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  1. Vladdin Vape Review_ From Old Reddit

    Vladdin Vape Review_ From Old Reddit

    Today I’d like to introduce Vladdin. Vladdin is a draw activated closed pod system using a 1.5ml pod. Although the device was provided by Vladdin for this review, it will not affect my ability to provide a completely honest review. It can be purchased directly from Vladdin for $36.90 or at may popular retailers. It is available with TPD compatible 18mg and 50mg versions. Both versions use nic salt. Pods are sold in packs of 2 or 4 pods, with four flavours to choose from. There is VCT(vanilla custard tobacco), Tobacco Ice, Peppermint Tobacco, and Salt NIX Northern Tobacco, which is included with the device. There is also a variety pack available which contains one pod of each flavor.

    Vladdin comes

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  2. Vladdin Re New Package

    Vladdin Re New Package

    Good news!
    Vladdin packaging matters too! As you may already know, we always try our best to present the best product. But beside the product itself, we realized that the packaging is also a very important part. It should protect the product from damaging. From this point, the previous one worked well. However, it should be more than that.
    So we decided to change it. Here’s comes the new packaging.

    vladdin packagingVLADDIN RE TPD EDITION--RAINBOW 


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  3. Vladdin re Vape pod system Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

    Vladdin re Vape pod system Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

    Review: The Breakdown

    Whenever a new pod system device comes out, people tend to compare it to JUUL, and we can’t blame them because JUUL was the first to release such an innovative pod-system, which is great. This new device called Vladdin is from a newer company. The pod system looks very similar to JUUL and other pod-style devices on the market. In the end, I believe that we, consumers, are always winners because we have all these choices. We’re not limited to just a few product choices. You can check out Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape buyer’s guide for information on all e-cigarettes.

    Product advantages

    350 mAh battery capacity

    Optional pre-filled and re-filled pod

    Ceramic coil technology


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  4. Vladdin re pod vape revew by TVRPE BLOG

    Vladdin re pod vape revew by  TVRPE BLOG


    Vladdin Overview

    Unlike most pod systems, Vladdin has a unique design that enables the user to have a comfortable and sturdy grip when using. Color options are limited but there is more than just black. The Vladdin is alluring and subtle in design, and while it may not be easy to tell from a distance, up close you can tell that a lot of thought has been put into it. Vladdin’s overall design and craftsmanship is great. The combination of ABS plastic, aluminum, and PCTG for the pod, creates a great balance of comfort and performance. To put simply,

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  5. Vladdin RE Review:Is It Worth Purchasing?

    Vladdin RE Review:Is It Worth Purchasing?

    Author:Dave Kriegel


    Vladdin is a fast growing company and although they originally started with a closed pod system, things are changing. Now, Vladdin has released an additional refillable pod option that also uses ceramic heating to extend the usage timeline. The battery is charged via mirco-usb at 350 mAh.Vladdin RE is designed specifically for nic salt, but can also be used with regular e-juice. It has a light and stylish design that makes it easy to carry. I’ve

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  6. Vladdin Refillable Vaping Vibe Review

    Vladdin Refillable Vaping Vibe Review

    Hi, I’m Garrige. Today I’m going to indroduce the Vladdin refillable pod system. Why is it called the “RE”? Because the original closed pod system was redesigned and made specifically for refilling, hints “RE”.

    vape vladdin

    Product Features

    The Vladdin is characterized by the use of ceramic wicks. It’s famous for its high degree of flavor output and relatively conservative liquid usage. The ceramic coil utilizes an auto-fill technique, whereupon suction the device opens automatically. The tank itself is 1.5mL and the battery

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  7. Is It Safe To Use Vladdin?

    Is It Safe To Use Vladdin?

    VLADDIN CE CertificateVLADDIN RoHS CertificateVLADDIN Tank RoHS CertificateVLADDIN Tank CE Certificate

    Have you ever wondered about the safety of using your Vladdin vape pod? If so, check out the certifications above. All our products are CE and RoHS

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  8. How To Refill Vladdin

    How To Refill Vladdin

    How to Use

    How to Fill


    Quick Guide


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