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  1. New Release Announcement! Get set with JET in 2020!

    New Release Announcement! Get set with JET in 2020!

    New Release Announcement! Get set with JET in 2020!     After longtime research and waiting, VLADDIN JET finally meet in the market at the beginning of 2020. If you wanna let us give a concept on JET, I would like to say it is a beautiful, well-built device with affordable price that meet people’s daily need of vaping. So, let’s see what it is:   1. Keep chasing flavor The flavor is the most important aspect that we concern most. To deliver the original flavor, we design a lot of models, and finally, create this unique air channel to mix air and e-liquid fully. Meanwhile, for the better-using experience, we chose mesh coil so e-liquid would be heated equally and product rich vapor.   2.Compact and ergonomic design JET comes with three color options ( Black Prism, Blue Abalone, Sliver Prism). All these three colors are unique. Meanwhile, JET’s mouthpiece is ergonomic and perfect fit when you take a puff.   3.Beauty outside, the beast inside The maximum output is 40w, enough to meet the daily need.     4.1500mah battery capacity 1500mAh battery capacity could last a continuous use for up to 36 hours.   5.Type-c for fast charging We decided to go with one of the most common & current charging methods so you can charge faster no matter where you are.   6.Easy to fill Three steps to fill the pod easily. First step: Unplug the Pod plug Second steps: Fill Pod with liquid through filling the hole Last steps: Re-plug the Pod plug When filling up, you could know your e-liquid level by the transparent pod.   What includes in the package: 1 x Vladdin Jet 1 x Vladdin Jet Pod 1 x Vladdin Jet 0.6 ohm mesh coil (Pre-Installed) 1 x Vladdin Jet 0.3ohm mesh coil 1 x Vladdin Jet Type-C charging cable 1 x User Manual   Specifications: Dimensions: 100*28.5*28mm Wattage Range: 5-40W Battery: 1500mAH Pod Capacity: 2ML/4.5ML  
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  2. Let’s Rio. VLADDIN Rio disposable Pod Kit.

    Let’s Rio. VLADDIN Rio disposable Pod Kit.

    Let’s Rio. VLADDIN Rio disposable Pod Kit.   VLADDIN newly released a new disposable pod kit. Let‘s see what’s good. As a Silicone stopper on the top:          Seal the airflow, ensure stable air pressure during air transportation and storage.         Organic cotton wick, ensure pure flavor; Big cloud among disposables, bring vapor satisfaction; USA  E-liquids On/Off Switch:          To conserve battery power and ensure the Rio arrives customers with full power, there is no working electricity before the switch is turned on.   Specification: Battery Capacity: 460mAh Eliquid Capacity: 1.3ml Puffs≈300 Each Pack includes 3pieces of device Flavor: Blue Raspberry/ Tobacco Ice/ Lychee Ice/ VCT A close look on VLADDIN Rio
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  3. VLADDIN Q&A Part Five

    VLADDIN Q&A Part Five

    VLADDIN Q&A Part Five How do I refill VLADDIN BOQPOD? To use the Boqpod, complete the following steps: 1. Open the silicone plug; 2. Fill the pod using the filling hole; 3. Re-insert the silicone plug; Note: In order to create a better vaping experience, once the initial filling has been completed, let the pod sit for 10 minutes to allow for the coil to soak.   How do I know when the RE battery needs to be recharged? When the indicator flashes three times and stops output, it means you should recharge your battery.   How do I know when the Slide battery needs to be recharged? You can monitor your level of charge by the power indicators: Battery Power  Power Indicator A red indicator blink means that you need to recharge the battery.   How do I know when the Boqpod battery needs to be recharged? You can monitor your level of charge by the color of power indicators: A red indicator blink means that you need to recharge the battery.   What are nicotine salts? Nicotine Salt is a type of nicotine that forms naturally in leaf tobacco and is generally considered to be a more stable form of nicotine vs. traditional freebase nicotine salt found in most e-liquids. ... It allows theNicotine Salt to vaporize at much lower temperatures VLADDIN Device is designed to match with nicotine salts contained e-liquids.   What e-liquids are recommended for VLADDIN? For your best vape experience, we recommend you choose nicotine salts e-liquid at 50/50 PV/VG ratio.    Do VLADDIN RE/ Slide/ Boqpod produce smoke? A VLADDIN RE/ SLIDE/ BOQPOD produces vapor only.   Can my RE/ Slide/ Boqpod unit leak during an airplane flight? Because the change of the air pressure, VLADDIN RE/Slide/Boqpod may leak slightly, wipe the residue from the end of the tank before use.   Are VLADDIN RE pod, Boqpod pod, Slide pod covered under the warranty? All Vladdin device is covered by a 90-day warranty.    Can I get my money back if I have a faulty product? All sales are final. You are eligible to apply a new part if the product covered by warranty.   If I buy your product from a third party, will I be covered by your warranty Yes, all original VLADDIN products covered by a 90-day warranty.   Is shipping free for everyone? Free shipping fee for purchase over $50 from VLADDIN online shop    
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  4. VLADDIN Q&A Part Four

    VLADDIN Q&A Part Four

    VLADDIN Q&A Part Four Interested in purchasing VLADDIN? VLADDIN products can only be purchased by legal age smokers. In most places that age is 18, but it varies with different states/countries.  This product should not be used by minors, non-smokers, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma.   Where could I get VLADDIN? Two ways to purchase VLADDIN: 1. Official Website of VLADDN: 2. Use our store locator to find VLADDIN near you:   What makes VLADDIN better than other e-cigarettes? What smokers need is easy to use a safer alternative to cigarettes. Vladdin is here to focus on developing cutting edge products that provide users with the best experience possible. Ÿ   Strict quality control. VLADDIN supplies high-quality products using strict quality control procedures to help exceed global standards. Ÿ   Designed by smokers, for smokers. All products are time tested with our in house vapers and smokers before release, ensuring the best experience possible.; Ÿ   Perfect for Nic-Salt E-liquid. VLADDIN products have excelled in the developing devices which master the experience of using Nic-Salt E-liquids, which are perfect for satisfying smokers.    How should I store my VLADDIN device? It is recommended to keep VLADDIN in a safe and dry place when not in use, away from children. Don't store a VLADDIN device with a filled pod for more than two weeks with an empty charge. It's best to charge the device entirely and remove the pod before storage   How is VLADDIN different from traditional cigarettes? Unlike traditional cigarettes, VLADDIN does not contain tobacco, ash or produce a lingering smell. VLADDIN products are built-in battery-powered devices that contain heating elements and have an empty cartridge that can be filled with e-liquids. When you inhale using a VLADDIN, or push the firing button, the device heats up the e-liquid in the cartridge and thus produces vapor.   Can I  vape VLADDIN anywhere? VLADDIN e-cigarettes are not regular cigarettes. But it may prohibit e-cigarette usage when smoking is banned. Please check your state and local governing laws for vaping restrictions.   How long does the warranty last? This warranty covers all faults in materials or workmanship for a period of 90 days under normal use as defined in our user manual. 
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  5. Rely on Performance  ——VLADDIN Boqpod Introduction

    Rely on Performance ——VLADDIN Boqpod Introduction

    Rely on Performance ——VLADDIN Boqpod Introduction Hi Fams,   Glad to tell you that VLADDIN newly released a pod system ——VALDDIN Boqpod. As the third item from VLADDIN, what are the features of it? And how it differs from other pod systems in the market?  Let’s have a check.   Unique Design. Square design makes boqpod kit stand out of the pod system market.                          Get more out of the color. Four different choices, but more than just four colors. Multiple camouflage design options with double-sided magnetic panels make the boqpod more than just stylish.          2 in 1 Airflow Structure Design. The 2 in 1 airflow structure keeps liquid and air separated, which along with the storage tank for leaked liquid, improves the product lifecycle. In addition, the unique spitback-proof airflow design provides customers with better user experience. To make it more clear, you could check the youtube below: Leading Ceramic Technology. The world's first inlaid mesh coil. The AX ceramic coil combines the advantages of ceramic and metal mesh technologies, ensuring a more pure and flavorful vape experience.                    Peripheral products. Adjustable Lanyard:        Car Holder for Boqpod:    As Halloween comes to the corner, now we are giving Boqpod Holders to each order which contains boqpod from Link to purchase:
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  6. How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic?

    How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic?

    How do I know if my VLADDIN device is authentic? Hey Fams, Every time you get new gifts or gadgets, what’s the first thing you might do? Open it immediately, enjoy the benefits or fun it brings, and throw the package in the garbage?   Most people might do that, right?   However, as a supplier, we recommend you verify products when you receive them. Using fake products will not guarantee the user experience and could potentially bring about risks. Checking the authenticity will protect your consumer rights and will verify an authentic experience. So how do I know If my VLADDIN device is original? First, find the serial number on the outside of the package: The place of the serial number is different on both the RE and EDEN kit packaging. Check the pictures below:     Second, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page, input the serial number into the ID VERIFICATION window and click verify to check the authenticity. It will turn out two results:       If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us! Bye~ Peace Out.
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  7. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers —— Q&A for VLADDIN Slide

    You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers —— Q&A for VLADDIN Slide

    You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers —— Q&A for VLADDIN Slide   How to refill VLADDIN Slide? Slide down the side panel & take out the pod Open the silicone plug on the top left corner of the pod, fill the pod using the filling hole with liquid After the filling is complete,  re-insert the silicone plug and put the pod back in the specified slot, lastly slide the side panel upward to close   How to disassemble Slide? To preserve your health, we don’t recommend you disassemble device by yourself.   How to Adjust the airflow ring? Rotate the airflow ring clockwise to adjust airflow How to clean? Condensate will come out after long-term work or still, it is a normal situation. Please use a tissue to wipe it up.   When to charge? When the last LED light blink, it indicates the device is in low-power mode. Please charge the device in time.    How to fix? If there is an issue on your device, please consult with the local shop or contact us [email protected]      How to change the coil? Rotate the coil base from the pod; Rotate the used coil from base, and screw a clean coil in coil base; Screw the coil base into the pod;                     Where to buy? There are two options to get  Slide back home Purchase from our online webshop. (Free DHL shipping fee for purchase over $50)  Click to start your purchase > Enter the city you located in to find the closest vape shop near you sell VLADDIN.  Find it now>   Juice for Slide? Slide perfect match with Nic-salt e-liquids for its unique construction. The recommended Pg/Vg ratio of e-liquids is 50/50.      VLADDIN near me Find the closest vape shop near you on “Store Locator”   When should I  change the coil? For your best vape experience, we recommend change a new coil after 2 or 3 refills.   VLADDIN warranty VLADDIN device is covered by a 90-day warranty. If there any issue on your device please contact [email protected] for further checking. Do you have more questions about Slide? Tell us about it.   How many coil options of VLADDIN Slide? There are two coil options for Slide, one the powerful mesh coil, another is the regular coil.   Can I do MTL with VLADDIN Slide? Yes, both the Mesh coil and regular coil could support the MTL and DL.   How to adjust the voltage? Fast click fire button 3 times to change voltage (voltage indicator will blink twice)   How do I know how much liquid left inside? Slide the panel and you could check the liquid level inside.   How to take out the pod? Press the pod and take it out.
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  8. VLADDIN Eden Pod Kit Introduction & Giveaway

    VLADDIN Eden Pod Kit Introduction & Giveaway

    VLADDIN Eden Pod Kit Introduction & Giveaway   Eden-Your Ideal Travel Partner   Whether for business or pleasure, travel can be fun, energizing, and exciting — or exhausting, frustrating, and boring.  As the third pod system from VLADDIN, Eden is ready to be your ideal travel partner.  Let’s have look at VLADDIN Eden!   Products details: Size: 39 x 77 x 15.5mm Battery Capacity: 350 mAh Charging Currency: 5V/0.4A Charging Time: 40-60 min Pod Capacity: 1.5ml Charging Port: Micro-USB   Feature: World leading ceramic technology brings about great durability, robust flavor, and effective nicotine delivery; Find your own style with 16 Color match options;   Extremely portable, allowed to carry on the planet. ; The 45-Minute charge for whole day use; Special design for dust free; Childproof & Leakage Proof;   Package Include: 1 x VLADDIN Eden Device 1 x VLADDIN RE Replacement Pod (Refillable) 1 x USB Cable 1 x Quick Guide     Giveaway—— Get your Eden freely!   Date: 12th -19th, July Prize: 5 x VLADDIN Eden Link to enter: New Launching Item VLADDIN Eden Giveaway Good luck everyone!   VLADDIN Team!
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  9. The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN

    The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN

    The Beginner’s Guide to VLADDIN Known as the best vaping device currently being sold in the offline and online market, VLADDIN is a portable, stylish, lightweight and ergonomically designed vape device built to fit into the hand and give a stable grip while in use. This amazing vape device which is available in a single color named black is available as a refillable option. It is built with a high-quality ABS plastic, aluminium alloy, and has a ceramic coil which offers a better vape experience and gives that perfect blend of class and comfort to the user.  Each pack of VLADDIN vape device comes with the following: •         1 x VLADDIN Device •         1 x VLADDIN RE Replacement Pod (Refillable) •         1 x USB Charging Cable •         1 x Quick Guide Features of VLADDIN vape pod •         Flavors: Due to the unique dry-burn prevention technology, the first few puffs may not have flavored because the coils are soaked with pure flavorless PGVG e-liquids. Rich flavor will come out when the E-juice soaks the ceramic coil. •         Warranty: There is a 90days guaranty for VLADDIN basic device. For any after sale issue, please contact [email protected] •         Authenticity: When you receive the device, don’t throw the package. Check the authenticity on VLADDIN website with a serial number on the outside of the package.  How to set up Setting up the VLADDIN R2 vape device is pretty easy. When you open the pack, you will find your menu, which shows you how to use and set up the device; you will also find your device,  a micro USB code, and a charging cable. Fill the pod by putting off the black cover on the pod. Grab a bottle of juice; there are three holes on the pods, ensure that you don’t get any juice into the centre hole which is meant for air flow. Fill the juice inside the pod on a 45-degree angle, close back the silicone top you took off earlier. Leave for 5 minutes to ensure full absorption of the juice; then slide your pod into the top of your device. How to use To use the VLADDIN RE, follow these steps •         Step 1: Take the pod included in the kit and insert into the vape pen. Note that it only goes in one way, so if the pod doesn’t go in all the way, don’t force it, turn it the other way and try again. •         Step 2: To make sure you are inserting it right, ensure that the cut out on your pod, matches that on the vape pen. Once the magnetic contact touches the two metal pins inside the device, the pod will click into place. •         Step 3: You can start vaping once your pod is connected. Note that this device does not have an on or off switch. To activate it, all you need is to draw on the mouthpiece, and the tine LED will light up while the ceramic coil inside the pod starts to sizzle. How to charge? VLADDIN device is charged when delivered. You can start vaping immediately you get your device. However, if the device is out of power, please check the guide below: •         Plug the included USB cable into the small port on the end of the battery. •         Plug the other end of the USB cable into a suitable USB outlet. •         The LED indicator on the battery will be lit whilst charging and will go out when charging complete. How to Clean the VLADDIN vape pod If there is a pod in the process of use, due to oil leakage, do not panic. You only need to wipe the device with tissue in time. It will not cause damage to the host. How to Store When not in use, VLADDIN products should be kept in a safe and dry place, away from children.  Meanwhile, you could use the carrying case to store your VLADDIN when going out. Finally, the VLADDIN product is a perfect vaping device for people who want to quit smoking for vaping because the pull on the device is very similar to that of cigarettes.
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  10. World's 1st AIO POD System With Sliding Slide Panel And Replaceable Mesh Coil

    World's 1st AIO POD System With Sliding Slide Panel And Replaceable Mesh Coil

    World's 1st AIO POD system with sliding slide panel and replaceable mesh coil   Finally, the new VLADDIN is here! We are incredibly excited to introduce to you the VLADDIN Slide! As the first sliding e-cigarette, let’s have a quick introduction to all the details.   Distinctive design Unlike the VLADDIN RE, the VLADDIN Slide does not take on the traditional pen shape. It takes on the shape of a general box mod but smaller, forming a different style and design, more unique and distinctive.     Remarkably Slim  The length, width and height are 82mm, 45.8mm, and 20.2mm, making it lightweight and easy to carry. The size allows you to carry it or place it in your pocket or bag with extreme convenience. The Slide will come in four different resin colored panels to provide each and every person with a distinguishable look.   Parameters The juice capacity of our new device is even greater than before, now supporting a 2ml pod with a replaceable coil. The battery is now even more powerful, with a 1000mah battery, maximum output of 12W, and a standby feature to help conserve battery life. In addition, the battery now has a three light battery indicator. When all lights are on, the battery is fully charged and when all lights are extinguished, it means the device has no power. The three-lights will gradually decrease as battery life decreases. With three different voltage settings, the vaping experience is tailored to you. The three voltage settings include 3.25V (Red Light), 3.35V (Green Light), and 3.45V (Blue Light). We have aimed to create the perfect device for a custom user experience with easy to use features. The battery indicator has a different property than vladdin re     Can be slid over 50000 times The Sliding feature allows for a convenient and fast side fill. There is no need to disassemble any parts of the device to refill. Simply slide the side panel downwards and open the filling hole to refill. The sliding mechanism’s durability has been tested for over 50,000 slides. With such durability, feel free to enjoy this new feature!    Adjustable bottom airflow The airflow of the device is designed to allow each user to change it according to their preference. If you like larger clouds, adjust to more restricted airflow, or a looser airflow for ease of vaping. Whatever the preference may be, VLADDIN has you covered.    Powerful mesh coil Our mesh coil not only provides great flavor but also the high vapor output. Due to the coil having a large contact area with the wick, more vape juice can be vaporized. The use of grid pattern coils provides a user’s with both the richness and boldness of the e-juice. Vladdin re pod system uses a ceramic core, which is different from the mesh coil.      Support coil replacement Keep the vaping experience fresh! For the same good taste every time, user’s enjoys the new feature of being able to replace the coil. With the option of replacing the coil, it will provide the user with a more custom experience and fresh flavor! How about the refillable pod? New products are coming soon, stay tuned!    
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