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  1. We are here!

    We are here!

    We are here!  Hello Fams, We are happy to meet you guys in Birmingham last weekend.  Thank you all for coming to our booth. This is the third time we attend The Vaper Expo. For this time, VLADDIN Bobqpod got the attention in the expo. Most of the visitors show interest in this item for its unique airflow design. We aim to bring customers valuable vape devices and pleasure vape experience. We will be in Roma in the next station, so if you are one of those who looking for “your device”, come to Vapitaly and stand by our booth. We will treat each of you as our friends! Let’s go check with the following #VLADDINMOMENT in Birmingham! “Your device!” “Rock n roll” “We are family”
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  2. VapitalyPro


    VapitalyPro The VapitalyPro is back again in Roma from 9th to 10th November.  This time Vapitaly will exclusively dedicate to business-to-business meetings, will focus on the importance of networking between operators, retailers, and companies in the vaping industry, to bring all the successes of the past edition back to the Italian capital. VLADDIN, as the advanced pioneer in the VAPE industry, will carry the latest products to the EXPO.    Good chance to get close to Boqpod and Slide, you won’t miss it.   Here are the details:  Date: 9th – 10th November 2019  Address: Entrance Est - Via A. G. Eiffel, 00148 Rome (Italy) Booth:  E18  
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  3. The VapeExpo UK– Come And Try VLADDIN New Launch Products

    The VapeExpo UK– Come And Try VLADDIN New Launch Products

    One of the largest and most recognized e-cigarette Expos will be held in Birmingham, England from October 25th to 27th. Here you'll see the latest devices, e-juice, technology and everything you want to know about the e-cigarette industry.   We are glad to inform all of our fans or vape lovers, VLADDIN team will attend the expo at the booth: A144   We will bring the latest product VLADDIN Boqpod to the expo. It’s a good chance to get close to Boqpod and Slide. You won’t miss it. Welcome to join us and we will very glad to see you guys.   If you have any question, need any help, please contact us via email: [email protected]   
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  4. Shipment Notice For The National Day In China

    Shipment Notice For The National Day In China

    Dear Customers,   The National Day in China is coming. To celebrate this once year grand holiday, Vladdin Team will have holiday from Oct 1st. 2019 to Oct 7th.2019. In the meanwhile shipment will be stopped from 30th Sep 2019 to 7th Oct 2019.  We feel sorry for the inconvenience we bring to you. If you have any question welcome contact your sales manager or email us via [email protected]   Best wishes  Vladdin Team
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  5. We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Call for Review

    We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Call for Review

     We love testing | VLADDIN Slide Call for Review Hey VLADDIN fans,   That’s right, VLADDIN Slide Pod Kit, is out now. It is available now at .   To celebrate, we are giving 10 of fans the chance to test VLADDIN Slide, for FREE! But what is VLADDIN Slide? VLADDIN Slide Pod Kit is the first AIO pod system kit with a sliding panel in the world. The sliding feature allows for the convenient and fast filling option. There is no need to disassemble any parts of the device to refill. Simply slide the panel downwards and open the filling hole to refill. But that’s not all, It’s mesh coil not only provide great flavor but also the high vapor output. Due to the coil having a large contact area with wick, more vape juice can be vaporized. The Use of grid pattern coils provides the user’s with both richness and boldness of E-liquid. Another exciting feature is the adjustable bottom airflow. The airflow of the device is designed to allow each user to adjust it according to their preference. If you like large clouds, adjust to more restricted airflow, or a less restricted airflow for easy vaping. Whatever the preference may be, VLADDIN has you covered.   How to enter If you are ready and test VLADDIN Slide, click the link below to fill the application form. Link: Ps: The more you write about yourself and the plan about the review, the more chance you will be chosen.   Rules: Sign up for a free account and complete the application. This event runs from October 1st to October 7th, 2019. The testers will be announced on the VLADDIN Blog on October 8th, 2019. 10 testers will be chosen. Open to residents of worldwide. Review Requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to post a link to your review on the community under review category within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in the future testing activity. Where else to share your review: You could share your review on other website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), YouTube, forums, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces. If you’re sharing your review on social media, don’t forget to tag our official account(@vladdin_official) to increase the chances of being reposted. Once you have submitted your review, VLADDIN reserves the right to use, edit, and repost. VLADDIN reserves the right for the final explanation.  
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  6. VLADDIN RE TURNS ONE YEAR! ----Come and join our celebration.

    VLADDIN RE TURNS ONE YEAR! ----Come and join our celebration.

    Hey guys, It was a great honor to share the good news with you. VLADDIN RE turns one year on 28th August. We thanks so much for your support and appreciate your valuable advice VLADDIN. We will keep working on meeting customers demand and amid to help adult smokers quit smoking. To celebrate, VLADDIN holds Spin to Win activity. Everyone has a chance to get a special offer for visiting VLADDIN website. How to paly? Step 1: Enter Step 2: Enter your email and click “ TRY YOUR LUCK” Step 3: Get your coupon! You are more than welcome to contact us if any need!
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  7. The Best Pod System of Vape Expo Israel ——VLADDIN Slide

    The Best Pod System of Vape Expo Israel ——VLADDIN Slide

    The Best Pod System of Vape Expo Israel ——VLADDIN Slide     Israel’s first international vape exhibition is closed. Right here I would like to represent VLADDIN team thank you all expo organizers for such a successful event. And thank you all visitors for your support and love on VLADDIN!   On this expo, VLADDIN Eden and Slide as our new products gained recognition for their stylish outlook and excellent vape performance. Especially, VLADDIN Slide attracts public attention because of its unique sliding panel function and powerful performance. check here to know about Slide kit detail information And at the end of the EXPO, VLADDIN Slide was awarded the best pod system. Award was voted by visitors, so thank you again for the support.     We will keep moving to make better products. Glad to see you on next expo! Check here to know more information about the exhibition of vladdin   Below are the Glimpses from #vapeisraelexpo! Enjoy it!  
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  8. Vape Israel Expo – Come And Try Our New Launch Products

    Vape Israel Expo – Come And Try Our New Launch Products

    Vape Israel Expo – Come and Try Our New Launch Products   From June 27th to 28th, the first international vape exhibition -- Vape Israel Expo will be held at Expo Tel Aviv, for 2 days. For the first time ever in Israel, all of the worlds biggest vape brands will be showcasing their products under one roof. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to come and test the latest technologies and taste the newest liquids! We are glad to inform all of our fans or vape lovers, VLADDIN team will attend the expo at the booth: E11. We will bring the newest products VLADDIN Eden Kit, VLADDIN Slide Kit to the expo. Please stand by our booth and say hi to us, you might get the lovely stuff like hat, t-shirt, leather case freely! Meanwhile, as one of the exhibitor, we are glad to meet all partners who is interested in working with us or sharing industry information. If you have any question, or , if need any help, please contact us via email: [email protected] or directly comment below ↓.  And the official website of Vape Israel Expo:  More information about the exhibition of vladdin:
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  9. 58 Successful Smoke-quitting Stories You Ought to Know

    58 Successful Smoke-quitting Stories You Ought to Know

    58 Successful Smoke-quitting Stories You Ought to Know   Smoke is an unhealthy life hobbit. You may get lots of tips or solution way to help quit smoking. On Quora, the biggest Q&A platform, the most closely watched questions are: What are some successful ways to quit smoking? And, how can I motivate myself to quit smoking? Therefore, as the coming of No Tobacco Day, we hold an activity encourage people to share their smoke-quitting experience to inspire those who still at sea. Activity hold successfully, so here is the all comment below we would like to share with you:   @nkwoel: I was a heavy smoker three years ago. Been smoke for 20 years. When I did some exercises, my lung often felt burnt and cause cough. Sometimes hard to inhale fresh air. But, after a change into vaping, hurt is getting gone. And now I can do exercises easily without feeling burnt and hurt.  A Heavy Smoker Think Of E Cigarette   @ dope_sachin: i have just burned my throat by smoking cigarette and cough all day.. along. It was so painful to quit without any help but then a miracle happens with me is i won a vape kit in a giveaway and that it was a juul and that Juul totally changed my point of view to quitting smoke... today i vape 0mg no nicotine and I love that......    @ venusvapes: I started vaping when I got sick & could not breathe anymore. I was smoking 2 packs a day & i was diagnosed w/cancer. It truly has saved my life    @ gobills77: I started smoking when j was about 14 and then one day about 8 years later I quit cold turkey for about 8 years. Then one day I started again, the worst movie I've ever made... Well, I just recently bought a vape mod after trying patches and gum and inhalers.... and I haven't had a cigarette in a month. I can breathe better now. Vaping saved my life, and my wallet lol. I'd love to win one of these pods for a friend of mine who needs to quit.   @ marthinha_borges: I smoked 35 years. Last year I got sick and went to the doctor, after having an x-ray of the lung, He told me that I was having emphysema. I was disturbed by that is after about 4 months I decided to pick up the electronic cigarette. I stopped smoking on the same day. It was the best thing I did in my life, in the first 15 days I eliminated a lot of secretion from my body and my breathing has returned to normal. I have not smoked in 2 months, I'm feeling very happy, without unpleasant smells. The pod system (electronic cigarette) is life! Well worth it, I advise everyone to start using it right now.   @ aryonugrahaa: I have just burned my throat by smoking cigarette and cough all day along. it was so painful to quit without any help but then a miracle happens with me is I won a vape kit in a giveaway and that it was a juul and that juul totally changed my point of view to quit smoke. today i vape 0mg no nicotine and i love that   @ tina77vapes: I was told if I kept smoking I’d lose both my legs!! Two years ago I was facing double amputation, today I am still walking thanks to vaping.   @ black_vape54: have a history of shortness of breath and I still smoke. 2 years ago I knew vape and since I vape my illness never relapsed. since then I quit smoking and switched to vaping. I hope I can win this. because I really need this one #vladdinkit. thanks for this opportunity   @ ca_na_ra: I have quit smoking since 3 years ago, the first reason and inspiration for me to quit smoking was because of the birth of my child in 2016 and since the birth of my first child I started stopping tobacco cigarettes and started trying to switch to using vape until now I was right stop right from cigarettes ❤❤ what about your experience    @ ferdianajr_: I stop smoking since 2018, because one day i saw a video tricking on Instagram, and its look cool, and i try to buy my device for the first time, I try to make some trick and i enjoy and very happy can make some trick with vapor, since that day i already quit smoking until now, vaping change my life and my lifestyle :)    @ ahin_djong_945: My dad, was a heavy smoker. When i was a child, maybe 10 years old. I saw my father cigarettes stock. He's can smoke more 2box/pack for one day. I'm learning to smoke from my dad. Years by years and the disaster has begun. my father got a stroke, and his lungs were already weak. after recovery, my father had totally stopped smoking but not to me. I became a heavy smoker. a day I can spend two packs of cigarettes too. Until i was 29 years old. I'm still smoking. When I saw an advertisement of someone using a vape, and I was interested to use vape too. Start to find out the advantages of vape and all kind of vape types. @rockinthevape: , i smoked for 42 years, then two of my sons started playing around with vaping and I slowly started buying stuff and found what I? Like. That was in 2016. today I am smoke-free.   @vape_the_magic_dragon: I smoked for a few years and when i heard the new trend of vaping i decided to try it out. Now 5 years later I'm still vaping. Smoking is dead vaping is the future and the future is now.    @ m_perdi: First I found out what factors made me want to stop smoking. I thought it myself, what is the strong reason that makes me stop? Apparently, I found two things: Health and money.   @ leebochog: Looked for an alternative to smoking, I and my friends started vaping and since then no more cigarettes and we all quit smoking.  @ echathebekz: I've been quit smoking since 2015. Before I know vladdin re, I've searched the most tasteful pods with refillable Cambridge, so I choose vladdin re as my daily pods... before i use vladdin, I used to use the regular electrical mod and mechanical mod. Thanks vladdin for having me to share a bit my stop quitting experience..!!    @ kblock1953: I completely stopped smoking since the 23.06.2018, the way was very difficult. But now I could not imagine it without my VAPE ... if MTL / DL, just ingenious this invention @ avnan_0108: This is very amazing, where I strongly support the existence of "WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY". These movements are very good, because they can reduce tobacco cigarette users to immediately move to the healthier ones, vape. about 4 years ago, I was a slave to tobacco cigarettes. every day, every hour even every time I am always called tobacco cigarettes, and I am a slave to tobacco cigarettes. Every day I can run out of 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes, because every activity I do is definitely a friend's cigarette (except bathing) if you calculate the amount of money I spend on cigarettes per day. And one day I saw someone who was smoking but not tobacco cigarettes and the smoke that was produced was far more extraordinary WOW Amazed me
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  10. #VladdinMonent in VapeSouthamerica

    #VladdinMonent in VapeSouthamerica

    #VladdinMonent in VapeSouthamerica   Three-days vape carnival comes to an end. We represent  Vladdin team say huge thank you to all your guys. Let’s enjoy the #vladdinmment on scene.   #Bustling Booth   #Lovely Photo with Customers   #Find Vladdin as juice tester on the expo   #FamilyPhoto!!!
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