for $17.95 at Element Vape.   Pros Vladdin RE: Sturdy build, no leaking, great taste, great taste (not a typo) PLENTY of clouds, No spitback or flooding, fast universal charging, 2 recharges to finish a pod, small and discreet. Limitless Pulse: Very low price, no leaking, quick universal charging, larger capacity pods (even if it doesn’t look like it), decent taste and cloud production, small and discreet (especially since fewer clouds). Cons Vladdin RE: Though very unlikely, the pods could detach from the battery since it is only a magnetic connection. However, the pod still wouldn’t leak. Limitless Pulse: Fragile Pods (Rubber gasket, Plastic catch and mouthpiece), much lower vapor output than the Vladdin especially given its larger battery capacity and twice the time for inhalation before auto cut off.   Final Thoughts They are both great pod systems. I included them both because either would do well. However, the Vladdin is definitely a superior product. The proprietary ceramic gives great taste and no spitback. The hits are big for what it is and the price is still right at $29.99. I have filled a pod 3 times so far and it is still going strong. The battery charges quickly is universal and you must only charge twice to finish a pod. Therefore I crown the Vladding RE Ultra Portable “Best Refillable Pod Mod”! Vladdin RE - Best Refillable Pod Mod You can use code HAVA20 for 20% off! More pods are incoming. I had a problem with one and am waiting on a replacement battery. So will update on those later. Next up we’ll take a look at batteries and mods. Which is best for you? As always, thanks for reading and check back soon for more!  
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  10. Vladdin Pod Mod | Review by Vaping Vibe

    Vladdin Pod Mod | Review by Vaping Vibe

    Vladdin Pod Mod | Review An impressive closed pod mod system by Vladdin Vapor. 9 min read By Marc P  - June 5, 2018   Vladdin Pod Mod Vladdin Vapor is a new company in the industry. Their Vladdin pod mod system sees them take on some of the big brands in the closed system pod mod market. It features a 350mAh internal battery, with 1.5ml capacity pods which utilize ceramic coils. Will it be able to outperform the likes of the Phix or the JUUL? Let’s take a closer look. The Good Subtle but stylish looks, good build quality, incredibly light, no leaking and really good flavor from ceramic coil pods. The Bad Not the greatest flavor range (all tobacco based), a couple of pods had too much movement when connected. The Bottom Line The closed system pod mod market is so competitive right now, but I think the Vladdin is one of the best available. It has a nice smooth draw, produces really good flavor all from a compact, stylish, lightweight device. It was a little let down by its limited pod flavor options, but now that you can purchase open pods and use your own liquid, it makes it an even better choice. Specs ·         Dimensions: 19x11x90.3mm ·         Output voltage: 3.5V ·         Battery capacity: 350mAh ·         Pod capacity: 1.5ml ·         Maximum output: 12W ·         Magnetic pod connection ·         4 available flavors: Northern Tobacco, VCT Tobacco, Ice Tobacco and Mint Tobacco In the Box ·         Vladdin battery ·         1.5ml 1.8% nicotine Northern Tobacco flavor pod ·         USB cable ·         User manual Design 8.9/10.0   The Vladdin tries to walk a slightly different path compared to the traditional pod mods that resemble USB flash drives. It not only has a flowing curvature to it which almost resembles a leaf shape when looked upon from above. It also has very distinguishable swooping curves where the pod meets the battery and on its perspex window. The Vladdin only comes in one rather bland and generic color of dark metallic grey, and if it wasn’t for the smooth flowing curves of the device, it would be a pretty boring looking.   Style As mentioned above the Vladdin has pretty safe styling to it, it’s not offensive and errs more on the side of clean and simple. Personally, I prefer sleek and modest looking devices, and I think it might slightly edge out the Phix or JUUL on that front. One advantage it does have those other two closed systems is the absence of a proprietary charger, it uses micro USB, and the port is neatly hidden on the underside of the battery.   Build Quality The Vladdin does feel a little fragile compared to other pod mods, due to its incredibly light Aluminum frame. That being said I have dropped it a couple of times, and only noticed one small chip on the coating of the device, so I think it will hold up pretty well. The magnetic connectors of the pods and battery are adequate. They are not super strong, but they do hold the pods in place. However, you will notice a little wiggle and play with the pods, which can get annoying and may sometimes interfere with the connection (more on this later). Portability The Vladdin is incredibly light, so much so that you barely notice it in your hand, let alone your pocket. It only weighs 20g with a pod connected. This paired with its modest dimensions of 19 x 11 x 90.3mm, makes it one of the most pocket-friendly devices on the market. Innovation The Vladdin uses ceramic coils combined with Nic Salt e-liquid inside the pods. Which is nothing new and certainly not innovative, but it is worth a mention. Features 8.0/10.0   As with most other pod mods, the Vladdin is a simple plug and play device. It’s draw activated, so there are no fire buttons, switches or adjustments needed. For the most part, it responds well you draw on it. However, I did notice if the pod moves about it your mouth, it will require a more substantial draw to activate. The Vladdin features a 350mAh internal battery, which seems to be the average for this type of device. It also has the usual features of short circuit, low voltage and overheat protection.   Charging Charging couldn’t be simpler with the Vladdin is it features a micro USB port on the base of the battery, which means you don’t have to carry an annoying proprietary charger with you. The battery is not the fastest at charging as it only charges at 0.4amps, but you could expect to charge the 350mAh battery in about an hour fully.   LED LIghts This is where the Vladdin lets itself down a little. The LED indicator is perfectly positioned on the front of the device and lights up white when you are activating/firing the device. However, there’s no use of the LED as an indicator to show remaining charge level. Instead, it just flashes when the device is dead. It would’ve been nice to have seen different colors as a gauge like on other systems. Update: Vladdin now also sell open pods for the Vladdin, so you can use your own liquid, making it a far more universal device. The Pods 8.4/10.0   The Vladdin pods use ceramic coils with a resistance range of 1.2 to 1.5ohm. Each pod has a 1.5ml capacity and come with either 50mg or 18mg (TPD) nicotine level. While this is a closed system and the pods are not suppose to be refillable, there is a way that you can prize the pod apart and refill it if you wish. But be warned you may only get a couple of refills at of each one, and it’s probably not advisable.   Wicking The wicking of the Vladdin pods is very good. I didn’t notice any dry hits or feel like it was struggling to keep up even when I was chain vaping it.   Leakage If you look at the base of each pod, you will notice that it has a small hole with a silicon membrane. It seems like this membrane moves when you draw on the device and allows the sucking to activate the switch. This could be why I experienced a couple of non-fires with a freely moving pod. However the main use of this membrane is to also stop any leaking of juice from the base of the pod, and it does this job excellently. This is one of the few pod systems I’ve used that really doesn’t leak, which is great. And I’d gladly trade off a couple of minor non-fires for a pod that doesn’t leak and therefore will not auto-fire like some others on the market. Longevity The 1.5ml capacity in conjunction with the ceramic coils utilized leads to the Vladdin pods having a pretty good lifespan. I’d go as far as to say it’s on par with the MLV Phix, which was lasting almost 3 times longer than a JUUL pod. So I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the longevity of the pods, especially if manage to hack them and refill them.   Flavor Range So far so good for the Vladdin pod system. Unfortunately, it becomes a little underwhelming when it comes to the flavor range. They have partnered with Salt NIX to provide the eliquid, and while they are decent flavors, they are not extremely varied. Currently, there are only 4 flavor pods available for the Vladdin, which are: Ice, Northen, VCT, and Mint. Here’s a quick rundown of each:   Ice It has a slight cool sensation to it, but not a mint or menthol, however, tobacco is still the most prominent flavor.   Northern Quite an understated tobacco flavor with an almost nutty taste – a smooth and gentle tobacco.   VCT The best of the bunch, rich creamy vanilla as the main flavor, with a slight undertone of tobacco (the least tobacco of the lot).   Mint Slightly less strong on the tobacco compared to ice, but it’s still the main flavor with a nice kick of mint coming through. The underlying theme here is all of these flavors are tobacco based. Some are a lot more prominent than I would naturally want. However for someone coming from smoking, which is exactly who this device is aimed at, then they should enjoy these. I just hope they come out with a more expansive range. Performance 9.0/10.0   Despite the few minor hiccups I had with a couple of the pods moving a little too freely when connected and not always firing on the draw, the performance of the Vladdin system is very good. It’s unquestionably in the upper end of closed pod mod systems available right now. Airflow The airflow of Vladdin is really similar to that of the MLV Phix, which is slightly tighter and smoother than the JUUL. It is a perfect mouth to lung vape, and as always when using Nic Salt based liquids, the throat hit and nicotine delivery are perfectly balanced. I think most smokers and vapers that like a fairly tight draw will be happy with the Vladdin’s airflow.   Flavor The flavor produced by the Vladdin pods is actually excellent. It’s a nice clean flavor, which is probably down to the ceramic coils. The only thing is I just wished the flavors were a little more varied, and a little less tobacco based. However, if you are a tobacco fan, then you are are going to love the clean consistent flavor these pods produce.   Battery Life Having an internal 350mAh battery is ample for such a small and light pod mod, and the battery life is a little better than you’d expect. Again probably due to the high own ceramic coils. However, charging is not the fastest, but at least you can use any micro USB cable. Likes ·         Sleek design ·         Extremely light ·         Good build quality ·         Large liquid level window ·         Good lifespan of pods ·         Pods wick perfectly & hit consistently ·         Smooth MTL draw ·         No leaking ·         Decent battery life Dislikes ·         Some pods have a little movement while connected ·         Not the most diverse flavor range ·         A little pricey Verdict The Vladdin pod system has taken me a little by surprise; I wasn’t quite expecting it to rival the Phix or the JUUL. However, I think it’s performance is on par with the Phix and I actually prefer it’s lightweight and more compact and curvy form. There’s also the added bonus of being able to see more of your remaining liquid level, and it not requiring a proprietary charger. It’s just a shame that the current flavor range is all tobacco based, and the only one of them I really enjoyed was the VCT. Hopefully, through their collaboration with Salt NIX, they will release some more fruity flavors. Update: Vladdin now also sell open pods for the Vladdin, so you can use your own liquid, making it a far more universal device. BUY NOW REVIEW OVERVIEW Design 8.9 Features 8.0 The Pods 8.4 Performance 9.0 SUMMARY The closed system pod mod market is so competitive right now, but I think the Vladdin is one of the best available. It has a nice smooth draw, produces really good flavor all from a compact, stylish, lightweight device. It was a little let down by its limited pod flavor options, but now that you can purchase open pods and use your own liquid, it makes it an even better choice. 8.6 OVERALL SCORE  
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