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  1. Can Vladdin E Cigarette Be Brought On A Plane?

    Can Vladdin E Cigarette Be Brought On A Plane?

    Is it permissible to carry e-cigarettes by air or high-speed rail?

    There are currently no rules restricting passengers from carrying e-cigarettes on board, but the following points need to be noted: The battery of the e-cigarette needs to be carried with you, cannot be checked with the baggage, and if it is a built-in battery, you must carry the entire device with you.

    Take a closer look at whether there is clear information on the battery, such as voltage, MA number, etc. If not, you can print a small label and paste it on the battery according to the actual capacity and voltage of the battery for easy inspection.Vladdin Battery Capacity is 350mAh, and Maximum Output Wattage is 12.

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  2. How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod?

    How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod?

    How long does the vladdin fillable cartridge fill a cartridge? How many times can I fill?

    Below we will introduce a vladdin Rfillable cartridge specific parameters:

    1. Puffs: 200~500

    2. Concentration: 5 percent  nicotine salt

    3. Recommended PG/VG ratio: PG 40 percent-50 percent / VG 55 percent-60 percent

    4. Liquids capacity: 1.5 ml

    5. Battery capacity: 350 mAh

    6. Equivalent to 2 packs of ordinary cigarettes

    7. Portable while using almost 1 day of battery life

    Vladdin generally uses air switch: no button, Also called contact, he works by air pressure induction, we have airflow through the bottom through the contact when pumping, it will trigger the contact energization, then heat the heating core . The battery is 350 mAh and uses patented porous ceramics as a filling and heating material to expand the heating area and restore the original flavor of the electronic liquid. However, it does not mean that Vladdin can be used for refueling. Since the internal pressure of the cartridge will increase when oil is injected, the ceramic atomizing core will be damaged and odor, and there will be a bad phenomenon when used for a long time. For the best experience, it is recommended that the pods should not be filled more than 3 times.

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  3. Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions

    Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions

    Vladdin battery instructions:

    Battery: 10440 350mah/3.7V

    Display mode: LED

    Battery cycle life: 300 times

    Output voltage: 3.5V

    Charging current: 0.2-0.4A

    Charging time: 1-2 hours

    Weight: 13g

    Output power up to 12W

    Charging voltage and current: 5V/0.4A, with overcharge protection

    Standby current: less than 5Ua


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  4. “Transformation 2019, Win-Win Future”

     “Transformation 2019, Win-Win Future”

    Vladdin held 2019 New Year's party at Shenzhen NanShan International Conference Center On January 11th, 2019, The theme was: “Transformation 2019, Win-Win Future” More than 200 employees from the headquarters and subsidiaries gathered together to welcome the 2019 new chapter. .

    leader speech

    Leader speech

    2018 is a wonderful year for us. As a new e-cigarette brand, from design, material selection, sample determination, to promotion, sales and the creation of new colors, it is full of twists and turns. I am very happy that Vladdin has gradually gained acceptance and recognition by the consumers. At 2018 We always take consumers as the core, adhere to product’s

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  5. What are the advantages of ceramic core?

    What are the advantages of ceramic core?

    There are more and more ceramic cores on the market, so what are the benefits of ceramic cores?

    In fact, compared with the traditional cotton oil guide, the ceramic core has a more delicate oil guiding effect. It reduces the phenomenon of oil frying caused by excessive oil saturation of cotton, at the same time, it utilizes the physical characteristics of slow heating and slow cooling of ceramics, which can play a preheating effect on tobacco oil during continuous use, making the taste softer when smoking. Full, the taste is more delicate and stable, Satisfy the taste experience, but also have enough smoke.

    ceramic core

    The ceramic wraps the heating wire to protect the heating wire from oxidation,

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  6. FAQ Part 3 Of Vladdin

    FAQ Part 3 Of Vladdin

    1. How long can a pod and battery last?

     Each full pod can last 450 puffs equal to two packs of cigarettes. When the flavor is not good as before it means you need to change a new pod . In order to maintain the best vaping experience and flavor, each pod is recommended to be refilled 3 times. The battery can be recharged about 300 times,battery life more than 1 year.


     2. How long it will take for a battery full charge?

     Vladdin is equipped with fast charging technology, which can be fully charged in 30 minutes to 40 minutes. It can last 300 puffs after fully charged, which can meet the normal use of the day.


    3. Is that normal for I feel very throaty and spicy when my first time vaping?

     When using the first time, you should take a small amount of mouth into the lungs, and then get used to the taste of Vladdin and then slowly change to the normal cigarette smoking method; if you can not get used to the nicotine content of 5 percentage of the prefilled pods, it is recommended to change into 1.8percentage pods.


    4, Why there’s no vapor when the pods load on the battery?

     You may meet a poor contact. Generally, this situation is caused by foreign matter or condensate at the interface. Please wipe the bottom of the pod and the interface of the battery with the tissue. It will work.

    5. Why there’s condensate in the battery after I vape a few days? How to deal with it?

     Because Vladdin uses heat to atomize the e-juice, it is normal for the tube to generate condensate during cooling. If there is condensate in the pipe, use a tissue to roll into a toothpick and extend into the pipe to clean the condensate.

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  7. 2018 the biggest moment of vladdin

    2018 the biggest moment of vladdin

    2018 is over, let’s check what is the biggest Vladdin moments in the last year!!!

    6th June Vladdin RE Refillable Released

    vladdin re released

    14th August We Held the Biggest Giveaway Ever on Instagram. Totally 1000 Winners.

    vladdin biggest giveaway

    The Vape Expo We Joined in 2018( US IECE, CA, Vapexpro Athens, Korea, Vape rexpo UK, Oceania Vape Expo, Vape Expo Shanghai)

    vladdin vape expo

    7th September New Color of Vladdin Release,include:black,rainbow,gold and titanium.And the New Color of Vladdin is Waiting for Yours Creation.

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  8. After Receiving Vladdin What Did They Talk About?

    After Receiving Vladdin What Did They Talk About?

    After Receiving Vladdin What Did They Talk About?


    Hello Vapor Fams,


    This month we teamed up with Vapouround to send 1,000 free boxes including vladdin to Vapouround memberships.

    Let’s see what they talk about after receiving it.  

    What did they share on Instagram?

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  9. How Does Vladdin Re Vape Device Work

    How Does Vladdin Re Vape Device Work

    The Vladdin RE pod system’s unique curved metal body along with it’s nozzle and comfortable feel is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of the device. There is a small viewing window on the pod which will allow you to know how much e-juice is left. The small window is just right and integrates perfectly with the battery. In fact, I think if I had to use a word to describe Vladdin, the word would be “elegant”. This elegance shows that the company must have spent a lot of time and energy on the design of the device.

    how does vladdin re vape device work

     To use the Vladdin RE, just remove the magnetic pod from the top of the battery housing, remove the black rubber stopper, fill with e-juice and then close it back up and insert the pod into the sleeve. The pod and battery share distinct curves which creates one way for the pod to be correctly inserted. When inserted correctly you will feel the magnets that connect the pod and battery. If inserted incorrectly, it is very easy to tell and easy to fix, just flip the pod over and insert. It is very easy to install.

    how does vladdin re vape pod work

     When the pod is filled and the battery is charged, you can start vaping. Vladdin RE does not have a push button, therefore the device is automatically suction activated. Once you start vaping Vladdin, you will notice the LED on the outside of the battery light up white and you will hear the internal ceramic coils start to work.

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  10. Best e cig starter kit for beginners_Vladdin re review

    Best e cig starter kit for beginners_Vladdin re review

    Author:Par Jean

    The Vladdin pod system is available in two versions, including the Vladdin Kit and Vladdin RE starter kit , meaning “RE-fillable”. The Vladdin Kit includes a closed system pod with nicotine salt. Here, the second option Vladdin RE starter kit, will be tested using the refillable pod and our favorite e-liquid.


    Unpack and

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