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  1. A Sign Of The Success Of E-Cigarettes In Quitting Smoking

    A Sign Of The Success Of E-Cigarettes In Quitting Smoking

    Every time I talk about e-cigarettes, I will mention the problem of quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is already a big problem for many smokers, and this is the main reason why people choose e-cigarettes instead of traditional ones. Every time I hear someone around me say: I finally quit smoking successfully! "We will always be happy for him. How do you know that you have successfully quit smoking?" The following is a few important signs of successful smoking cessation collected online. Come and compare, do you have any success in quitting smoking? 1. After the smoking cessation, there will be no more initial fatigue. 2. Negative emotions such as irritability at the beginning of smoking cessation disappeared. 3, no smoking will not have dizziness and headache and other symptoms, you can maintain a full state of mind throughout the day. 4, no smoking will not feel violent, can not calm down without touching cigarettes for a long time. 5. The quality of sleep improved after quitting smoking. 6, your breathing is smoother and refreshing. No more chest tightness, coughing, poor breathing, etc. 7, will not overeating, diet and weight return to normal. 8. There is no dependence on cigarettes. 9. There is no interest or feeling when watching other people smoke. 10, the invitation to other people's cigarettes, can be calmly declined, and the heart is calm. How about you? If you find that your status is also consistent with the above statement, congratulations, you have already quit smoking successfully! If it doesn't meet the above conditions, it doesn't matter. Quitting smoking is a process that allows smokers to slowly rely on cigarettes. You can find a substitute for cigarettes first,such as vladdin refillable pod system,then gradually reduce the content of nicotine, and rely on your willpower to achieve the effect of quitting smoking. Give yourself confidence and perseverance, and success in quitting smoking is ahead of you.
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  2. Why Your Throat is Uncomfortable While Vaping?

    Why Your Throat is Uncomfortable While Vaping?

    When we vaping, some people will feel the throat Irritated even dry mouth, dizziness, cough and other symptoms, then they will doubt whether the electronic cigarette is really harmful to the human body? All the flavors, vapor and nicotine levels are decided by the e-liquids, batteries just play a role of heating and atomizing e-liquids to vapors, so this time we only analyze e-liquids separately. What’s E-liquid? E-liquid was defined as a substance carrier that atomizes a particular liquid into vapor by a atomizer device. It is mainly composed of four components: PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), flavor and nicotine.The addition of PG/VG may lead to dry mouth and thirst to some extent. The previous chapter described this in detail, and the following sections highlight some of the effects of nicotine. Nicotine. I believe many people know this substance. It is an extract of tobacco, which can make people's heart beat faster, heart rate increase, blood pressure increase ect., Which was regard as a toxic addictive substance by the public. The nicotine e-liquid is highly irritating and spicy, so it has a strong throat hit when you vaping. When you inhale too much nicotine will feel uncomfortable, dizzy or sick. These are the body's self-protection responses, so it is important to choose the right nicotine levels. The exist of essence is for variety flavors of E-liquids, provide people the most critical factors in the satisfaction of vaping needs. So some bad reactions may occur when you first time vaping, such as can’t taste any flavors from vaping.But don't be too scared and suspicious,choose the eliquid according to your own condition. As for how to find your favorite E-liquids? Please continue to sail slowly in the vast ocean of E-liquids.  
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  3. What is PG/VG? How to choose?

    What is PG/VG? How to choose?

    All the flavors, vapor and nicotine levels are decided by the e-liquids, batteries just play a role of heating and atomizing e-liquids to vapors, so this time we only analyze e-liquids separately. What’s E-liquid? E-liquid was defined as a substance carrier that atomizes a particular liquid into vapor by a atomizer device. It is mainly composed of four components: PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), flavor and nicotine. PG is an abbreviation for propylene glycol. It is a colorless, odorless, sparse, and slightly viscous by-product of petroleum. It absorbs flavors in E-liquid, that’s why some high PG E-liquids have stronger flavor and aroma. During the vaping, PG produced a distinct throat hit which is similar to the traditional cigarette. The FDA describes PG as a "general safety object" as a food additive, indicating that it is safe for the human body. However it’s side effects are also obvious: thirst, dry mouth, sore throat. VG was called "VegetableGlycerin". VG is a non-toxic and harmless natural chemical extracted of vegetable oil. VG provide vapers a saturated taste experience during vaping. Compared with high PG, high VG has a softer throat sensation and can generate a lot of vapor. If you want pursue large vapor, you can choose high VG liquid But High VG intake can cause dry mouth and thirsty.How to deal with this symptom? PG&VG has a wide variety of ratios,  the taste and throat sensation are mostly determined by this ratio. Different base ratios bring different taste and throat sensation. Choosing the right PG/VG ratio is important for your E-cig devices and flavor needs. Some devices only work for a specific PG/VG ratio to achieve the best experience. For example: vladdin's closed-type e-liquids is a specific proportion, which can achieves the best balance between flavors and vapor. The levels of nicotine salt is also divided into 18mg and 50mg to meet the needs of different consumers to the greatest extent.
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  4. How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod?

    How Many Times Can I Fill Vladdin Pod?

    How long does the vladdin fillable cartridge fill a cartridge? How many times can I fill? Below we will introduce a vladdin Rfillable cartridge specific parameters: 1. Puffs: 200~500 2. Concentration: 5 percent  nicotine salt 3. Recommended PG/VG ratio: PG 40 percent-50 percent / VG 55 percent-60 percent 4. Liquids capacity: 1.5 ml 5. Battery capacity: 350 mAh 6. Equivalent to 2 packs of ordinary cigarettes 7. Portable while using almost 1 day of battery life Vladdin generally uses air switch: no button, Also called contact, he works by air pressure induction, we have airflow through the bottom through the contact when pumping, it will trigger the contact energization, then heat the heating core . The battery is 350 mAh and uses patented porous ceramics as a filling and heating material to expand the heating area and restore the original flavor of the electronic liquid. However, it does not mean that Vladdin can be used for refueling. Since the internal pressure of the cartridge will increase when oil is injected, the ceramic atomizing core will be damaged and odor, and there will be a bad phenomenon when used for a long time. For the best experience, it is recommended that the pods should not be filled more than 3 times.
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  5. What Effect Does Smoking Have On Pregnant Women?

    What Effect Does Smoking Have On Pregnant Women?

    AS we all know that pregnant women are not allowed to smoke, whether it is traditional cigartte or e cigarettes,Why? What effect will have? Next, let's talk about the effect of smoking on pregnant women. Small for gestational age Smoking during pregnancy is 1.95 for women with SGA (Small for gestational age) compared with women who have never smoked during pregnancy; women who smoke 10 sticks for each day are 1.69 times more likely to have SGA babies; more than 10 sticks cigarettes per day The probability of a woman giving birth to an SGA baby is 2.53 times. The survey suggests there’s a strong association between tobacco using and SGA during pregnancy. Importantly, the strong association between women and SGA who smoked more than 10 cigarettes per day remained the same regardless of the number of covariates adjusted in the model. Shorter birth length A subgroup analysis of the relationship between the number of tobacco used and the length of birth of the child found that children born to mothers who actively used tobacco during pregnancy were 0.43 cm shorter than non-smoking mothers, and when the amount of tobacco was specified, Infants who smoked 10 cigarettes were 0.30 cm shorter than those who did not smoke during pregnancy, and infants who smoked more than 10 cigarettes per day were 0.51 cm shorter than those who did not smoke during pregnancy. Smaller Birth head circumference The average head circumference of children born by mothers who actively use tobacco during pregnancy is 0.27 cm smaller than that of non-smoking mothers. The average head circumference of babies born to women who smoke 10 cigarettes per day is lower than that of women who do not smoke during pregnancy. The average baby's infants who smoked more than 10 sticks cigarettes per day had an average head circumference that was 0.35 cm smaller than that of the mother who did not smoke during pregnancy. Smoking observed during pregnancy causes oxidative stress in the placenta, leading to restricted flow of oxygen and nutrients to fetus, and in reduced folate levels, which affects child development and growth.Additionally, epigenetic modification in utero occurs and manifests in DNA methylation and disruption of human growth plate chondrocytes, delaying skeletal growth. Studies have shown that prenatal exposure to tobacco can cause stunting and affect brain development in early childhood and later life. For the development and growth of children. In the 2005 WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the global health community has made considerable progress in addressing tobacco use, which provides for 181 signatories to take steps to reduce tobacco use. Therefore, the ban on the use of tobacco during pregnancy is one of the main preventive measures to ensure the growth and development of children. reference:
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  6. Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions

    Vladdin Battery Indicator Instructions

    Vladdin battery instructions: Battery: 10440 350mah/3.7V Display mode: LED Battery cycle life: 300 times Output voltage: 3.5V Charging current: 0.2-0.4A Charging time: 1-2 hours Weight: 13g Output power up to 12W Charging voltage and current: 5V/0.4A, with overcharge protection Standby current: less than 5Ua   characteristic: 1.output circuit protection Output protection when the load resistance is less than approximately 0.8 ohms. At the same time, the LED flashes 3 times and then the output is turned off. 2.battery undervoltage protection 3. The battery voltage is lower than 3.4V. When smoking, the LED flashes 3 times and the output is turned off. 4.overcharge and over discharge protection 5.overcharge protection: When charging, when the battery voltage rises to 4.15V, the battery indicator LED goes out, continue charging until the end of charging automatically; Over-discharge protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.4 V, the output will be automatically disabled. At the same time, the LED is blinked 3 times and then goes to sleep. 6.smoking time is too long Protection: When smoking up to 10s +/- 20 percent or more, turn off the output, and the LED light flashes 3 times to extinguish.
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  7. What Should We Do When Can’t Taste Any Flavors From Vaping?

    What Should We Do When Can’t Taste Any Flavors From Vaping?

    Many vapers may meet this problems:If you vape with a ejuice for a long time, you may feel the taste is light or numb can't taste. It may caused by you have a temporary taste loss and your taste has a numbness. So how we solve this problem? Here are some suggestions to try it out.  1. Try a new flavor Change a new kind of E-liquid and bring your taste buds some fresh stimulation.  2. Try stronger flavors Give up the delicate taste and use a bigger vapor atomizer to increase the concentration of vapor.  3. Drink more water Drinking more water not only will relieve the dry mouth caused by vaping but also can replenish moisture. You can clean the mouth and wake up your taste buds at the same time. 4 . Take some fresh coffee This is the secret of professional sommeliers and perfume makers. Experts believe that intake some coffee will "reset" your taste. If you don't have coffee, you can eat a slice of lemon which have the same effect.  5. Use mouthwash  Use mouthwash to restore taste is controversial. Some people think that mouthwash can help the vapor to reset the taste, but others feel it will lead to the loss of taste.  6.  Have a break Temporary stop vaping and give your taste buds some recovery time. Usually the taste buds need 1-2 weeks to recover.  7. Use tape scraper When brushing your teeth, use a tape scraper to clean the coating of tongue which will help to restore the temporarily lost taste.
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  8. Is The E Cigarette Legalized?

    Is The E Cigarette Legalized?

    In recent years, electronic cigarettes industry has developed rapidly around the world, and more and more traditional smokers switched to be a vaper. With its quick growth, people started to question the safety and legitimacy of e-cigarettes.  According to the analysis from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the smoking rate of adults in the United States has reached a record low! The smoking rate dropped from 15.5 percent in 2016 to 13.9 percent in 2017. In fact, about five months ago, the CDC has made it clear that Vape is indeed one of the contributing factors to the decline in smoking rates. Although there are many scientific evidences proved that e-cigarettes are much healthier than cigarettes, there are still many countries that impose strict restrictions on them.  However, more and more organizations have begun to support e-cigarettes recently. Some regions also gradually realized the practical benefits brought by e-cigarettes. More and more official institutions started to support e-cigarettes.  According to a report of the Australian, although the laws of the Australian states are different, the sales of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are prohibited or highly restricted. However, e-cigarettes have begun to receive strong support from official and political organizations. For example, the Western Australian Liberal Party, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research).  In addition to Australia, the British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee permitted to use e-cigarettes as a tool quit smoking. And there are reports which recommend loosening the rules to use ecigs in public places.  The Israeli Ministry of Health announced a new draft regulation “Pharmacist Regulations (manufacturing and Marketing Conditions for Electronic Cigarettes) 5778-2018”. Regulations prohibit the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes and related products with more than 20 mg/ml nicotine. The nicotine concentration limit complies with the EU Directive 2014/40/EU. Concentration limits and packaging restrictions are a relatively compromised management method, that is neither indulgent, nor completely banned. And it can also guarantee the safety of nicotine to a certain extent.  According to the news released by the US Tobacco Communication Network, the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has recently released a message saying that the public is welcome to participate in the discussion of the review procedures and related policies for the application for the listing of new tobacco products. E-cigarettes is no longer to be unilaterally decided by the government. The opinion of the public has begun to be considered when government makes new policies for it. It’s a big success.  Although vape has not been accepted by the government, recent legislation and eased policies changed more and more countries’ attitude and we need more understanding. In short, this is still a relatively good news, letting more countries know and accept vape. And the understanding of e-cigarettes is more and more objective and comprehensive, which will accelerate the development of the global e-cigarette industry.
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  9. Is E-Cigarette Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes?

    Is E-Cigarette Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes?

    E cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes. In December 2018, a study entitled "Comparison of exposure to e-cigarettes and harmful substances in cigarettes" was published in the JAMA Network Open Journal. The researchers analyzed urine samples from 5,105 participants, compared traditional smokers and e-cigarette users, and concluded that e-cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes. The study found that e-cigarette users were exposed to nicotine, nitrous acid, and some metal substances and VOCs had biomarker concentrations below 10 percent to 98 percent. In addition, some users have detected high-concentration chemicals because they use inferior products purchased through informal channels. Therefore, when purchasing electronic cigarettes, you must recognize the brand and choose a guaranteed company. The materials used in Vladdin e cigarettes are in line with international safety and hygiene standards, and both CE and Rohs certificates are available for both suits and empty cigarettes. It is made of safe and non-toxic materials and can be purchased with confidence. Therefore, Professor Maciej Goniewicz insists that e-cigarette can only be used as a substitute for smoking. The quit smoking tool is used by everyone because it can reduce the damage to the human body more than traditional smoking articles. However, it is not recommended for non-smokers to use e-cigarettes for a long time because it is not certain whether it is harmful. So choosing a safe, guaranteed company is especially important.
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  10. What Are The Benefits Of Smoking E Cigarettes?

    What Are The Benefits Of Smoking E Cigarettes?

    Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more recognized and accepted by people. So what advantages does e-cigarette have over traditional cigarettes? No carcinogens, healthier E-cigarette is a non-combustion type of electronic atomization equipment. It uses advanced microelectronic technology and physical atomization technology to atomize the nicotine dilution liquid extracted from tobacco into a mist. Humanization simulates the whole process of smoking. The main components of smoke oil are VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (food grade propylene glycol), food grade spices, nicotine (optional addition) and water. VG and PG are commonly used food additives, which are harmless to the human body. Moreover, the electronic cigarette has no burning process, so it does not produce tar and carbon monoxide, thereby eliminating various carcinogens in traditional tobacco. The UK Ministry of Health has issued a research report that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than flammable cigarettes. No secondhand smoke E cigarettes do not burn, and do not produce tar and other substances like cigarettes. The smoke generated by them is actually water vapor. So for people around the smoker, there is no problem with secondhand smoke. Smokeless odor People who smoke all the year will carry a thick smell of smoke. This taste will penetrate into your clothes, hair and even the items on the house. There is a smell of nose and nose. The smoking of electronic cigarettes does not have a strong smell of smoke, but instead produces a sweet and sweet taste. For example, fruit flavor, mint flavor, ice cream flavor and other fresh flavors of smoke oil, and can quickly evaporate and disappear into the air. No yellow teeth, no bad breath Smoking itself produces an unpleasant odor that sticks to the teeth and oral mucosa. The longer it takes, the heavier the odor. Long-term smoking can cause yellowing of the teeth, tooth stains, bad breath and even yellow and black nails. E-cigarettes do not burn, and the main components of smoke oil are VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (food grade propylene glycol), food grade flavors and water. The smoke generated by it is mainly the atomization process of the smoke oil component, so there is no problem of bad breath, yellowing of teeth and nails. Environmental protection E-cigarettes do not produce soot or cigarette butts like cigarettes and are more environmentally friendly. There is also no fire hazard due to the creation of an open flame. Quit smoking Effectively reducing the dependence of traditional cigarettes can be used as an auxiliary tool to quit smoking.
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