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  1. New Release Announcement! Get set with JET in 2020!

    New Release Announcement! Get set with JET in 2020!

    New Release Announcement! Get set with JET in 2020!     After longtime research and waiting, VLADDIN JET finally meet in the market at the beginning of 2020. If you wanna let us give a concept on JET, I would like to say it is a beautiful, well-built device with affordable price that meet people’s daily need of vaping. So, let’s see what it is:   1. Keep chasing flavor The flavor is the most important aspect that we concern most. To deliver the original flavor, we design a lot of models, and finally, create this unique air channel to mix air and e-liquid fully. Meanwhile, for the better-using experience, we chose mesh coil so e-liquid would be heated equally and product rich vapor.   2.Compact and ergonomic design JET comes with three color options ( Black Prism, Blue Abalone, Sliver Prism). All these three colors are unique. Meanwhile, JET’s mouthpiece is ergonomic and perfect fit when you take a puff.   3.Beauty outside, the beast inside The maximum output is 40w, enough to meet the daily need.     4.1500mah battery capacity 1500mAh battery capacity could last a continuous use for up to 36 hours.   5.Type-c for fast charging We decided to go with one of the most common & current charging methods so you can charge faster no matter where you are.   6.Easy to fill Three steps to fill the pod easily. First step: Unplug the Pod plug Second steps: Fill Pod with liquid through filling the hole Last steps: Re-plug the Pod plug When filling up, you could know your e-liquid level by the transparent pod.   What includes in the package: 1 x Vladdin Jet 1 x Vladdin Jet Pod 1 x Vladdin Jet 0.6 ohm mesh coil (Pre-Installed) 1 x Vladdin Jet 0.3ohm mesh coil 1 x Vladdin Jet Type-C charging cable 1 x User Manual   Specifications: Dimensions: 100*28.5*28mm Wattage Range: 5-40W Battery: 1500mAH Pod Capacity: 2ML/4.5ML  
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  2. Malaysia International Vape Summit

    Malaysia International Vape Summit

    MIVAS What is MIVAS? MIVAS, known as Malaysia International Vape Summit, is the biggest vape event in Malaysia. It was a huge hit where received more than 78,000 registered visitors world wide.   Details information: Booth: 152 Date: March 28th-29th, 2020 Address: Hall 1 Tun Razak, PWTC Kuala Lumpur 41 Jalan Tun Ismail Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 50480 Malaysia
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  3. Dubai International Vape Expo

    Dubai International Vape Expo

    Dubai International Vape Expo   Welcome visit Dubai Expo and stop by our booth. As this is the first time VLADDIN attend the expo in Dubai. We will carry all newly released items in the vape show. Please don’t hesitate to visit our booth and try them freely!   Details information: Booth: M05 Date: March 18th-20th, 2020 Address: Festival Arena By Inter Continental, Dubai Festival City
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  4. IECIE-Shenzhen E-cigarette Expo

    IECIE-Shenzhen E-cigarette Expo

    IECIE-Shenzhen E-cigarette Expo   What is IECIE? IECIE-Shenzhen E-cigarette Expo started in 2015, has been the most influential vape expo with the biggest scale in the world. The exhibition includes upstream like accessory supply chain and downstream like high-end products and e-commerce solutions. In 2019, there are totally of 70,000 visitors from 83 countries join IECIE Shenzhen stop. IECIE has been an excellent platform to show and promote global e-cigarette technology and brands.   Will VLADDIN attend IECIE? VLADDIN, as one of the vape manufacturer with a good reputation, will attend the expo as an exhibitor. Newly items like VLADDIN RIO and VLADDIN Jet will be displayed at that time. Welcome to our booth 6D18 and try all VLADDIN products.   Expo Details: EXPO: IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo Opening Hours: April 24th-26th, 2020. From 9:30- 17:30 Address: Shenzhen Expo Centre   How to be there? Shenzhen Metro Line: Convention Center Station Exit D Previous Events Photos: Previous Events Photos:  
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    VLADDIN RE BUNDLE SALE   Hey Fams,   Happy new year!!! May all your dream and wishes come true, and may prosperity touch your feet. Wishing you a happy new year!   To embrace 2020, VLADDIN offers a special bundle sale to you. We always sale the best in the last.   Two packs of RE pods and one VLADDIN Basic Kit. Original Price: $51.8 Bundle Sale Price now only: $31.8   Link to purchase: Click here Don’t miss it. VLADDIN TEAM 
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  6. Let’s Rio. VLADDIN Rio disposable Pod Kit.

    Let’s Rio. VLADDIN Rio disposable Pod Kit.

    Let’s Rio. VLADDIN Rio disposable Pod Kit.   VLADDIN newly released a new disposable pod kit. Let‘s see what’s good. As a Silicone stopper on the top:          Seal the airflow, ensure stable air pressure during air transportation and storage.         Organic cotton wick, ensure pure flavor; Big cloud among disposables, bring vapor satisfaction; USA  E-liquids On/Off Switch:          To conserve battery power and ensure the Rio arrives customers with full power, there is no working electricity before the switch is turned on.   Specification: Battery Capacity: 460mAh Eliquid Capacity: 1.3ml Puffs≈300 Each Pack includes 3pieces of device Flavor: Blue Raspberry/ Tobacco Ice/ Lychee Ice/ VCT A close look on VLADDIN Rio
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    2019 VLADDIN MOMENT!   Hey Fams, 2019 is almost gone, how is 2019 going for you? Happy? Speechless? What have you done in 2019 that you are proud of? Does any special thing need to get in memory forever? There are some keywords that could present VLADDIN in 2019. #EXPO. In 2019, VLADDIN attended 11 Expos all around the world.  2019 March: VAPEVENT NYC in the USA VAPORFAIR in the USA NVE in USA MIVS in Malaysia 2019 April: IECIE in China 2019 May: VaperExpo in the UK        VapeSouthamerica 2019 June: Vape Israel 2019 October: Vaperexpo in UK Vapitaly Pro in Italy 2019 November: The Hall of Vape in German #NEWPRODUCTS In 2019 VLADDIN release a serial of new products. For Smokers who want the switch to smoke-free: VLADDIN RIO VLADDIN POPO For Vape Beginners: VLADDIN RE with the upgraded vision: VLADDIN Boqpod For those who are looking for bigger vapor and richer flavor: VLADDIN Slide, the first aio pod system with a sliding panel. 2019, VLADDIN wanna meet your every need for every occasion. 2020 VLADDIN aims to make a product for a better vaping experience. So what is your plan for 2020?
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  8. 5 Unique Christmas Gifts to Surprise your family and friends

    5 Unique Christmas Gifts to Surprise your family and friends

    5 Unique Christmas Gifts to Surprise your family and friends   Christmas comes into the corner. Choosing gifts would be the pain point for most of us. How to pick up the right one from tons of choices to surprise them? Here is the gift guide for you. To Lady: No1: Jo Malone candles Some would say that makes them boring — an un-creative present that's lacking in the personal touch. I say there's a reason this gift has stood the test of time, and that reason is precise that everyone loves candles, but no one loves having to spend their own money on candles. Candles are the most classic gift of all time. It is the best gift if you don’t know what to prepare. No2: Silk Pajamas There’s something so glamorous — and comfortable — about the idea of slipping into silk just to go to bed. But for most people, an old T-shirt and ratty (but beloved) soft pants do the job of pajamas just fine, and venturing into the world of matching silk sets can be intimidating. To Man: No1: Airpods Pro Apple’s latest wireless AirPods headphones come with impressive noise-canceling technology, 24-hour battery (thanks to its charging case) and comfortable, streamlined design. Maybe many friends already get in the packet, but this is still a very good Christmas gift, small and practical! No2: Portable music speaker After years of being on both the giving and receiving the end of gift-giving, we can all agree there’s nothing better than a practical gift you’ll actually use – rather than something you'll just stuff in a drawer for the next 12 months.  And there’s nothing more practical for audiophiles and music lovers than a great pair of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.  You might want to check they haven’t already invested in something similar first, but even if they’ve got a brand new home cinema system with best-in-class audio, if they love listening to music then chances are they’re still going to find a place in their home for a cool smart speaker, or put a new pair of headphones to good use at the gym.  OK maybe you have a smoker in your life and you’re desperate to help them quit – what could be better than a vape kit as a present! Christmas is a bit of a stressy time for many and maybe not the best few days to pack up smoking – you know what I mean lol. But if the smoker in your life makes a resolution to quit every year that lasts until the twelfth chime – maybe a decent starter kit will get them cutting down or even quitting for good. Of course, e-cigarette gifts aren’t just for Christmas!
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  9. VLADDIN Q&A Part Five

    VLADDIN Q&A Part Five

    VLADDIN Q&A Part Five How do I refill VLADDIN BOQPOD? To use the Boqpod, complete the following steps: 1. Open the silicone plug; 2. Fill the pod using the filling hole; 3. Re-insert the silicone plug; Note: In order to create a better vaping experience, once the initial filling has been completed, let the pod sit for 10 minutes to allow for the coil to soak.   How do I know when the RE battery needs to be recharged? When the indicator flashes three times and stops output, it means you should recharge your battery.   How do I know when the Slide battery needs to be recharged? You can monitor your level of charge by the power indicators: Battery Power  Power Indicator A red indicator blink means that you need to recharge the battery.   How do I know when the Boqpod battery needs to be recharged? You can monitor your level of charge by the color of power indicators: A red indicator blink means that you need to recharge the battery.   What are nicotine salts? Nicotine Salt is a type of nicotine that forms naturally in leaf tobacco and is generally considered to be a more stable form of nicotine vs. traditional freebase nicotine salt found in most e-liquids. ... It allows theNicotine Salt to vaporize at much lower temperatures VLADDIN Device is designed to match with nicotine salts contained e-liquids.   What e-liquids are recommended for VLADDIN? For your best vape experience, we recommend you choose nicotine salts e-liquid at 50/50 PV/VG ratio.    Do VLADDIN RE/ Slide/ Boqpod produce smoke? A VLADDIN RE/ SLIDE/ BOQPOD produces vapor only.   Can my RE/ Slide/ Boqpod unit leak during an airplane flight? Because the change of the air pressure, VLADDIN RE/Slide/Boqpod may leak slightly, wipe the residue from the end of the tank before use.   Are VLADDIN RE pod, Boqpod pod, Slide pod covered under the warranty? All Vladdin device is covered by a 90-day warranty.    Can I get my money back if I have a faulty product? All sales are final. You are eligible to apply a new part if the product covered by warranty.   If I buy your product from a third party, will I be covered by your warranty Yes, all original VLADDIN products covered by a 90-day warranty.   Is shipping free for everyone? Free shipping fee for purchase over $50 from VLADDIN online shop    
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  10. 30% OFF Everything, VLADDIN Black Friday ------ Four days for special offer

    30% OFF Everything, VLADDIN Black Friday ------ Four days for special offer

    30 Percent Off Everything, VLADDIN Black Friday  ----- Four days special offer Hey Fams,  Black Friday is closed to us!!! It rarely happens when making discount to 30 Percent. To thank you all for your long term support, this day has come! Enjoy 30Percent off everything here, and let’s celebrate Black Friday together.  Enter Link: Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY Discount: 30 Percent OFF Tips for more offer:   1. Free shipping fee for purchase over $50 2.Free car holder for purchase Boqpod Kit Created with❤ The Vladdin Team
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