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  1. So, Here Is The Full Listing Of Vladdin Items [keep updating]

    So, Here Is The Full Listing Of Vladdin Items [keep updating]

    So, here is the full listing of Vladdin Items [keep updating]     Vladdin Prefilled Pod System Kit Vladdin Refillable Pod System Kit 9 Flavors Prefilled Pods (50mg) Accessories   _________________January. 2018_________________   Vladdin Prefilled Pod System Kit Launching Time: January 2018 Introduction: The VLADDIN Closed Pod System Kit is an innovative prefilled closed vaping system. Instead of refilling e- liquids into VLADDIN pod, you replace it with a new one when the e-liquids is consumed. It’s an assured way of keeping the e-liquids from being contaminated and saving you trouble filling e-liquids.  VLADDIN uses selected US and Canadian imported nicotine salts e-liquids which is FDA approved. Specification: Pod Capacity: 1.5ml Resistance Range: 1.2ohm – 1.5ohm Output Voltage: 1.5V Charging Current: 0.2-0.4A Battery Capacity: 350mAh Max Output Wattage: 12W     _________________May. 2018_________________ Vladdin Refillable Pod System Kit Launching Time: May 2018 Introduction: VLADDIN RE is a portable and easy to use refillable pod vaping system that achieves consistent and efficient delivery by its controlled power.   Rated top ten pod system of the year 2018 by Shenzhen IECIE, Element Vape, and DashVapes. Feature: Refillable edition Top-fill open pod vaping system Magnetic connection between pod and device Universal micro-USB charger Patented  ceramic coil inside   Note: All prefilled pods and refillable pods could be match with Vladdin battery basic kit.   9 Flavors Prefilled Pods (50mg) Northern Tobacco Tobacco Premiere Blue Raspberry Mint Premiere Lychee Ice Cool Watermelon VCT Tobacco Ice Tobacco Mint Tobacco   Accessories: Leather Case: Lanyard PVC Shoulder Bag Carrying Case   Any question please write down in the comment area, We will collect them and answer in another thread. Thank you all!  
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  2. New Vladdin Accessories Are Coming!

    New Vladdin Accessories Are Coming!

    New vladdin accessories are coming! In order to meet the needs of customers, vladdin has released several accessories for it.   Lanyard New black white lanyard for pod system device. Lanyard specifically designed to be used for pod system device and it's Very durable and comfortable. It’s very convenient and easy to use.   Display Stand Holder 5 slots holder or Display stand organizer for vape kit. Organize cluttered drawers and saves space on your tabletop. Perfect storage unit for Vladdin users. It is composed of very strong acrylic material with excellent weather resistant and much stronger than glass, which ensures its durability and security from injury and breakage. Display POS Acrylic Convenience Store Counter Top Display Box, Display Cases, Clear Showcases and Store Display. The display could store 36 piece vape kit and 15 boxes Pod. Ideal storage, countertop display box, protect any valuable items, use for display countertop items, covers for valuables the most cost-effective and lightweight ways to increase the utility of your space while protecting and showcasing the things you display in or on them.    Carrying Case Storage Bag is a portable, easy to use storage bag for storing vladdin device and accessories. Made of PVC material, the lining is PU, and there is a PP plastic board. 100 percent Brand New cases. Good storage bag you must have for a perfect trip.    
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  3. Next – Get Ready!

    Next – Get Ready!

    Next – Get Ready!     “ Is there news that Vladdinvapor would come out a totally new device? “ Yes, finally!   The preliminary scheduled launching time is at the end of this month.   So what kind of vape device it would be? And what is the feature about it? Stay tuned for it.
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  4. Detailed information about the kush pod-Vladdin

    Detailed information about the kush pod-Vladdin

    Detailed information about the vladdin kush pod   Product information Vladdin kush pod, made for CBD& THC Oils. Patented C-Cell for full flavor vaping. Specially designed for your personal needs. Fill your pod/cartridge with concentrated cannabis oil (CO2, live resin, distillate) as instructed. Insert the pod/cartridge into the device and refill when needed.   Main features Made specifically for CBD & THC Oils. Stylish and compact design Powerful ceramic coil technology   Product Usage This product contains an empty refillable concentrated cannabis oil pod which is designed for use with the vladdin battery only. This product when filled with concentrated cannabis oil should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight in order to prevent leakage.   How to fill In order to minimize leakage, please pay attention to the following instructions when filling your pods.   Cannabis oil spill and disposal In case of a spill during the filling of your pod, wipe up the spill with a damp cloth. Rise the cloth thoroughly with running water until oils have diluted.   Warning This package contains cannabis, a schedule 1 controlled substance. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Cannabis may only be possessed or consumed by persons 21 years of age or older unless the person is a qualified patient. Cannabis use while pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful. Consumption of cannabis impairs your ability to drive and operate machinery. please use extreme caution.
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  5. It might be the most details review on Vladdin!

    It might be the most details review on Vladdin!

    The most influential e-cigarette reviewer in Mideast, Onz uploaded a review on Vladdin re, which might be the most details video so far. Vladdin re parameter: Battery Capacity: 350MAH Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions Micro USB 45 Minutes Charging Time When the battery need to be charged? Pod Capacity: 1.5ML How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod? Normally we will recommend vladdin users still the pod 3-5 mins after filling the juice in it. But if you are skillful enough, here is a faster way to make e-liquids infiltrate ceramic coil faster. Check it now: Magnet Connection Ceramic Coil What are the advantages of ceramic core? Vape Experience: Here is the full video:
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  6. Make Extra Money At Home With E-Cig Affiliate-Vladdin

    Make Extra Money At Home With E-Cig Affiliate-Vladdin

    Make extra money at home with e-cig Affiliate-Vladdin Vladdin is collaborating with ShareASale(SAS) which is our third-party program administrator. We offer competitive incentives for all affiliates. If you do not have an account in SAS, simply create one on our network, it's completely free! You can earn extra money at home or in your free time. Follow the steps below to become our member. Yan finds our information on SAS, and you can post that e-cig product banner or website to your social platform, that you can get the commission when you promote it. Customers click on the link or banner and make a purchase. Vladdin will pay you 15 percent of the total price of the relative items. Join us -If you don't have a website you can try to use your facebook link or Instagram link to fill it, and follow the step to finish the information. -When you join us you can put the website links or product links in Shareasale to your platform, and the price is website price, sometimes we can give you the coupon code. -About the shipping, when customers complete the purchase we will ship directly. So don't worry about that. Looking forward to your participation! More About affiliate program information
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  7. Is Prefilled Pod Compatible With Vladdin Battrey Kit ?

    Is Prefilled Pod Compatible With Vladdin Battrey Kit ?

    Vladdin's various flavors of prefilled pod and kush pod are fully compatible with Vladdin's battery base kit. And the shape and capacity of prefilled pods are exactly the same as that of the refillable pod. The installation part of the pod also coincides with the insertion part of the battery rod. The only difference is that each flavor of the cartridge can not be refilled. There are two types of refillable cartridge, one is refillable pod and the other is kush pod for CBD oil. These two types can be used for repeated filling. For the best experience we recommend replacing the refillabe pods after 3 refills. Replacing pods ensures good flavor, good vapor, and reduces risks of clogging and leaking. How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod? What are the advantages of ceramic core? 4 Maintenance Methods For Vladdin How To Deal With Vladdin Vaping E Liquid Condensate?
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  8. Vladdin TPD Edition VS Standard

    Vladdin TPD Edition VS Standard

    TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive,is the new regulation of all tobacco-related products across the European Union. The first was introduced in 2001, and in 2011 they decided to include e-cigarettes, which are classified as tobacco-related products. The TPD edition is specified as follows The maximum size of e-liquid bottles with nicotine is 10ml and they need to have child-proof caps Max size of cartridges or tanks cannot exceed 2ml. Max nicotine strength of e-liquid is 20mg Electronic cigarettes must provide a consistent dose of nicotine. E-cigs and refill containers must be leak free. If a “competent authority” believes any product may present a health risk they may be prohibited. If 3 member states prohibit a product this can then be extended to all EU member states. Anyone manufacturing or selling e-cigs must notify and submit information to their member state for each and every product, or product variation that they wish to sell There are no rules in the standard edition, so there is no need to display specific information on the vladdin box. The TPD edition needs to display specific information on the vladdin box. For example: TPD Edition Standard Eidtion
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  9. Why Does Your Vladdin Taste Burnt?

    Why Does Your Vladdin Taste Burnt?

    What’s the reason? How to avoid it?    1. The ceramic coil is not completely soaked and wetted.  When the ceramic coil is not completely soaked and kept heating up, the infiltrated e-liquid in the ceramic coil is too few to absorb and transform the extra heat. This results in excessive heating. So the PG component in the electronic liquid is decomposed into formaldehyde. The taste of formaldehyde is bad for liquid taste. So before using vladdin, it’s better to fill the e-liquid in and then wait a few minutes. This allows the e-liquid to fully saturate the ceramic coil, avoids the smell of burnt too. What are the advantages of a ceramic core? 2. Vaping without stopIf you vape without any pause, the ceramic coil continues heating up but there’s not enough time for the e-juice to prime the coil. The ceramic coil vaporizes without enough e-juice, which leads to the burnt taste. Therefore, you should avoid continuous strong hitting. Take several minutes off then vape again. In this case, the e-liquid has time to enter the ceramic coil, so the infiltration is fully done. When it’s wetted enough, there will be no burnt taste anymore. 5 Ways To Prevent Vladdin From Leaking 3. Failing to fill the e-liquid in timeWhen you find that the taste begins to deteriorate, sometimes even no taste at all, it’s time to fill new e-liquid in it. The principle is consistent with the above description. So pay more attention to your cartridge usage and e-liquid filling. 4. The e-liquid you use contains too many SweetenersThe sugar in the liquid caramelizes when heated. And it will attach to the surface of the ceramic coil. So there won’t be any new e-juices comes in. This is more likely to happen to coffee and heavy dessert flavor e-liquids. Although vladdin’s pods are refillable, there is no way to clean the impurities inside the pod. So the only way to solve it is to replace it. How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod?  
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  10. Vladdin Full Pod System Kit Experience

    Vladdin Full Pod System Kit Experience

    Speaking of pod system products, we are no longer unfamiliar with them. This type of product is characterized by convenience and daily life, and can be used as a smoke-free experience. Today it is also a new experience to share a pod system product-Vladdin. Packaging Vladdin’s packaging is very common. The use of a simple carton packaging, which contains instructions, charging lines , battery and a pod. Shape The appearance maintains the "pen" style of the vape pen, which is similar to the JUUL from the color matching of the outer casing. However, the cartridges are oblique cuts. The design of the wave shell and the indicator light, and the workmanship and texture are very good. USB The leaf-like cut surface has more styling. Because of the caliber problem, the cartridge installation must be inserted in the specified direction. This magnetic link is very common in pod system products. The bottom USB interface and the conventional electronic cigarette charging cable are universal and convenient for going out. Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions Pod Vladdin combines the electric shock with the magnetic attraction point, and the two clicks and the position of the air hole in the middle are quite clear. A cartridge with a capacity of 1.5 ml can be used for three to four days. It’s especially worth mentioning that there is no leakage after using this cartridge three times. How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod?             Summary The introduction says that vladdin uses a ceramic core. When it is used, the throat feel is not strong, the entrance is relatively smooth, and the degree of reduction is not bad.The clouds are moderate and the equipment is relatively small and can be used at any time. It’s ideal for users with a soft taste or primary smokers. What are the advantages of ceramic core?    
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